Family Visas

There are a range of Visa Options for family Migration.

There are a number of migration options for partners, children, parents, fiancés and other family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents to migrate to Australia permanently or temporarily.

Partner Category:

Partners and fiancés of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents may enter and remain permanently in Australia. Partner category is divided based on:

  • People intending to get married (fiancés)
  • Married  partners

Partner category is a two stage process for most of the newly married couples. The spouse who got married to an Australian permanent resident of Australian citizen will be issued a temporary 2 years partner visa. When they have successfully lived together during this period, they will be issued with the permanent residency visa. Those partners who are planning to marry in the near future and had a relationship , can also lodge an application for partner visa.

In parents visa there is another category called De-facto partner, where in if an Australian citizen or partner had lived together for 12months or more and having a relationship. They are also eligible to lodge an application for partner visa. Even same sex relationship is also accepted by the Australian government.

Partners who are intending to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident can come to Australia on a fiancé visa and get married in Australia.

Some of the old partners can get permanent residency directly surpassing the 2 years waiting period.These visas can be applied from onshore and also offshore based on the location of the applicant.


Parents may be able to migrate to Australia if they have a child in Australia who is an    Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident. There are multiple path ways for the parents of the Australian citizens and permanent residents to gain the residency status.

For Parent visa you can opt for two stage visa or single stage process for gaining the residency status in Australia.

As parent visas are divided into following categories.

  • Parent visas
    • Onshore
      • Aged parent visa
        • Permanent
      • Contributory Aged parent visa
        • Temporary
        • Permanent
    • Offshore
      • Parent permanent visa
      • Contributory Parent visa
        • Temporary visa
        • Permanent visa
        • Aged Dependent Relative Visa

They have to satisfy the Balance of family test in order to get eligible for this visa. Parent visas take long time to get granted. Contributory parent visa will be granted in shorter span.


For dependent children, orphan relatives or adopted children of an Australian citizen, and Australian permanent resident there are number of visa options. These visas are priority visas and number of pathways are available under this category.

Many of the Australian residents adopt their relative’s children and provide them proper and better life in Australia. Such type of application is laborious but they are possible.

Some of the visa categories under the child visas are

  • Child visa
    • Orphan relative visa
      • Offshore visa
      • Onshore visa
    • Adoption visa
      • Offshore visa
      • Onshore visa
    • Dependent children of a partner visa

Other Family visas:

Other relatives of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens may also apply for permanent residency visas to come to Australia permanently.

Some of them are

  • Aged dependent relatives,
  • Remaining relative
  • Carer visa

These visas are also divided under offshore and onshore category. Different criteria has to be satisfied for each visa.

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