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Good News for Students aspiring to study in Vocational courses in Australia

Good  News for Student planning Higher Education in Australia….
“The non-university education system supports thousands of Australian jobs directly, and indirectly.”
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison and Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne announced a package of measures that would simplify student visas through a streamlined assessment-level framework (ALF) and by extending streamlined visa processing arrangements to low-risk non-university degree providers.
“The changes will assist all providers, but particularly the vocational education and training sector, making access to Australia’s education system more attractive for overseas students,” Mr. Morrison said. “Assessment levels under the ALF would be reduced from five levels to three, while financial evidence for AL3 students would reduce from 18 months to 12 months, This would mean students from a number of key markets would be able to apply for a student visa with up to $AUD 40 000 less in the bank.”'
Mr. Pyne said.
 “If we cut red tape and allow more students into Australia to access a world-class tertiary education we all stand to gain.”
Invitations to the 22 non-university providers will go out in coming weeks.
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  1. I have got student visa refused due to lack of evidence for fund. But now I have got acceptable evidence for fund. In relation to this I want apply for student visa for the same class and the same courses. So I am not clear the possibility of this ;so give an advice for such,kindly.

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