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VISITOR  VISA for Australia (SUBCLASS 600)


Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is a short-term visa that highlights the visa details of a traveler traveling to Australia for business or family visits or to enjoy the country as a tourist.

The visa can be of four forms depending on the nature and purpose of the traveler’s visit to Australia.


This applies to the travelers visiting Australia for a joy trip vacationing with family and friends. When the visa is applied while in Australia, the concerned applicant should be in Australia while the visa is being confirmed, else the applicant need not be out side Australia to apply for the visa.

Business Visitor:

This visa focuses on the business men due to their transient nature of visit to Australia for official consultations and conventions. The applicant must apply for the visa outside the concerned country while the visa is being confirmed.


Sponsored Family:

This visa is for those people who travel to Australia to visit friends and families. This visa will need a sponsor to be mentioned from the side of the applicant as to refer him/her to provide a bond. Once you have arrived Australia, re-application of the visa is not possible.

Approved Destination Status:

This visa is for the travelers from the People’s Republic of China who travel in organized groups. The visa must be applied outside Australia when it is being confirmed.

Benefits of the visa:

The visa lets you to:

  • Go around the country as a tourist and visit families and friends
  • Study in Australia for about three months
  • Participate in business conventions, other than:

– You provide your services to another organization in Australia

-You sell goods and services to the public.

The number of visits you can have with the visa will be mentioned by the department.

-If you are allowed to enter the country only once, you will need to apply for a new visa if you decide to return to Australia once you leave.
-You can travel to and fro Australia any number of times until your visa is valid, but the time spent in Australia cannot exceed the period of stay that you have initially been guaranteed.


Eligibility Criteria:

If you are willing to apply, you must:

  • Meet the health and character requirements
  • Have sufficient financial means to self-support until your stay.
  • Look through the activities that you have applied for according to the mentioned forms of the visa.

Health examinations are necessary depends on the duration of stay. The need for taking this test will depend on the basic situations and country of origin and residence. The results are valid for 12 months.

While in Australia, you will be responsible for all the financial costs when it comes to health. Unless the applicant’s country has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with the concerned country, Australia’s national health scheme will not be able to provide help.


The applicant must in all times be ready to provide a police certificate from each country he/she has been to and lived for 12+ months in the past 10 years once the applicant has turned 16.


-There should be no notable debts to the Australian Government .If so, you should re-pay it.

-You will be requested to provide biometrics (scientific identification based on characteristic or traits) as part of the application(Optional).

Visit Visa

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  1. Sir
    I am a volunteer. so I need tourist visa can u tell me what is documents required .I already pay for volunteer . but u tell me how much I show money its suficent for my visa and I buy ticket now or after visa please reply me sir

    1. Prince
      You have to provide documents as per check list for tourist visa which is provided by the department on their web-sight.You can hire the services of a migration agent for your application.

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