What if my visa gets rejected

What if my visa gets rejectedWhile the vast majority of visa applications are approved, visa law sets out many standards under which a visa application may be denied. An application may be denied because the consular officer does not have all of the information required to determine if the applicant is eligible to receive a visa because the applicant does not qualify for the visa category for which he or she applied, or because the information reviewed indicates the applicant falls within the scope of one of the inadmissibility or ineligibility grounds of the law. An applicant’s current and/or past actions, such as drug or criminal activities, as examples, may make the applicant ineligible for a visa.

What if your visa got rejected?

Do not get worried because your visa got refused or cancelled. In Australian migration law, you always have ways to re-represent your case in different ways. Many applicants whose visa once got refused or cancelled got their visa in the same subclass of the different subclass. The visa possibilities totally depend on individual circumstances.

Reasons for Rejection of Visa Applications

Do I have any further opportunities?

Yes , do not worry that your visa got rejected. There is always opportunities available to once again lodge the same visa or a different visa based on your eligibility. Based on the reason for visa rejection, and your circumstances , we can provide you an advice about the future prospects. The immigration website and the documents sent along with the visa rejection explains that you have an opportunity to once again apply with the additional information required.

If I am in Australia and my visa got rejected , do I need to leave Australia?

In some circumstances, you do not need to leave the country. Within 21 days from the day of Visa Application Rejection, you can appeal at MRT for review of DIAC decision. Sometimes even if your visa got refused, you will have chances to apply for another visa. This is totally based on case to case and individual circumstances.

I am in other country other than Australia and my visa got refused, what should I do?

When you are offshore & your visa got refused, always have another opportunity to apply for the same visa or another. If your application is along with sponsorship by an Australian citizen or permanent resident or an Australian employer has sponsored you. They have the rights to apply for an appeal at MRT on your visa refusal. In most cases where additional information is sort by MRT & applicant will be getting their visa after satisfying the authority.

Under what conditions a visa can be cancelled?

Their are number of provisions in the Australian law which are used to cancel a visa of a temporary resident, some of the sections used to cancel the visas are s 116, s501 etc.

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  1. i was crossing the bridge at el paso texas and i lie to an inmigrant oficcer that my wife was my friend and he canceled my visa they said that i can aplly for another on 6 months i just want to khow if its true or what can i do

    1. Hello Vicor,
      If your visa is cancelled, you are restricted to apply many visas in Australia. You case is not very clear to us. kindly send the complete details and also the cancellation document which was sent to your by the case officer for further assessment.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

      1. hello i just left austraila i over stsyed my visa by three months had litle money left was working in melbourne mostly was robbed there had to borrow money to gethome wouuld love to return again got 3 year ban is there anything to make ban shorter . thanks

          1. My visa application was denied. Becos l did not provide evidece of consistency. On thhe required fund what should l do

          2. Hi just want to ask bout my problem with my extension of student visa. i applied october 11,2013 through online. andmy bridging visa was granted. i got a message novembr 12,2013 from my sponsor that i need to pass recent bank statement from my sponsor in philippines with my financial fund. i asked her to give me a copy of her bank statement and sent to me a scanned copy of her recent bankstatement through email and i passed it november 18 in immigration. This december 3, i got a message from immigration that states there that the financial documents from my sponsor is fraudulent. I was shocked about that message. she is our family friend and why it was happened? so please help me. what will i do and what can yoi advice? They gave me 28days to comment about that issue.

          3. May
            You should ask this question from your sponsor. Department makes inquiries of all the financial documents and they must have found some thing which was not genuine.I would like to go through the letter.Forward it to me on my email id.

          4. hii . i just want to ask bout ma problems wth extension student visa cause of ielts band in 2010.i applied for mrt but i got refuse thn ministry and got refuse again.afterthat i applied for protection visa and got refuse and now m still in australia and applied for medical treatment visa and i have bridging visa e and also got 3 years ban if i go india …just want to ask if i go india can i apply for new zealand visa??????plzz let me know asap thnxxx

          5. Hello rajbir kaur,
            with out knowing your credentials , I cannot say what options you have .


          6. Sir i want to ask question.. plss guide me
            i have applied visa for australia 3 times and got rejected so if i will apply again then i will influence on my visa again.????

          7. Hi sir, what if you run into trouble, like an agent who scammed you n gave you visa subclass 651 after applying 600 for you which is the normal subclass visa, how can I get through this after the scam

          8. Hello Charles ,
            Your post is not really clear. I did not understand what information you are looking forward to me. send me a complete history of your case to my personal email and I will be able to analyze and give you a solution. But what I could understand that you had an issue with an agent. Can I know is that agent a MARA registered agent or he is just a consultant with no registrations?

            with regards


      2. Hi Sir,

        My student visa will be expired on 15 Mar 2013. But I would like to extend to stay longer in Australia because I wanna travel to another states and attend my best friend’s engagement party on May. Can I apply for a tourist visa now to stay longer to do that? Only few days left I worry I may get rejected. But because my friend he just confirmed me his engagement party today and I feel not really wanna leave Australia too. I wanna travel around too.

        Can u give me ur consultant? Thank you

          1. Hi dilip ,

            My visa got declined in nz can I apply for visitors visa for australia. The reason for my visa declined was i providedid misleading/false information to immigration. I’m liVing with my partner from last two years in nz .he is australian.

          2. hello Bindu,
            Based on the information you have provided , it is a critical case. share your refusal document and your current circumstances in NZ. also share your resume to assess your options to australia.

            Also let me know why you wanted to visit australia ?


          3. Gud Morning sir ……. I got a offer letter from Captain Cook Cruise after having telephonic interview from Emrill Recruitment Australia………. When i approached to local consultancy where the offer letter come, they asking me 50000/-Rs for Showing Offer letter…… I would like to know is it fake or genuine .. Please help me

            Thanks \
            Azhar Ahmed

          4. Gud Morning sir ……. I got a offer letter from Captain Cook Cruise after having telephonic interview from Emrill Recruitment Australia………. When i approached to local consultancy where the offer letter come, they asking me 50000/-Rs for Showing Offer letter…… I would like to know is it fake or genuine .. Please help me

            Thanks \
            Azhar Ahmed

          5. Hello Azhar,
            You need to check with the employer who has interviewed you about the need of that amount which your consultant is asking. I cannot advice you the authenticity of the offer as I am not involved in your work visa process.


          6. Hi, my Australia PR got rejected in august 2016 with PIC 4020 for bogus document. Can i apply for for a tourist visa within this 3 year ban? I and my husband want to go on the new years to australia to celebrate with my family( brother- who is a resident of Australia) . Please let me know if i can get a tourist visa for australia.

          7. Hey dilip, Am Avinash from Mauritius 21years old in Sydney on a student visas and got my COE and visas cancelled due to unsatisfactory attendance and non submissions of assignments, I haven’t been using my old email that link with all my personal things links with immigration and didn’t received any emails from them and the address the letter been sent was my previous house I used to live. Is there any possibility I can get out from this problem and get it sorted?
            Thank you for future advised

          8. Hello Avinash,
            It looks like your situation is complicated and you need to explain all this to the AAT and explain why you are a genuine student and mean while complete your education when the AAT is pending.


          9. my eta visa got rejected 2 times. i have submitted the supporting docs and additional docs when i submit for the 2nd time. but until today no feedback received. i am very disappointed as my flight is today at 7.30pm and i have missed the opportunity to visit australia for the 1st time. is there any other ways to get immigration to expedite or fast review my submission? thanks

          10. Hello Iskandar,
            If you are aware of your case officer then send him an email for update. Their is an email id for ETA visas to which you can also contact for an update. If you are not giving good evidences many of the ETA cases are getting refused these days.

            with regards


      3. Hi,I Actually I Applied TR 485 visa in nov 2011 and My File Rejected by case officer in Oct 2012 and then I applied MRT And Now Yesterday my file opened and I have a Hearing on 19 june.I hav a any chance to stay in Australia or After go back to india Can we apply for student Visa or For any another country.and one thing more Can I apply For RRT For Extension.But theres no effect on my future.Pls reply me ASAP thanks.Prabh Form Queensland,cairns

        1. i have came Australia in 2007 . and Complete my study. m also got TR. In Year 2011 i have applied for PR.. My file has open in Oct .2013. They demand ILETS 6 band (because i have 3 years works experience after my study) i have try lots of time to cleared ILETS. but i m always not got 6 bands in each papers. Every time in paper. i m getting 6 bands in 3papers but one paper always getting 5.5 band. After one month’s my PR file has refused due to no certificate of ILETS.. What can i do.? I m going for MRT. And want more time to clear ILETS with 6 bands each.. What is my future??

          1. i have applied MRT .and my MRT hearing date will on last week of jan.2014..
            i have done Certificate III Diploma in Hospitality and having 3years works experience

      4. Hi sir
        M jass i need ur advise to know my 3 year ban of pic 4020 is going to finish in july
        . And my wife is australian & she is still there. Can i apply fr a tourist visa afer apply visa 309 offshore. I had this 3 year ban in july 2012 on visa 572. Pls give me any advise may ur advise can make our future bright tks alot….

        Sent from my iPhone

        1. Hello Jass,
          If your ban is over , you can apply for the Permanent visa and temporary visa. but you need to satisfy the GTE requirement of the visit visa. Be carefull now before lodging your partner visa.


      5. Hello sir i have applied for 572 In 2008 and got refused and applied 457 in 2015 but withdrawn because mara agent requested to do so as he forgets to mention the previous refusalb and again applied to 573 the masters but refused stating the prvios refusals pleas help me in this

        1. Hello Marie,
          If you come from those countries where e visitor visa is eligible then you need to lodge that application. You can apply 651 visa any number of times if there are change in your circumstances. better share your details with us so that we can advice you further. my email id is dilip@futureinaustralia.com


      6. My visa was rejected since 2014 with the reason that my bank accouny wasnt in my name as per statement but it was one of ank staff made it and their mistake that they failed to punch in system. So what should i do…will immigration accept my reapplication as dependent ?

        1. Hello Dorji
          The visa rejection reason which you have mentioned is not clear. Need to go through the refusal and see which conditions are imposed on your future applications. Then we can advice the fate of your new application.

          with regards


  2. Dear Sir,
    I’m vindya from Sri Lanka.I’ve something to ask you about student visa applications.I’ve applied student visa via a sri lankan agent with my spouse.but he said that there is a high risk to apply student visa with the spouse.90% probability to get visa rejected.and also he said that according the new Australian high commission rules and regulations Indian people are not able to apply student visa with a spouse.Is it true?

      1. Kindly advise urgently if I have been denied student visa because my financial sponsor dd not meet required bank. Balance which we were not aware of , we thought they only needed to see the income of that person only , what advise will give you to me or who should I contact now I m currently in southafrica , if you can give me some contacts I would appreciate

  3. dear sir,
    iam very unfortunate that my visa is refused.i applied fr visa sub class 176 through a local consultant hare in bangladeshhe deceived me,left me in trap and caused mental agony fr me as well.i wasted 3 yers and about 4000 dollars.
    the consultant arranged a job fr me and advised me to go there off and on.i did it accordingly.in the mean time an investigation is held by diac and unfavourable report regarding my job is given by them and consequently my visa had been rejected.
    now i want to appply newly and originally not adopting any single wrong infrmation as before…….
    will i be to applu newly fr a new category…..plz plz advise me and send to my mail id…..hamid_kabirchy@yahoo.com

    1. Hello HK chowdhury,
      Do not get distressed because of the visa refusal. We understand your situation. That is the reason , why depart of immigration always advises to use registered migration agents, who are professionally up to date with the law and requirements. We can help you in lodging your further visa for the migration purpose. But we need to study under which section they have refused your visa and what are the reasons the officer has given in refusing your visa. I need to study your visa refusal letter. kindly send the same to info@futureinaustralia.com .

      with regards

      Dilip nooney

  4. hi there
    my got refused student visa onshore , bcoz i cant demonstrate my financial support ,
    and i appeal for mrt and mrt affirms the desicion not to grant the visa .
    my query is that if i am going overseas can apply for another student visa . with the same ceo

      1. hi dilipn my name is aman and i got a student visa for australia rejected in 2009 because of providing them non genuine proof of income/employment .but now presently i am in newzealand from 2 years and now i am applying for my residency .i am bit worried will that rejection cause me any problem as newzealand immigration has asked me about the australian visa rejection.

    1. Hi sir i am ready to reply ,i am in ahmedabad can i rewview my case there an
      Aplly form there , now i am married and have 1 kid plz reply

  5. i hold a student visa and accidentally overwork 40 hours. Now the immgresen deprt has not knock my door yet and i m very worry bout it. Is it the visa will automatically being cancelled? Is there any possibilitythey wont find out that i have overworked more than 40 hours?

    1. Hello Jess,
      Due to the new changes in the student visa , the automatic cancellation of student visa has been removed. As per the new guide lines you can work 40hr for fortnight. so next time be care full and do not work extra hours. In the vacation time you can work more than 40hr per fortnight.

      1. Hi sir i am in australia i applied for student visa extention in 2011 but its refused by the department then i apply for mrt but it mrt also rejected due to funds and my visa is expired on 9 oct 2013 i also applied ministery intervention appeal on 17 oct 2013 i got briding visa e on 10 oct 2013 i my employer going to sponser me for 457 visa i want to know is thery ban apply on me if i leave this country before 28 days after granted bridinging visa e or not how much percent i will get a 457 visa or not i met all the requirements of 457 visa or i have to wait in australia for ministery decision whats your opinion please reply me as soon as possible thanks gurjeer

        1. Hello Gurjeet,
          I would say if your employer has a approved SBS and approved nomination, it is advisable to withdraw your ministerial application and lodge offshore. But before going offshore , we need to go through the conditions imposed on your Bridging visa E. so send that document to info@futureinaustralia.com


  6. Hi Sir,
    I hve applied my visa in april 2012 under subclass 572 for diploma course but unfortunately my visa was rejected and they provide the reason that (I) I am going into regression from my previous studies (2) and they also mention that i am doing a job from the last 2 years and its look impossible that i ll continue my study in australia so thats why they find me i am not a genuine student nd refused my study visa.My total education is 14 years now i get admission in master of public administration in Pakistan.My question is that 2 years after if i reapply my study visa for Australia after completing my master degree would AHC grant me study visa or again they ll refuse my visa??????

    1. Hello Zubair,
      The issue of Australian visa , is totally depending on the laws the circumstances of the person applying for the visa. It cannot be predicted for the future. When you plan to file your application in future , do take our advice at that point of time.

  7. Hi Sir,

    I have decided to do the applications online on my own due to the high charges from the agent.
    For my skill background, an agent has recommended to apply through State Sponsorship which is Canberra. The closest visa to me is “Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa”. On Booklet 6, my skill is not reflected on the SOL Schedule 1. Am I on the wrong visa? Could you kindly help to identify which visa should i be applying please? Appreciate your help.


  8. Hi Sir,
    I am from Pakistan and doing MBA in Australia. My case is that I came to Australia in March 2011 and went back to my country on 25th of October 2011. But then I didn’t come to Australia and I spent almost 10-11 months outside Australia. Now I am once again in Australia (landed on 29th of September just one day before expiry date) my visa is expired already I am on bridging visa and in Immigration they told me that we are concern about your visa and your chances are not clear of getting extension & they also told me that might be case office ask you to provide evidence (which i dont have i didnt come because i was in financial crisis) .. My study is not yet complete and I want to get extension for atleast 1 year. So how you see my case whether I need to lodge an application or not (for extension) if I fail to get visa / extension I will loss 7800 AUD (my university fee which is not refundable). And please give rate me in percentage out of 100 that how much percentage of chance I have that I can get visa or extension. And I have all my documents well enough (bank statement etc) what i dont have is that legal evidence that why I dont come back to Australia to continue my studies.
    Thank You

  9. Hi,

    I had appalied for a toursit visa in aug 2010 which got rejected due to insufficient incentive to return as i had just finisheed university and didnt have a job. i then applied again for a tourist visa with all documents and it got rejected again citing my interest in visiting Australia isnt genuine. i now want to apply for a student visa for july 2013. i want to know if i get rejected again for how many years can i not apply to Australia.

  10. i just wan to ask about fortnight… I have red that his is starts in any monday and ends on the second monday… im just wondering because my work ends fortnight or should i say cut off WEDNESDAY… So the counting i must followed is the STARTS IN MONDAY AND ENDS IN SECOND SUNDAY… thanks

  11. i got bachelor of informatin systeam and after tha i have aplied for temporary resident i got refued because of ielts (.5 bands less in reading skills).now i am in country willing to apply for diploma of building and counstruction.Is it easy to get student visa again.

  12. Hi i was in Australia last year but when i try to reapply i got a rejection because they found out i lied in one question….. do you think that if i get proffesional help can i reapply and have a granted visa? my sister is in Australia and she is applying for a partner visa at the moment, does it help me any how?
    thank you so much

    1. Hello Aldo,
      I think your visa got refused on condition 4020. if that is the case , then you cannot apply for any australian visa for 3 years. Yes if your sister is getting her PR it may help you in your future visa.

      with regards
      Dilip Nooney

  13. Hi there, i applied to sponsor visa for my sister to bring here for 3 three months , and I’m happy to give a bond up to 15000 , bt they rejected my application , just wanna know when can i apply again ? is there any time limit that i have to wait? Thanks

      1. Dear Bridget Sackey,
        Notification of refusal of application for a Visitor (class FA) visa
        This letter refers to your application for a Visitor (class FA) visa, which was lodged at the Australian
        High Commission, Nairobi on 04/08/2014. You have indicated on your application that you wish to be
        considered for the grant of a Tourist stream (subclass 600) visa.
        After careful consideration of all the information you have provided, I was not satisfied that you met
        the relevant criteria for the grant of this visa as set out in Australian migration law.
        Your application was refused because you did not meet the requirements of clause 600.211/600.212 of
        the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations).
        Clause 600.211 requires:
        The applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is
        granted, having regard to:
        (a) whether the applicant has complied substantially with the conditions to which the last substantive
        visa, or any subsequent bridging visa, held by the applicant was subject; and
        (b) whether the applicant intends to comply with the conditions to which the Subclass 600 visa would
        be subject; and
        (c) any other relevant matter.
        Clause 600.212 requires:
        The applicant has:
        (a) adequate means to support himself or herself; or
        Enriching Australia through the well managed entry and settlement of people
        (b) access to adequate means to support himself or herself;
        during the period of the applicant’s intended stay in Australia.
        The objective of the Australian Government’s visitor visa policy is to issue visas with a minimum of
        inconvenience and delay to persons who intend a genuine short visit to Australia. Experience has
        shown that some people do not intend a genuine visit, but seek to use visitor entry to Australia to avoid
        migration selection requirements, to work or study without authority, or to remain in Australia beyond
        the period of time allowed.
        The question of genuineness is not an objective matter but requires a judgment to be made. In reaching
        a finding on the question, decision-makers take into consideration a range of factors affecting the
        applicant. In assessing your application, consideration was given to the socioeconomic factors in your
        home country, your personal circumstances and immigration history.
        In coming to my decision I gave weight to your personal and economic circumstances; your
        international travel and immigration history; the economic and environmental factors in your country
        of usual residence and how these may induce you not to return, as well as factors in Australia and how
        they may act as an incentive for you not to depart Australia if granted a visa.
        You have shown no evidence of any international travel to suggest that you would comply with
        Australian Immigration Laws.
        You have shown no evidence of any family remaining in Ghana. From the evidence you have
        provided, I cannot see that you have a family incentive to return.
        You are an unemployed nursing student, with no evidence of any personal funds or financial links to
        You have provided an unsigned and undated letter from Allan Campbell DOB 27/02/1932, offering
        funding and accommodation for your trip to Australia. No evidence of these funds have been
        provided, and there is no requirement under the Migration Act 1958 to seek this additional information
        as stated on page 14 of your visa application form. You have shown no evidence of how you know Mr
        Campbell or that you have ever met in person. I cannot see that you have provided evidence of a
        personal or professional relationship with Mr Campbell, and therefore I have put no weight on his
        offered financial support.
        From the information supplied in your application I cannot be satisfied you intend a genuine visit to
        Australia. You have not supplied evidence of incentive to return to your home country.
        Therefore, I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements of clause 600.211 and your application is
        For all Visitor visas the applicant must have adequate means to support himself or herself, or access to
        adequate means to support himself or herself, during the period of the applicant’s intended stay in
        When assessing whether you have adequate means of support, I have taken into account the expected
        cost of your travel, the activities that you plan to undertake while in Australia and your
        accommodation and living expenses while in the country.
        You have not provided evidence that shows you have sufficient funds to cover your costs for this trip
        to Australia.
        Therefore, I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements of clause 600.212 and your application is
        Enriching Australia through the well managed entry and settlement of people
        Review rights
        There is no right of merits review for this decision.
        Questions about this decision
        No further assessment of this visa application can be taken at this office. If you have questions about
        the process or information that was taken into account in determining your application, you may
        contact the Australian High Commission, Nairobi on +254 2 427 7160, email
        immigration.nairobi@dfat.gov.au or mail Immigration Section at PO Box 39765-00623.
        Receiving notification
        As this letter was sent to you by email, you are taken to have received it at the end of the day it was
        Visa application charge
        The visa application charge which has already been paid was for the processing of the application and
        it must be paid regardless of the application outcome. There are only limited circumstances in which
        refunds can be given. In your case, there is no refund.
        Lodging another application
        You can make a new application at any time but before doing so, you should carefully consider that
        the decision is unlikely to be different if the application does not contain any new information. This
        includes changes to your personal and economic circumstances and any international travel.
        Therefore, care should be taken to provide all material to support your application suggested in the
        checklist which has been designed to assist people to prepare their applications. Further information
        to assist with lodging a new application (including checklists) is available on the Department’s website
        Any new application will be considered on its individual merits.
        Contacting the department
        You can contact us with a general enquiry in a number of ways including by email, through our
        website, by telephone through our Service Centres or offices around the world, or in person. In
        Australia you can call 13 18 81 between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. Details on
        contacting our offices outside Australia are available on our website at http://www.immi.gov.au.
        Yours sincerely
        Signed electronically – 10/09/2014
        Thomas Parkinson
        Position number 60035439
        Senior Visa Processing Officer
        Australian High Commission, Nairobi
        Department of Immigration and Citizenship
        Telephone +254 20 427 7160
        Facsimile +254 20 427 7189
        Email immigration.nairobi@dfat.gov.au
        Hello dilipn can you please get me a valid registered agent who can help me in the processing of my visa ,i have been cheated by agents and i dont want this to happend again because my sponsor is not happy with whats going so can you please direct me to the right path? thank you hoping to hear from you soon

        1. Hello Bridget Sackey,
          The officer who has taken a decision has taken an appropriate assessment. the onus of proving that your a genuine visitor to Australia lies on you. If you do not give right documents they cannot give you a visa. As you have seen on my website , we are registered migration agents. We can help you out in this situation. But need to know more information about you for processing your visit visa application. send your resume and sponsor details


      2. Hello good morning. I just wanna ask
        If what I am going to do because my
        Student visa refused because my student
        Agent lodged me a wrong subclass.
        Thank you so much.

        1. Hi Anna,
          Please come down to our office with your refusal notification and the documents you have submitted at the time of your first application , as the refusal can be happen by many reasons. we can help you out to find the best solution to proceed further.

  14. hi, James
    my student visa got refused last month due to my bank statements, they said that they were not genuine. i reapplied again this week with proper and genuine bank statements , my consultant agents advised me so.
    do i really have a chance to get the visa this time or it is just a waste of time? tnx

    1. Hello James ,
      you have not mentioned from which location you are sending this request. I do not think you have a chance to get a student visa. but keep your fingers crossed and see if luck permits you may get through.

      with regards


  15. Dear Sir
    My student visa extension case has been refused along with my husband & son. And imposed 572.24 & 4020 because my funds are arranged by my Father ,bank generated wrong loan account and the AC Number belong to somebody.And offshore inquiry find that loan is fake again my father generated a new loan and clarification letter was issued by bank that had been done by mistake.Again offshore inquiry was conducted and find New loan in genuine.Than they call my father and asked for the source of fund.y father stated that when i send my Daughter (myself) to Australia i sold a house for INR 40,00,000/- ,they asked where you had kept that money father said that they keep money with Aritya ( Govt. Approved Commission Agent) they refuse to accept that funds than we describe that Aritya is commission agent who is approved by Govt of India and there they can lend money to me.My father had also retire from Govt department and he had also submitted his documents of GPF funds and all gratuity which he recived last year. Declaration froArtiya had also been submitted they he kept my father money with him for higher intrest rates.

    Now,Please advise what i can do.It will ruin all my career & life.

    1. Hello Johnny,
      I wanted to know how much of your study is completed?Why you have applied for an extension? What is your current status of your application ?

      with regards


  16. hello sir ,
    i had rejection in feb2010 for my student visa due to funds which we show they said they call in bank and my father name differs as it shows in FDR but i think it was due to any mistake by bank staff because it was all genuine i was studying in ireland at that time and now i am in india and wan to study again in australia is their any way that i can apply as a new applicant


  17. hi..

    i applied for student dependent spouse visa 3 times (class TU 573).Got rejection every time! I live in bangladesh, and husband is in Australia in student visa. the reason of my 3rd time rejection was not satisfactory for us, coz we took every possible precaution as being rejected twice before that application. All the documents were genuine, every single paper was satisfactory to meet their needs, but unfortunately my luck didnt support me this time too… they told me that the avidence we had given was not satisfactory.we are so much upset and frustrated because of the subsequent rejection.. we dont know what to do to satify them and get the visa as ..is there any other way to appeal or get the visa? or sould i try for different visa type? how much possibilty is there to get the visa if i apply 4th time as student dependent? eagerly looking forward to ur reply..

    1. hello Yasmin,
      I am really sorry to hear this . I need to know why you have not accompanied him along with the student visa. when he first applied? I need to see the reason for rejection. I would say it is better to look for other options apart from student dependent visa, as you got rejection for 3 times. I need more information from your spouse and you for advising further.

      with regards


  18. hi there,i want to apply for a student visa for masters in australia from india,i have a study gap from 2010(october) till now but i have work exoerience of a year in between…i’ve done bachelor in commerce. do i have any chance to get a student visa for australia. thanks.

  19. Sir
    i m from Pakistan and just applied for Australia … i was in Dubai and i cancelled my visa . and i m back to Pakistan.. but after cancellation of my visa i visited many times to Dubai on Visit visa .. is their any issue of cancellation of my visa for Australia .. and i had My own bank statement and also one brother is in UK on Permanent Visa…and i also Got 6.5 in Ielts

    1. Hello Safder karim,
      What was the reason for your visa cancellation? Which visa you are planning to lodge for Australia? Did you lodge or you are going to lodge?Send me total information.

      with regards


  20. HI recently on October 31st 2012 my skilled onshore visa VB 885 got refused. I left Australia on Bridging visa A last year october and thus it got ceased. Well, as the decision record said i am eligible for review. I did applied today from my home country India for review but i have been told by the case officer (because i requested for further extension of 21 days to apply in MRT and she replies) that i cannot apply for review (if i am outside Australia) . I asked her how can i get a visa in 21 days whereas the normal processing time for visit visa in India is 15 working days, N if my presence in Australia was must for review why was not i informed in Refusal notification letter and Decision record for which she had no reply other than “Unfortunately i cannot help” Pheww! Well I have already applied for visit and it is still in process which i am hoping to come by end of next week.

    Now, on calling MRT 1st operator said one of the required criteria says that applicant has to be in Australia while applying for review in MRT and thus application will get invalid if i am not there. And on calling again 2nd operator said as i have applied for review, application will get lodged any whichways, it will be verified from department of Immigration and as i have applied for visit so when i will be asked for comments i can inform that i have applied for visit visa and i wish to come back and thus it will get considered.

    Now, i am completely confused as who is right? 2nd operator was more confident but don’t know till how long will it reflect my review. Is there a law that i cannot apply for review of my onshore VB-885 skilled visa if i am offshore. What i can do so that my reviews comes into lodgement and does not becomes invalid. Please help

    Thanking you in advance


  21. hello i got two rejection from the NZ immigration. i dident completed my program when i was in NZ but now i want to go back but got 2 rejection so can you tell me wht to do now and other country or any other way 

  22. hi sir
    This is sri i am from India , i been to australia on student visa 2years visa , as i dint complete my course in time i applied for extention of visa which got rejected as i dint submit my financial document ,i tought there is no need to show financial document if i complete more then %80 course. i applied for MRT they also rejected my visa later i applied for minister they also cancelled my visa and told there is 3years ban on me for all temporary visa . now my question is can i apply for newzeland for study .. Is there can contact between Australia and Newzeland immigration . can i apply for newzeland . is there any chance of getting visa
    thx sir

    1. Hello Sri,
      You can apply for New Zealand for higher studies. But you need to explain the NZ department about your stay in Australia and satisfy that their is a genuine intention to study . then you can get a visa to study in NZ.

      with regards


  23. hello sir.
    I have applied for student visa in May 1st 2012 and unfortunately my visa got rejected and the reason they stated for my rejection was they didn’t find me genuine,i,m really tensed and frustrated,
    and another case is like this,me n my husband had applied for student visa to continue our further bachelors degree from Australia and luckily my husband got visa and i didn’t so the,he is now in Australia.So my question is what if i apply for spouse visa ? is it possible or not or what if i again re apply for student visa?most of the people and the agent says that there is risk in applying in spouse visa as i wil not be the fresh applicant , Wat wil b the preoper solution for this case please help me with some suggestion sir…….i,m realy having hard time after i got my visa rejected

  24. Hi i apply forTR myTR refused then apply forMRT .MRT refused my application that is noti in time? Is their any option for me . Can Mysore apply student visa give me advice ASAp plssssss

  25. Hey mate
    me and my mrs are applying for a spouse visa so she can live in australia with me (she is from the uk) i was wondering if she can come to australia with me while we wait for the verdict on the spouse visa? she also had a tourist visa canceled when she was in aus about 6 months ago cause they believed she had a intention to work does that mean it will be hard for her to get amother tourist visa??

    1. Hello Corey allan,
      Yes , it will be a problem for her to get a visit visa as her visa got cancelled. She will be effected with condition which restricts her to apply for a temporary visas for 3 years.

      with regards


  26. Dear sir,

    I hav a wierd issue. I hav finished my master degree and successfully applied for PR and waiting for result. Right now I am on BVA with no work restrictions. As many others I violated, sometimes, the 20 hrs limit wen i was student. Now i work in hospitality and one of my customer is blackmailing me that he will report me to the immigraion as i worked more than 20 hrs when i was a student. What would happen if he reports? Or what should do? Plz reply me on my email address. I am dying of stress.

  27. Hi,

    I am an Indian citizen and I study in Poland. I am studying here since 3 months and I want to leave this course and study in Australia. I have got admission and now I want to apply for my student visa from Germany. What are the chances of getting the student visa from germany?

  28. My filipino girlfriend is waiting for PMV to be processed, immigration are asking her for police clearance from syria as she worked there 12months, ive tried contacting syrian embassies in australia & manila but i get no reply. I know alot of their embassies are closed because of the civil war & immigrations website states syria doesnt give police clearance for non citizen, non resident so im confused why they ask for it when their own website says we cant get it. Any ideas why? Thanks

  29. sir my student visa 572 is cancelled , went to diac to ask them can i apply for 457 offshore they say yes, but told me regarding PIC4013 AND SECTION 48 . SO THAT 3 years ban can be waiver out, and i applied for 457, will my 457 visa get approved.? i did not applied for MRT. I TOLD diac i agreed with the cancellation. as a honest man i said the truth, but, during this period i completed all my study.

  30. dear sir i have got my visa refused for australia for next three years. can i apply again for australia and if not can i apply in new zealand?

  31. Hello
    I wondering if there’s a chance to my case, my brother now 52 yrs old he came as tourist here in australia then while here he apply as remaining relative. while waiting he got a bridging visa permit to work. Now he is working in the company for 6months and hava a trade license. He got a letter from the immigration refusal of his visa application as remaining relative. because he has 3 children overseas -18yrs, 20yrs old and 21yrs old.
    what is the chances for him to get another visa??
    His relative here in australia 4 sisters, mother, 2 nephew and 1 niece all australian citizen.
    Pls help, thank you

  32. Hi Sir,
    my TR application is rejected on the ground of pic 4020 regarding the work experience. now my case is in MRT. what are my rights if i get refusal from MRT as well. can i go for any further appeal or apply for any kind of visa. please let me know

    1. Hello Aman,
      If you do not get through MRT you get go for Judicial appeal. You need to contact a solicitor in this regards. if your visa got refused based on condition 4020 you are barred from applying for any other visa for 3 years.

      with regards


  33. Hi,
    I am on a student visa subclass 572. I came in australia on 31 dec 2011 with my husband.after 3 months i changed my course and went to another diploma in the same college.then after 3 months i suspended the semester for 6 months as i was pregnant. Our visa wil expire on 13 sept 2013. Now i want to know wil there be any problem when we apply for a visa extension as my study wil not be completed on the due date. When should we apply for the visa extension?

    1. Hello Tayyaba,
      Yes you will have difficulty in getting extension. I advise you to update the same to the DIAC in a proper manner . It is better to approach a migration agent to represent the same to the DIAC.

      with regards


  34. Hi how r u? I just want to know I got 457 visa but my husband is on MRT after his TR refusal under PIC4020 is there any chance for him to get spouse visa behalf of me Plz let me know I worried about that,because we got married in 2010 nov now all most more than 2 year but on that time he was on BV 487 but in jan 2012 he got email regarding his PR file under PIC 4020 our consultant said to us better to withdrawl we did that then we wait for TR decision that decision also not in favour not he is on MRT from got married to till now I Hv got different status than my husband now I got my student visa untill June/2013 and 457 untill2016 so how many chance for my husband to get spouse visa or not Plz let me know I know it’s very complicated but. No body give us right advise Plz help me out thanxs regards, Neeru

  35. Hello Sri,

    hi..im from SL my uk student visa got canceled cz of changing the college and refused entry to uk 8 years ago so if im applying for Australian visit visa do I have to mention it and is there any possibility of rejecting my visa

  36. hello sir
    my husband didnt complete his study in australia..he finished 1 year study and came back to india without informing anyone his brother was sick n family was going through bad time his visa got over after 10 months…..now i got 6.5 bands in ielts…..can he go with me australia on spouse visa

  37. Hi, I just had my interview today, I just wanna know if it was denied do they tell you right away or you need to wait for some couple of weeks if it is denied or approved. Thanks.

  38. I want to apply for a visa online, is give me the difference between the online application and the embassy, and what’s the downside to apply for Australian visa online

  39. sir.

    my student visa got rejected for canada 2 years back due to fraudulent loan letter.
    so they ban me for 2 years.
    later at that time i applied for new zealand they to rejected me because of canada rejected me.

    now i have completed my bachloers
    can i get student visa for austrailia now for my masters
    pls reply

  40. Hi,
    My visa was rejected because my job skill wasn’t real. It was because I didn’t know about migration low more and the agency that has help me, guided me in wrong way. Now I know that I could start with my real job skill. I have some question now:
    1. Can I start with a new real job skill?
    2. Does Visa rejection Influenced on the new dossier for Australian migration?
    3. Does my last dossier recorded in Australian migration organization?

  41. Sir,
    I have a question on DIAC processing after MRT success. I am from India and my friend got MRT success for his Permanent Residency visa. It’s now 2.5 months since MRT decision and no news received from DIAC. I also received my PR rejected last week and would like to go for MRT but my friend’s condition is confusing me to make a decision as he did not get visa grant after MRT has remitted his application to DIAC 2.5 months back. I have 70 more days to apply for MRT as per rejection letter.Is there any service standard for DIAC to process MRT remitted applications?

    Pls. reply.
    Jaswinder Singh

  42. Hi Dilip,

    I am from the UK and applied for subclass 835, my sister and father live here and at the time they were awaiting perm residency. My visa was refused but I have been advised I can leave the country, reenter as a tourist and then apply for the same visa again but now my family are perm residents this will help my case further. Is this correct?

  43. sir…i applied for 572 study visa after 6 months rejected my ielts is 6.5 .after 3 months from rejection i received e mail from immigration that this decision was due to illegal error and they want to review this decision my application is in progress now. sir can you tell me how long this will take . and how many chances of visa.or can i go for new application in 573.

  44. Hi,I had a visitor visa refused 1 year ago in Canada.i still have not left and I’m now applying for Visa 190 for Australia with a positive state sponsorship.
    Will diac refuse my application if they find out I’m without any status in Canada?

  45. hi sir…..i am from Pakistan.i applied for 572 study visa but rejected after 6 months .after 3 months from rejection i received email from immigration office .they told me this decision was because of illegal error and they want to review this decision.sir can you tell me how long this will be.and how many chances of visa.who will review my decision DIAC or MRT..

  46. Hi,

    I was refused my student visa cause i was unlawful more than 28days. now there is an invite for MTR.. what is my chance? i dont know if i have a strong case.. Firstly i was unlawful cause i was waiting for summer class to open so i can enrol in it which i have to take to satisfy my condition of my COE duration.. was never aware of any 28 days grace periods.

    Thank you..

  47. Sir,
    Recently my brother was refused for student visa to study BICT in UWS . The reason given was they did not find him genuine student because of contradictory statements during interview via phone.
    His orientation class is on 15 feb, 2013. He says the interviewer
    Misinterprated his statements. Is there any possibility of review and granting visa?
    Thankyou very much
    I am in sydney completed bit recently while he is in kathmandu, nepal.

  48. my friend is on student visa in NewZealand. She applied visitor spouse visa for her husband which was rejected on the basis that he had no job, no personal bank balance, no genuine incentives and no financial status. Now she is applying again with the status of slef emploeed paying income tax on the basis of some agricultural land etc. Please guide us that he will get the visa or not.

  49. Hi Sir,

    I had applied for the extension of student visa sub class 573, I haven`t received my medical reports yet and thus my visa has been under process. I am obese, overweighted and so some of my friends are saying that my visa could be rejected for the above mentioned reasons, is it so. I have been in Australia since 2011, but then I had come from India. Please advise. I`m extremely sorry if I have caused any inconvienence. I`m going through a difficult stress at the moment due to this. I called the medibank they say the result will be comin soon but it has been referred to sydney doctors for the final result. I am in adelaide I had done the bloos test before four weeks as on 19/12/2012. please let me know if any suggestions. thank you so much.

  50. Hi. My name is Beatrice.

    I recently got my Visa rejected because I have not informed them of my change of email address and so they have been wanting a required document which I have not submitted because the previous email address I gave them is no longer active. I cannot access it.
    And because I have failed to advice them with the change of email address, without that supporting document (skills accessment) they have rejected it.
    What will be my next step in approaching this? My bridging will expire on 14th February.
    Does this mean I have to re-apply for this visa? Meaning, pay all the required fees again??


  51. Hallo,
    My name is Elizabeth and am a Kenyan citizen. I met an Australian citizen on a dating sit on August and we fell in love. We had been in touch since then. I applied for a tourist visa on November because i finally wanted to meet him in person but my application was denied. I have traveled back and forth from China and East Africa on business but he was going to cater for my visit there. They said that i do not have enough supporting documents to show that i will return and that the fact we have never met with was also an issue. I want to reapply but i do not know how to. Please help me.

  52. hi my name is Kumar, few days ago i got my temporary partner visa, bfore this my student visa was rejected, i applied fot mrt, now my mrt case is ipen and hearing is after 2 weeks, now what to do, will mrt effect on my current visa? because i dnt want student visa anymore…

  53. Hello Sir

    I have applied my 119 Offshore in 1June 2012. And immigration has Approved my Nominaton on 20th June 2012. But I m Still waiting for my visa. Also i was on sttudent visa and my student visa was running out september 2012. butt Immigartion rejected my student visa because of Funds With PIC 4020. but i m going to apply MRT after two weeks.
    But my Question is student visa rejection will effect on my 119 visa which have already lodged six moonth before or they will see the case saperately. plz advice

  54. Hi, I am from Singapore and my student visa got cancelled in Australia last October due to unsatisfactory progress and I am appealing for MRT onshore right now (Results is not out at the moment). I would like to check if I really were to fail the appeal from MRT, will I be able to apply for a new course to study in New Zealand? Will New Zealand be able to check my previous record of student visa been cancelled? and what are the chances they will reject or approve my application? Thanks!!

  55. Hi there,
    I came here as a student visa on 2009 and it was for 2 years n it was expired on 2011 because i was suffering form depression and stuff and in mean time i didn’t had any money for extension now i think i am in big problem I am here without visa for 2 years I am not able to go to Nepal coz my family is poor we don’t own house because it is on bank loan and i was scared and I teared my visa I got only my passport and I was victim back in home people came to kill me coz I used to work for political party my question is there is still chance of applying protection visa coz i m from Nepal and i reckon Nepalese people they allowed to apply for protection visa so how much chance of getting visa in my condition or it impossible to get visa??hoping for reply ASAP!!!Thanks

        1. Hi Dilip,

          My situation is a bit complexed.
          Im an indian citizen married to an indian guy who is an australian citizen now, 6 months ago.

          I received my pr and next email i receive is that its been cancelled since he withdrew The sponsorship under the migration act 128,116(1)(a).

          I was staying with his parents in delhi for 6 months away from him, and now the whole family has abandoned me.

          I tried reaching out to the embassy but they have just been replying we acknowledged your information provided.

          However below they keep mentioning that i need to revert back to the notice if i want my visa to be revoked.

          Its a very helpless situation: kindly help

          Thank you

          1. Hello Rhea,
            I am very sorry to know that you had an issue with your partner visa and your relationship with your partner. I wanted to know whether you have discussed with your husband why he has withdrew his sponsorship? send me a clear email on your current relationship with your partner and your in-laws. I think you got notice of cancellation and you need to answer it nor they will cancel your visa. This is a serious issue and you need to call and talk to me in detail to address this situation. my number is 9246552601 and try to reach me for help

            with regards


  56. Hi
    I am cook with all experience document.
    I applied PR 885 on December without IELTS expecting my remarks would be 6 on each band. But today i got results and found unchanged. So one of them is still 5.5. Before i apply for PR my TR was about to expire on end of February.
    In this case, am i still on bridging visa? What would u suggest me?
    Can i withdraw this lodgement and apply for 457? Is that possible if someone is ready to sponsor me?
    Also curious can i also go for EOI?
    Thanks and i seriously i am in dillema what to do….
    Please any suggestion…

  57. Hi
    My name is Gagan and my visa got refused under pic4020 and i lost my case from MRT as well and at present its under appeal to minister. I am wondering if i will go offshore and apply rsms from their.Is there any possibility that i will get visa or not?
    Do you have any way from this situation.
    Look forward for your reply..
    Thank you

  58. Hi, I’m Navneet from Australia. At the moment I’m worried about my MRT decision bcz the issue is myIELTS score showing different score online than the hard copy of IELTS test. If MRT decision be negative then may be they can refuse on condition 4020. As my migration agent told me. What can I do please if it will happen. Can I able to come back Australia on spouse visa ? Looking forward for your reply….

  59. Hi Dilipn:

    I unintentionally claimed 5 extra points when lodging my EOI and based on my points,i am invited to apply for the visa.I actually have 65 points but i claimed 70 points.I submitted form 1023 but case officer not accepting it .Please let me know a way forward on what options i do have now.Will my visa be rejected or i have to withdraw to lose my money? Please advise.Thanks much in advance!


    1. Hi sujith,
      i know its been long time..but still i would like to ask you have you got your visa after claiming extra point.
      because i have claimed 5 points for my employment overseas for 3 years.but in that 3 year 11 months i worked as a voluntary staff nurse.But i didnt know that i cannot claim point for voluntary work.I have submited my work referene and a voluntary certificate instead of salary certificate as i got request from my case officer.
      kindly please give reply if poosibe

  60. hello sir,
    I am from India. I had applied in Australian university for my Masters and I got the offer letter and ECOE from the university. I had a tourist visa refusal in 2011 and after seeing my refusal letter my educational agents said that i will not get the education visa. Last when I applied for my tourist visa i had mentioned about my job. I was working as an accountant in one of my family friend’s firm without any pay. So in my refusal letter they had mention wrong that i was working as a branch manager.

    Is it true that I will get my visa rejected if I will apply for my education visa?

  61. Hello Sir,
    What if i apply for a Student Visa to study in Australia and simultaneously also file for Australian PR(Skilled Migrant) on the Basis of my Work Experience. How will this effect my Student Visa?
    Or can these 2 process proceed smoothly simultaneously?

    -Rishi R.

  62. Hello sir,
    I am from ktm,Nepal . I have applied my student visa for bachelor in Australia on July 2012. But, unfortunately my visa was rejected. So, now I again want to apply my student visa in Australia on this July. So, is there any possibility to get a student visa for me???

  63. hi,
    i want to discuss something , actually i been to Australia in 2006 on student visa(i didn’t complete my studies) and in 2009 i applied for student visa extension with coe of another college , but before the visa grant i got section 20 notice from the college or immigration and they ask me to leave the country in 28 days , after that i didn’t lodge any file and i leave the country on time (no overstay). now in 2013 my wife want to study masters in Australia , i just want to know that , is my immigration history effect our student visa? or we are eligible to apply for student visa. i will be dependent with my wife.

  64. hello,
    i have recently received an email from my case officer stating that my visa application is rejected due to the breached condition 8516 of his last substantive visa he therefore does not satisfy regulation 572.235. I need not study for a period of 3 months as i did not like the school and i could not really substantiate it with evidence other than the fact that i did some work and was trying hard look for another course to enrol. currently, i am studying at TAFE and it is also time to pay for another term of school fees. I would really like to stay on and complete my studies and not disappoint my parents again. What should i do now? it is also stated in the letter that i have also been considered against the other subclasses within Student (Temporary) (Class TU): subclasses 570, 571, 573, 574, 575, 576 and 580.
    Please tell me what i can do? and my chances of making a successful appeal. thank you very much.

  65. hi im kath from philippines. my tourist visa rejected by the australian embassy because of the following.
    “at item 22 of form 48R you stated that your reason for travel is ‘To look after parents’
    “not provided evidence from your employer that you have been given any leave for the period of the intend travel. in the absence of evidence of approved leave.”

    if possible, how can i re-apply again for the tourist visa?
    if i change my reason to travel and provide all the evidence, do you think they give me a chance to approved my visa?
    my true reason to travel is to visit my parents and also have a tour in australia but i came there before early in 2001. thank you so much. i hope you will help me.

  66. Dear Dilip,

    I have applied for student visa in australia for university of technology, i have ielts 6.5 , and one backlog, They asked me to submit medicals very next day i filed visa. Its been 4 days after i submitted my medicals, i am afraid . Is there any chance to reject visa???

  67. Dear sir
    Im on a student visa at the moment.
    I will apply for a 457 visa shortly.
    If the 457 will be refused and I wìll apply to mrt, will I have the right to work while decision will be taken?

  68. Good evening,
    After quite a complicated story with their services, I am willing to demand an Indian tourist visa but am not quite sure they will give it to me. If this visa gets refused I am planning to apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) as a back-up plan and meet my friends there. Do you think a visa denied in an Indian embassy would be an issue regarding the working holiday visa? If so, how long do I have to wait until things get less risky?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Antoine,
      Why are you feeling that your visa will be refused? If you feel that your visa can be refused, then apply for your working holiday visa!. With this little information , I cannot advise you the prospects of getting a visa to Australia from India. I do not know from which country you belong to , whom you are going to visit and the purpose of your visit. I advise you to send your details to info@futureinaustralia.com.

      we can provide you a better service to get a visa to Australia.

      with regards


  69. Hi…
    My sister and her husband applied for tourist visa and they have been refused for some reasons.So i just want to know that when they can apply again for tourist visa after this refusal?

    1. Hello Ahmed,
      With out knowing the reason for the travel and the reason for rejection , I cannot give you an advise when they can lodge for visa for the second time. Contact our office with the refusal letter for further advise.

      with regards


  70. Hello dilipn,

    I am on Bridging visa Now (cause applied for TR). i already got a case office and need to submit all the documents by Feb 11. Unfortunately i couldnt meet the IELTS requirement. When i spoke to one of the officer (Not case officer), she said that most likely they will reject my application because they only consider IELTS result which i hold at the time of application and not the latest one. however i am still going for IELTS tomorrow for second time. My question is can i reapply for TR once my application rejected? Is there any other visa that i can consider?

    1. Hello Vinoth kumar,

      You cannot re-apply once your TR is refused. Because you will not be in a position to satisfy the TR requirements at the moment. If your application is refused, you have two ways apply for an MRT review to gain time and mean while look for an employer to sponsor you .

      with regards


  71. Hi I am being sponsored by a company in Austalia – 4 year sponsorship and I want my partner to come on my visa also. Can you advise what proof we need to show we have been in a relationship. Also if this is rejected because we do not have enough proof, and he applys for his second year visa will this be rejected because they can see he was just rejected for sponsorhip visa?

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Erin,
      Yes , even with less evidence of relationship , we can satisfy the department about your relationship. This can be done base on few important evidences which are need to be submitted. This evidences change from case to case. It is advisable to contact us with complete details to give you a better service.

      with regards


  72. Sir,
    My question is I came on subclass 309, spouse visa but before second stage processing(after 1.5 yrs of marriage), I suffered domestic violence and I filed a PR case based on it however recently Minister is not convinced with the reasoning and has refused to grant subclass 100 and has asked for further evidence. Also since I am studying full time, can I now jump to student visa? Also do I need to show funds as I have already completed 1 semester and last with 3 more to go. Or would your advice be to tender additional documents and keep fighting for my rights under DV application?

  73. helo sir,

    I have applied for student visa along with my husband in march 2012 but we got rejected with the reason of marriage and the case 4020 is mentioned in the rejection paper but actually we are genuine couple. I am very serious about my study and my husband as well as in-law parents allow me to apply as a single student seeing my interest to study and i would like to consult if i could reapply or please tell me all the possibilities of my visa application.

    Yours faithfully

  74. Hi me and my husband got a temperory residence I a spouse the he apply a permanent residence file he put the wrong one ielts paper than immigration ask the reason and the we give the reason and we withdraw our file we didn’t get chance to the officer to refuse our file than now we put sponsor visa it’s 4 months now we r waiting we get any response my question is we will get the visa or not sponsor and nomination approved and now don’t want to wait any more and can change our sponsor again I need your help plz tell me the and plz

  75. Hi there
    I am living in Pakistan and doing a bachelor degree(BSIT) in 3rd semester. I want to know that I want to apply for study visa for Australia. I got 5.5 over all score which meet the requirements for diploma in Australia. Now my question is that if I provide every thing genuine related to documents,certificates bank statement etc. Is there any possibility of rejecting my visa.

  76. Hi. I applied for permanent residency in Australia and haven’t got an answer yet. But I’m on bridging visa A and I worked 2 weeks over my 6 months. Will that cause them to reject my visa? Also I’m from the U.S. applying for a spouse visa thru defacto. Thanks

  77. Hi i am applying for my student visa for Australia, Actually 2 years back i had a problem with my health i.e., TB and the problem was now cleared but the doctor said that scar will be visible in your x-ray so you will have chance to get visa rejection at the same time he mentioned that now your health was perfectly alright the only problem is scar in your x-ray, i m sacred of my visa, will i have a chance of visa rejection due to my health issue??? is it better to explain my problem to the doctor when i face my medicals??

  78. Hi

    i have my student visa subclass 573 cancelled 7 months ago, because of my study circumstance and now im in Saudi Arabia, i tried with MRT,but it did not work ,so i lost my bachelor degree,, my question is,, can i get a visitor visa ??? because i want to see my girlfriend that we were together for 3 years, also i want to get some of my personal stuff that i left them in Australia?????


  79. Dear sir/madam,

    I have a close family friend who was successful in getting into a VET program at a university in Melbourne (Australia). Despite being successful in getting into the course her application was rejected based on not demonstrating sufficient funds (miscalculated how much extra money was needed). On her rejection letter it said there was no option for further review on the current application (Visa 572, assessment level 3). She is from Colombia and so must apply through Chile. I am wondering how I can help here because my family and her family are friends. Can we sponsor her for the same visa? Can she actually reapply for the same Visa if she can demonstrate that she now has the money (eg, Money donated to her). The letter talks about having funds for 3 months before applying, but does this become irrelevant if she is given the money without any conditions?

    Any advice you could offer would be helpful. I just want to know if we can sponsor her, or donate money and if she can reapply straight away?


  80. hi my name gurjant singh i got section 4020 becoz i had applied for tr but i could not get ielts band so i withdrawn my tr file and same time i had applied for offshore 119 but that is also refuse so now immigration gave me bridging visa till 21 feb and told me leave the country. i just want to know can i apply against 4020 and now i m applying for 457 . my employer gave all document to immigration can i get 457 visa.

  81. hi
    i have received a rejection letter for 475 provisional visa, i am very much tensed . They have put 4020 condition on it. And they have mentioned that it could be reviewed by only regional state sponsor through MRT. so i want to know whether it could be done . do the state sponsor will do it for me, if i provide them with the strong documents. And could u tell whether i could apply for a student visa.
    Or could i apply for a new visa , with submitting strong documents against the decision.

    with regards

  82. Hello Dilip,

    I have been offered sponsorship in a subclass 457 category with an Australian business. Almost 2 years ago, I was refused entry into the United Kingdom. I have not been back and since then I have just about completed a year on a working-holiday visa here in Australia. Will this entry refusal affect my chances at sponsorship (due to character assessment requirement, etc) because of the Commonwealth? Thanks in advance for your help!
    Kind regards,

  83. Goodmorning, I would ask a question beacause I’m really worried about it…
    I have spent 1 year in Australia with a whv, when I came back to France in October 2012 I asked
    for my 2 whv… after sending many documents as evidence the goverment in December 2012 my request
    was refused because they were notsatisfy that I had really worked in the farm (they also written that
    the farmer had other similar problems previously).
    In the mail was written that I can’t ask for a visa, but It was not specified how long…
    I’ve not appealed because I had no other evidence unfortunately.

    Now my question is.. I really would like to have a future in Australia,
    my plan is to ask for a sponsor in the next 3-4 years, or for a skilled visa (I’m in the SOL) .. Will my request be rejected because of my visa refused?

    How long I can’t enter in Australia for?

    Thank you very much

  84. hi thre…. i went to new zealand on student visa in 2010 n in 2011 i applied for student extension and it got declined coz few weeks i worked more than 20 hrs and told me to leave d cntry and i did the same….i came bak ti india and now wife is doing masters in UK and she want to do level 7 advance diploma from Newzealand….My question is will NZ approve me a spouse visa if my wife will get a student visa….thank’s

  85. Hi ,
    my Student visa 573 re-newal is rejected as i failed to satisfy clause 573.211(3)(d) 4020 regarding fail to renew student visa expring for 10days.Then my case is in MRT. Unfortunately i get refusal from MRT as well due to the decision not to granted visa has been made by DIMIA previously. can i go for any further appeal or is there anything i can do? I am finishing my study by end of feb 2013 but would like to stay for other study/work. Please advice as soon as possible

  86. hi sir,
    my tr been refused due to ielts. i got ielts after one week of my tr application. i have 28days to decide. i’m going to mrt now. my question is is there any chance if i’m eligible for pr( my course is on sol, and if i got 7 bands in ielts)

    thanks in advance

  87. Hi sir

    I am in Australia. I have completed my one year diploma graduate diploma of information technology. I have applied my extension of visa for further stay n complete my masters in IT. I have already completed one term. But i got rejection. I have a time for MRT. But do i have some option after MRT. My refusal is because of funds. Visa officer asked me for more documents to support my funds. I have submitted but i got reply that not sufficient. He refused my visa. Plz reply me what i can do have two more term to finish my MIT.

  88. hello sir i am from pakistan and i applied for diploma of accounting sub class 572 .i done my intermediate in 2009 after that i was working as an part time accountant for a private company and i was doing a package of it diplomas but at the time when i apply i did not got my certificates thats why i did not attched them. and i applied in 2012 .i attached my work experience but it get refused with the reason that i don’t think that diploma of accounting with elicos will be benefit for you after returning in your home country .you have been mention that you was working in a company as an accountant but you did not provide us further detail about your job offer which you already have on the returning on your home country back so that we are not satisfied.
    sir can i apply again for bachelors of accounting again?if yes then what would be the chances for visa stamped.please guide me what to do.how can i get visa for subclass 573.please tell me a way out.i am very disturb.

    khuram ismail.

  89. Hi,

    I am on Student Visa 572 wil be finishing Diploma in Sept 2014 , i did my Cert III in children services for 9 month and the Diploma in Children Services for 14 months, i will sit for IELST too end of this year, the current one is stil valid (its band 6) if i get a good band 7 for all can i submit for PR? Or its not enough time / experience?

    Can i apply for student visa to do degree if my PR application got rejected?
    The law changes often and everyone explains explains differently. Pls help, tq

  90. I had applied for a B2 visa 6 months ago and was refused, cant i visit Australia on a tourist visa?

    Thanks in advance.
    Sidharth from Bangalore, India

  91. Hi Dilip-
    My EOI accepted and request to submit visa for skilled migration western Australia state sponsorship nomination subclass 190 visa(permanant).
    May i know the do and don’t to submit visa


  92. dear sir,
    my visa has been rejected twice. one was month ago. i have forwarded my rejected copy on ur email address. and im planning to apply once again. so i would like to ask u that is there a chance for me granting a visa. plz give me some advice. thnx for ur time.

  93. I went australia in 2003 with student visa. I did not study, my visa was canceled and I overstayed for more than 1 year. After that australian govt. deported me and paid my air ticket cost. I have debt of 2700AUD to australian govt.

    Now my wife applied for student visa again(after 6 years of my deportation) and I am also applying with her as a spouse. I also declared that I over stayed and i have a debt.
    After 1 month of applying they told us to have our medical check up. And after medical test a lady from australian high commision called us and asked details and hopefully they are satisfied with our answers. And today australian high commission sent us another mail and they want us/me to pay my debt of 2700AUD Our sponsors ( my father and father in law) are strong. I had no criminal records in Australia. But Australian High Commission wrote me that the application will not be finalized until the debt has been settled in full. I just wanna know if I make full payment, is there any possibility to get rejected?

  94. Hi

    I am planning to apply for a PR (subclass 189). If I am invited, I was wondering if I should mention in my application that I had a student visa refusal from the Canadian Embassy before.

    When my previous migration agent helped me apply for the TR (subclass 485), he didn’t check with me about this and obviously didn’t mention this in my previous application. If I mention the refusal this time, I am afraid that DIAC would think that my old application was misleading and it leads to the rejection for my PR.

    Best regards,

  95. Hi. My student visa got cancelled due to circumstances such as didnt attend uni and hence uni cancelled it. Though i did have a valid reason as i was undergoing family problem – parents getting divorce – however now evertyhing is back on track and i would like to study here and complete it. Is there a way or ways to pursue it. As they have given me a 3 years exclusion. this is even more depressing. there will be no way for me to apply as a permenant resident right?

  96. Sir.
    i was refused an extension to my students visa in march 2012 due to not attending my college which i was on total wrong…i applied for an MRT appeal in april 2012..until now no news from them but in december 2012 i got legally married to my partner who is an australian permanant resident who just got her residency in june 2012..can i apply for a spouse visa and what are my chances??? im really stressed with all this please help!!

  97. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could please help. I have applied to sponsor my in laws to Australia to meet their grandchildren. I got a phone call off them saying that they have been refused. I am a little confused as to why as both have been to Australia before. My mother in law has a Syrian Passport but wad nevet born in Syria nor lived there as her father resided in Lebanon. She has documentation to state that she was born and has lived in Lebanon all her life. My father in law is Palestinian with a UN status but again born and lived in Lebanon and has been here to as we sponsored them both before and like I said both have come and gone before. Could you please help?

  98. Urgent help needed….

    I got rejection for offshore student visa sub class 573…
    According to them I m unable to satisfy the clause 573.223(1)(a)..
    i have two years gap between my studies in that duration i handle my family’s agriculture business..
    i mention it in my SOP …
    i did bachelor of commerce (2 years program ) from Pakistan and got
    credit transfer of 6 months on the behalf of my bachelor of commerce in bachelor of accounting…
    I have sufficient funds..

    Now I want to know that is there any way to apply again if yes then how to represent my case with solid reasons for my current circumstances ..
    i can send u my Statement of Purpose and Rejection letter got from DIAC..

  99. Hi Sir,
    My wife applied for student visa that was rejected in 2010, now she got hearing in mrt suppose if she get rejection from MRT as well, can she apply from overseas student dependent visa , we both are on different visas, I have student visa till sep 2013, how good are the chances to get the visas from overseas if ur visa is refused onshore. Plz help me with your suggestions as soon as possible coz I m so worried about it

  100. Hi dilipn,
    I’m from canada i would like to ask if i having another working visa in other country. Still can i apply for australia working holiday visa?

    1. Hello Jason,
      If your country is an acceptable country for working holiday visa for australia and you satisfy its requirements , then yes you can apply for WHV.


      1. My Ex and I are back together. Awwww, I am so blessed to come across this relationship doctor, it was so helpful. Thanks so much fixmybrokenmarriage @gmail com.. .

  101. Hello!
    I’m a french 26years old girl, last year I spent 1 year in Australia with a working holiday visa…
    my request for the second visa was refused because the government wasn’t satisfied that
    I completed 88days in farm…

    Now I’m worried because I want to move to Australia and live there forever… I had a look and I could be
    elegible with the SOL list…
    Do you think that my visa request will be denied because of my whv was refused?
    How long I can’t enter in Australia?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Ester,
      Even though your visa got refused, if you are eligible to lodge any other visas, you can do so. I advise you to approach a migration agent to lodge your application , as you need to cover all those details on your next visa application.


    2. Hello Ester,
      The refusal will not be effecting your GSM application as far as your application is complete with all the required documents. Use a registered migration agent to represent your application .

      with regards


  102. hi sir,
    i was graduated from the year 2005 to 2009 i mean i studied my engineering from 2005 to 2009 but i had a work experience from 2007 to 2013…can i put my experience from the above dates or i should put the experience after my graduation for subclass 190 visa …and a small doubt i finished my engineering in civil engineering but i had a solid experience in information technology … am i eligible for SOL and EOI as a civil engineer can i i put my IT experience or not…

    kind regards

    1. Hello Chandra reddy,
      I think you do not have complete understanding of immigration process. It is not advisable to burn your hands with the information you have in hand. I advise you to send your details for evaluation to our company. if we feel you have options then it is advisable to proceed.


    1. Hello Harpreet,
      Send me your refusal case details to me. Let me see if you have an option to get out of this condition. unless that condition is waived you cannot lodge some applications. You can lodge some visa applications like partner visa etc.


  103. hi dilip,
    i have come to sydney for my masters in information systems 2 and half years back and was deported for discontinuing my studies and not having coe at the time of arrival. now i am currently working in india on SAP and very much interested to do my masters in sap which is being offered my victoria university melbourne. is it possible for me to now re apply for masters on sap or will i get rejected. please help me with the situation and let me know. Thank you.

  104. Hello sir

    I have applied for General Skilled Migration Program but my consultant didn’t submit any of my documents and my visa got rejected. Now my employer wants to sponsor me is there any possibility tha i get visa if i go to offshore. am i eligible to 457 VISA/ ENS program but he is very keen to sponsor me, Is there any possibility if i go offshore i get the VISA/onshore

    1. Hello Srilu,
      Yes you have offshore ENS options . But need to be very care full in lodging this application as you have one time refusal.

      with regards


  105. Hello, I am from Pakistan. I want to apply for student visa for a 1.5 year diploma couse in Tafe institute in order to proceed to bachelors in future ! I want to ask that wat are the exact requiremnets for bank statement ? The money, how old the bank statement has to be ? ive talked to many people ! most of them has said that a min 3 month fixed deposit of approx 3.5 million PKR has to be shown in my account and that there is no need of rotation of finances in bank account ? Please help me in specifying all these details ! Thank u !

  106. Hi,
    This is Rahul, I got subclass 475 visa (Dec2011) with skill assessment as Telecom Network Engineer from Engineers Australia. Later on(Jan_2013), I applied for PR with the same outcome from onshore with 60 points.

    But I made mistake. I submitted (on October_2012) all my documents again to Engineers Australia to get another assessment as Electrical Engineer, where I focused only the power related experience I gathered in my job. During my first assessment I demonstrated my overall experience(including power) but for the second assessment I mentioned nothing but power only. I introduced myself as power engineer. All my documents including CDR, CPD, employer reference I submitted were based on power. The documents are genuine but Engineers Australia is not getting any match in my two submission and they are treating my second application as fraudulent activity mentioning I misled them. They not only cancelled my 2nd application ( which I do not require) but also put question on my first outcome as well. And they said they will inform to immigration.

    I do not know what would be the consequences of this, I tried to convince Engineers Australia, but failed. Will it impact on my new application which I launched with my first assessment as telecom network engineer?? Can my existing VISA get cancelled?? I am staying in Australia for 3 months.

    1. Hello Rahul,
      this a wrong step you have taken . How can you choose two skills from the same assessment agency? Their are all possibilities of getting a visa cancellation. It is advisable to withdraw the application .

  107. Hello Dilip,

    I came to Australia on a student visa in 2010..I finished my graduation and I could have got my PR with all 7’s in IELTS. As I was not very confident getting 7 band in IELTS, I have chosen the wrong path of 457 business visa without proper guidance. My visa got rejected and I have applied for MRT one month before. Most of my friends who went in the same path got their visa and MRT both rejected. Just wondering if I can do any course after the MRT result (if negative)to further stay in Australia. I am trying for 7 band in IELTS now. What can I do if my MRT get rejected in the mean while? What can be the chances for me to extend my stay in Australia? Please advise sir


    1. Hello Seshu,
      Why do you think that unless you get 7 in all bands you are not going to satisfy the GSM criteria. As per the department requirement, the minimum score in IELTS requirement is 6 in all bands. send your details to us through our pre-assessment section.

      with regards


    2. Hello Goutham,
      If your MRT is rejected, You need to leave the country. you will not have an option to lodge another student visa.


  108. Good Morning

    I have received a letter from my education provider of termination of my candidature which translates to a cancellation of my enrolment. I appealed to the University Academic Board and my appeal was dismissed. I was informed of their decision yesterday 12/03/13. Therefore, after 10 working days the education provider will inform DIAC of my unsatisfactory work progress in my PhD programme. From what I understand this means an automatic cancellation of my visa for breaching student visa conditions 8202. My visa is subclass 574. What are my options in this instance for avoiding a visa cancellation? I would like to apply to other universities here in Australia.

    1. Hello Juliette,
      If you want to apply for any other university , you need a revealing letter from the current university. What was the main reason for cancellation of your enrollment? Unless I know the total story , how can i advise you on this. Send me the total circumstances of your breach to dilip@futureinaustralia.com


  109. hi I am raj . i got rejection letter on 15 jan 2013 on 4020 condition, I had applied for visa in jan 2011 . So from what date the 3 year bar is calculated from the date of rejection or from the date of application. i m not clear from the immi website.

  110. Hi sir I m from Melbourne. Now I m on student visa I finish my hospitality 2 year study .. Now I have apply for 457 visa but my employer already have approval but it finish in July 2013can l apply in may2013 it is ok my nomination & visa will approve or any problem plz tell me thanks(loveleen)

  111. hi
    TEMPORARY WORK (LONG STAY ACTIVITY) (Class GB) TEMPORARY WORK (LONG STAY ACTIVITY) (Subclass 401) visa has been refused because we owe a Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) debt of AUD$1,000.00 to the Commonwealth of Australia .we didnt no that we have to pay this amount.my father applied for whole family in this visa as a religious worker and also Notification of approval for nomination for a Religious Worker Nomination (subclass 401) was approved but visa got rejected from fiji for that refugee money ..so i like to no what should i do next with this decision..should we pay the money and then apply the visa again under same visa subclass because nominatation has been approved,,plizz help n we have also done our medical n police clearness

  112. hi i am venkat i did automotive diploma course .its a 2 years course ,after this course i applied for T.R .immigration people refused my application and mrt for the cause of no ielts .Before mrt result came i launched 457 visa on offshore .after 28 days i went to immigration office to get bridging visa to stay in Australia. but they took my passport and they call to case officer then she rejected my application under criteria 3.before in this mean time of 28 days my lawer contact to her 3 times .but she didnt respond that mails .now they gave me bridging c untill 28 days .now what i have to do leave the country or go to mrt .if i go to mrt how much chances have i got to win.

    1. Hello Venkat,
      You need to know that when their is an MRT case pending you cannot lodge a 457 onshore. your agent has given you a wrong advise. MRT on your 457 does not have any strength.

      with regards


  113. Sir,

    I have two rejections from Canada for student visa. Now I am applying for Australia . First I got offer letter from flinders university Adelaide but failed to get coe from them as I got the second rejection from Canada meanwhile. Now I got a offer letter from rmit for master degree and waiting for the Coe . I have 7 bands in ielts not less than 6 in any module and done my beech in June 2011 , no any work experience .

    Plz tell me what are my chances?

    1. Hello Aman,
      Your visa chances will depend on your documentation and how you answer the interview. I wish you a best of luck. if you have not lodged your application still use an registered agent to lodge the same.

      with regards


  114. hi there i have a question
    my student visa was cancelled in 2011 due to low attendance in college and i applied for mrt but i didn’t hire any advocate.. the thing is now i came back to india last year .. but didn’t hear anything from mrt people. so my question is is there any chances i can still hire a advocate…
    and will there b any chances of me getting back there .. pls pls advice me what can i do to come back to australia…
    thank u very much for ur time

    1. Hello Abhimaneau ,

      Yes you can hire an advocate at any time of your MRT application. first we need to check whether the application is still on or a decision has been taken. If you send your complete circumstances , we will be able to advise you your chances of getting back to Australia.

      with regards


      1. hi sir i checked my mrt case with them and i founf out my decison was allready taken on 14th march they said they informed me send and main to my home address in australia as i wasnt there i didnt receive anything so… plus i have this 3 year exclusion period from departure date on my visa cancellation documents provided by immi …. so i want to know there must b ateast one way to waiver off this condition from me or not any way i could come back to australia

        1. Hello Abhimaneau,
          If you have a 4020 condition on your visa cancellation or refusal, their is not way out unless you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident

  115. Hi sir
    Actually I’m on MRT now nd my discion is coming on 23 may. Nd I have condition of 4020. Whatever that was fault or nt bt I know I’ll get negative result. Bt I’m thinking to go India nd I got bridging visa B now. But I have one question in my mind, if ill go now so can I come back after 23 May or nt. coz desicon is coming on 23 May. Plz can u tell me ASAP . Thanks

    1. Hello Happy,
      If you are going to India now and you have a negative decision on your MRT , you cannot return back to Australia.


  116. Hi,I applied for Australia student visa subclass 572 but I was refused. The reason for the refusal was English language requirement.I submitted a letter from the university I graduated in Nigeria saying I studied in English.I thought it will serve as a waver.so now am thinking of writing the IELTS test asap so I could quickly apply because my program starts in July.so what should I do.is there a required time for reapplying

    1. Hello Daniel,
      Yes you can re-apply. Their is no time limitation for the next application. But need to apply ahead of the course start date. Best of luck

      with regards


  117. My MRT appeal has been refused but before i got decision i applied for 457 visa as a manager chef income $51,400 in resturant. Wen i lodge appication i went offshore and now m onshore again but still my nomination is in process. My question is do i need to go offshore before they take decision or i can stay onshore during the process of 457 visa

  118. Hello Dilip, my visa student was refused twice. I have applied off shore, first application was on April, 2nd one in May.

    I was going to get into 2 Diplomas – Business & Management, for a length of 16 months – (both were fully paid) but my visa was refused because i did not meet the financial requirements. (There were a mistake on the COE, the institution put i paid 50% of one of the courses instead of the total amount, then the institution said it was not a mistake, actually there were not allowed to accept full payments when the length of studies is further than a year). As one of the courses were about to start I reviewed my budget and decided to attend only to the Diploma of Business (6 months), and the visa was refused again, in this case they informed me, since my first choice were to study for a longer period, they believe I may have the intention to remain in Australia once my course has finished so that they considerer I am not a genuine temporary entrant.

    My purpose is only to study in and English speaker country, so that i´d like to go ahead with my 2nd choice which is New Zealand, but I have read that if i have a visa refused by any country I am not eligible for a NZ visa. Is that correct or did I misunderstand? Am I allowed to apply if I meet all the requirements?

    Kind regards,

    1. hello Cintia,
      The information which you have received is wrong. I have sent you a form fill the details and send it across.


  119. Hello Sir,

    My application for temporary residence (TR) has been refused. I have already applied for MRT. I want to know the current processing time for MRT. How long does it take for immigration to get back to me with the final MRT decision. Please help me.



  120. Hi Dilip, I am rose,
    I am on student visa subclass 573,
    My partner is on dependant visa.
    I do not work at all but my husband accidentally worked for more that 20hrs.
    Are there any chances of my visa being cancelled straight away.
    I am really afraid because I don’t want my studies to be interrupted.

    1. Hello Rose,

      Call us at 0738222 922. We will tell you what cautions need to be taken in future for a smooth education in Australia.


  121. Hi,I am planning to apply for Australia student visa subclass 572. One of the requirements is to submit a copy the TOEFL score card. I have already taken the test and scored 107/120. But I have not yet received the score card. Is there any other alternate document that I can submit as to show the proof of score ?
    Thanks in advance

  122. hello sir…

    My name is Sandeep. my wife completed her masters in UK 2012 and i’m her dependent. we Came back in Oct 2012 and again we both applied for Denmark (danish green card) in January with my wife as main applicant. One week back the visa got rejected because we are lacking of 10 points as it is a point based system. Now, My wife want to do her MBA in Australia and i want to apply as dependent. Are we eligible to apply for Australia student visa ? are there any rejection chances regarding the visa as we applied for Denmark earlier ?

  123. Hello,
    I am Nasir from Pakistan. i applied student visa first time in diploma program but i refused because of short bank statement then i applied again in same class but i refused again with another reason so i want to know that could i apply 3rd time and how much can i expect to get visa on this attempt ?

  124. Hi Dilip.
    Im from sri lanka and in really bad situation. I have Australian partner. Still not married. But our affair is more than 2 years and have lived together about 10 months in sri Lanka. I tried to go to Australia with him for short term on tourist visa but they straightly refuse it whithin 1 day after I lodge my application. Abd

  125. Sorry for half msg on top. Pls help me and what I can do. Im not studying or working at the moment. Because im waiting to settle in Australia and do my education in there. So I have no evidence to show them that I will come back to sri Lanka. But we are waiting to get his divorce and get married and settle in Australia. But till that I want live with him. But he can’t live in sri Lanka with out job. We explain and gave all the evidence. But they refuse it. Pls tell me what can we do. Thanks.

  126. sir, my visa 573 visa extension is rejected due to 573.223 condition breach. However, I want to complete my study which is finishing in DEC 2014. I have the option of MRT do you think I will be able to stay that longer on the MRT in Australia or not. please also advise that can I also apply any another visa such as 457 or not. Please advice.

    1. Hello bunny,
      Why your 573 visa got refused. have you provided fraud documents? MRT hearing will not take such a long period. contact our office at 0738222922 for further advise.

      with regards


  127. hi sir, i applied for a partner visa my husband is australian , but after 2 years immigration refused it , now i have applied in mrt , could you please tell me how much chances i have to get my visa through mrt , and what will happen if mrt refuse my visa again,

    1. Hello Aman,
      I need to know on what basis they have refused your partner visa. Also need to know how strong is your case with MRT . Then we can advise you on this. contact our office at 0738222922. We will advise you after going through your documents. send your documents to info@futureinaustralia.com .


  128. hii

    myvisa officer asked me for work experienced documents and financial support proof during that time of doing volunteer work. my tra already approved 3 years back. now asking again. please suggest me.

  129. Hi Dilip thank you so much for sharing all the info, it’s really helpful. I wanted to know that I didnt pay my school fees when i was student in Aus. Then i changed my collage and when my visa was processing i was under bridging visa C. I withdrew my visa and went back to India i didn’t get any answer wether they will reject or what. Now my wife has applied visa 190, and i’m the secondary applicant will this affect our visa. As we already received state invite and now we are waiting for CO. Please help me on this matter and what do you reckon? what are the chances that our application will be ignored?

    1. Hello Shugah,
      It is better to check what has happen to your previous visa application which you have applied. Yes it will effect your current application. so it is advisable to take necessary steps before a case officer address your application .

      with regards

  130. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for Australian PR, kindly let know if the application rejected will I get back my money?

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hello Poorna,
      If your application is rejected you will not get any money. that is the reason use an migration agent to lodge your application so that your money is safe.

      with regards


  131. dear sir
    I was doing bachelor of accounting after i completed my diploma in accounting and cookery Cert III, ANd i tried to extent my visa but got rejected due to gap of two courses. After i got refused i came back to my country and i ma willing to apply again is it possible to apply again? what are the optiions?

  132. Sir i am from pakistan and i have applied for student visa which was refused due to financial sponsors support the case officer didnt satisfied with the annual income although i showed the enough bank statement. Is there any chance of getting me visa? if i re apply it? Because my agent is told me that the decision wasnt justified.

    Whilst I am satisfied that the financial sponsor has held the funds in her bank account for at least three months prior to the date of lodgement of this visa application, I am not satisfied that the financial sponsor has a regular income sufficient to have accumulated the level of funding required, which raises serious concerns of the financial sponsor’s ability to maintain the applicant’s access to the funds demonstrated.

    On the basis of the documentary evidence provided with Ali’s application, I am not satisfied that the financial sponsor has the capacity to maintain access to the funds demonstrated because she does not have sufficient income to have accumulated the level of funding required. As a result, I cannot be satisfied that Mr Ali will have, while he hold any visa granted, access to the funds declared in the application. I am therefore not satisfied that Mr Ali meets Regulation 573.223 and I refuse to grant Mr Ali this visa.
    The Schedule 5A criteria in the subclass 573 visa regulations that the applicant(s) did not satisfy are set out at the end of this decision record.
    The applicant(s) have also been considered against the other subclasses within Student (Temporary) (Class TU): subclasses 570, 571, 572, 574, 575 and 576.
    The applicant did not satisfy the primary criteria for any of these subclasses because they:
    • were not enrolled in, or had not been offered a place in, a principal course of study that had been specified by Gazette Notice as a type of course for any of these subclasses (Regulation 570.232,
    571.232, 572.231, 574.231 and 575.231); and
    • did not have the support of the AusAID Minister or the Defence Minister for the grant of the visa
    (Regulation 576.229).
    The applicant did not satisfy the secondary criteria for the grant of any subclass of student visa within Student (Temporary) (Class TU) because they are not a member of the family unit of a person who:
    • is the holder of a subclass of student visa within Student (Temporary) (Class TU); or
    • satisfies, or has satisfied, the primary criteria for the grant of a subclass of student visa within
    Student (Temporary) (Class TU) (Regulation 570.322, 571.322, 572.322, 573.322, 574.322 and
    575.322); and
    • had the support of the AusAID Minister or the Defence Minister for the grant of the visa
    (Regulation 576.322).
    As the application was not made on form 157G (Application for a Student Guardian visa), it was not a valid application for grant of a subclass 580 Student Guardian visa (Item 1222(1)(ca) of the Migration Regulations).

  133. My name is tina L applied ffor a stuent visa under the subclass Ooff 572 but was refuse becauseOf inconsistency of fund in the statement of acc Ount l Presented l had d required fund but it wasn’t consistency for 3 months and my course stat on the 18 of jUly l don’t KnOw what to do since l don’t have the time.I am a nigerian pls l Need Your advice on what to

  134. Hello Dilip
    I have a quick question if you can help me with this?
    I applied my PR file without Ielts and its just opened before 2
    Days ago.so what should I do? I still didn’t get my Ielts 7 each.
    Can I apply for MRT for the more time I need for English exam?
    Thank you

  135. Hi, I went australia in 2003 with student visa. I did not study, my visa was canceled and I overstayed for more than 1 year. After that australian govt. deported me and paid my air ticket cost. I had a debt of 2700AUD to australian govt.

    Now my wife applied for student visa again(after 6 years of my deportation) on january’13 (la trobe university, master in chemical sciences) and I am also applying with her as a spouse. I also declared that I over stayed and i had a debt.
    After 1 month of applying they told us to have our medical check up. And after medical test a lady from australian high commision called us and asked details and hopefully they are satisfied with our answers. And after 2 weeks of that interview australian high commission sent us another mail and told us/me to pay my debt of 2700AUD first and after getting the money they will finalize our application. After a week I pay my debt back to the commonwealth and after that, I mailed the embassy for a confirmation or receipt of my payment. on the 1st week of april our case officer mailed me and told me our application would be finalized after a week. after 2 weeks of that my agent mailed university to extend time for the july semester. After getting another COE from uni my agent mailed embassy again and they told us to wait another week. My wife’s orientation is on july 17 and we are not getting any response from the embassy for the last one and half month.
    For you information, Our sponsors ( my father and father in law) are strong. I had no criminal records in Australia. The subject my wife applied for is very unique and tough one(master in chemical sciences). And we also paid one semester full tuition fees with medical insurance.
    So my question is, is it lawfully possible to get visa? If it is so.. How much the probability? What do you think? Is there any chance to get rejected?

  136. Hello Dilip,
    I am 28 Yrs old . working as a Multimedia Designer. I am very much confused, bcoz my student visa got rejected from NZ & Canada recently. so now i dont know what to do ..Can u pls guide me, is there any chance for me to get visa of australia or i should apply for NZ again…
    plssssss guide me…..

  137. Hi . I have applied for rsms 187 visa through direct stream but my visa got refuse because I could fulfill 6 ielts in each band can I apply any other visa what if some one willing to do 457 visa and do I need to go offshore if I apply with in 28 days of refuse

    1. Hello Sam,

      I wanted to know who has applied your RSMS visa? Did you hire an agent for your application. Call us at 0738222 922 as you can take some exemptions in RSMS visa.


  138. Hello sir my name is binder. I want to know if my student visa refused and 4020 condition apply then is it possible to apply any other visa .

    1. Hello Balwinder,
      Contact us at 07 38222 922 for advise on this. If you have this condition on you , you need to act very carefully.


  139. Hey,

    I have just had my second year visa refused on the WHV program because I was working for accommodation and also working another job that I was being paid for. They were not satisfied that I worked for the farm as well as my other employer. It says in the report they tried to contact the farmer with no success and having spoken to the farmer he was on holiday on that date.

    I can now appeal at a cost to MRT. I’m wondering how likely is it for the decision to be reversed as I did the work and how long does MRT take? Is it a quick process?



    1. Hello Mike,
      I need to go trough the refusal decision letter. When did you get your visa refusal? contact us on 07 38222 922 for advise.


  140. Hai,

    I did my Master in Australia in 2010 and got my TR a bit late in 2011. Now the TR is expiring in June 15th.
    I have already started my Masters by Research in Feb 2013 using TR visa also works. Now I have completed almost a semester and there is remaining an year left to finish the course. I couldn’t find the right supervisor on time and hence the admission was late for the program. I work 25 hours per week part time.

    I am from India and at assessment level 1. Is working 25 hours a reason to reject the visa as they can think I am not a GTE student?


    1. Hello Joseph,
      Your thinking is wrong . As you mentioned that your TR is valid till June 15th, so you can work unlimited hr’s during this visa. so you are not doing any thing wrong. But try to lodge your student visa through an agent as this is a student visa after your TR visa.
      Contact us at 0738222 922 for any further assistance.

      with regards


  141. Hi sir
    Am on 457 visa from last couple of month and my wife getting oppurtunity from her work place for sponsorship.She is recently got manager position. She have 6 band in all module and we live in canberra. my wife doesnt have any study but she have nearly 3 and half years experience in mcdonald. So any chance for apply rsms visa. Thanx

    1. Hello Gurpreet,
      Yes their are chances , but you need to send her resume for evaluation. because these visas depend on many criteria. call us on 0738222922.

      with regards


  142. Hi,I Actually I Applied TR 485 visa in nov 2011 and My File Rejected by case officer in Oct 2012 and then I applied MRT And Now Yesterday my file opened and I have a Hearing on 19 june.I hav a any chance to stay in Australia or After go back to india Can we apply for student Visa or For any another country.and one thing more Can I apply For RRT For Extension.But theres no effect on my future.Pls reply me ASAP thanks.Prabh Form Queensland,cairns

    1. Hello Prabhjot,
      Contact us at 0738222922 for the advise on your case. As your case is complicated , we can advise over here.

      with regards


  143. Hi dilip
    I applied for sponsered ship family stream subclass 600 for my Syrian brother n it’s got rejected ( by the we applied so many times for visitor visa n got rejected but that’s the only time I apply visitor sponsored ship visa for him) n we submitted all the right documents but they rejected him because he is from Syria… Now I’m going to apply for a review… Can you help me with this please I’m really desperate.
    Thank you dilip

  144. hi i had applied rsms 29 april i got my pr .but now prolem is my bboss nt paying my pay from the last six month.and he said he cant pay bec business nt run proply but he sponcering two many people ,and if any bodu ask pay he will cancle the pr,is it true he has power to cancle my pr.plz tell what i can do pla thanks

  145. hi sir
    i am an AUSAID scholarship sponsered student and before 4 months my partner accompined me by dependant visa . before one week he applied for protection visa and my name also inclueded as afamily unit but i have acommitement to back home and to work 2 years, i am still in the first semister of my course but my course is one year program.
    after he application AUSAID notified me and call me in this week to discuss about this issue. could you give me any advice what will going on my visa ? which option can i follw?


    1. Hello Helen,
      It is advisable to contact our office in Brisbane. As you have certain conditions on your visa which will stop you in lodging any other visa .
      call 0738222922.


  146. I am an AUSAID sponsered ship student with visa class 576 and my partner accompined me before 4 months by dependant visa with the same class. i am the first semster of my course and the whole course takes one year. now he applied for protection visa and my name is included as a family unit but i have acommitement to back home and some visa conditions. the immigration communicate with AUSAID unit about our application and AUSAD call me to deal with this issue. could you give me any information what will happen about my visa and study and which option can i follw? or can with draw from the application?


  147. Hi Dilip, Nice to Get you..

    I am under 457 working in Aus.I am planning to apply PR and i havnt paid 2 credit card and mobile contract bcoz i was not in country for 6 months.Does this Bad credit history will reject my PR application.If i pay it before i apply does it will make any change.Please clarify.Thank you

  148. hi dear,
    I am planning to apply for the pr. I have one confusion i.e. if my pr application is rejected can i still apply for student visa?

    case2: i am thinking to include my wife in pr application, again if my pr application is rejected can my wife apply for student visa and me as a dependent of her?

    looking forward to hear from you..could you please email me!!

  149. Hi dilip
    I applied for a sponsership visitor visa for my Syrian brother in Dubai and they rejected it… We applied so many times before and they got rejected too. By the way before what is happen ending I syria he visited me twice with out any problems. Can you help me please.

    Thank you

  150. My friend just came back from Arab for performing umrah. Now we wanna go for holiday and unfortunetely his visa application have been disapproved. Our trip is another 2 days. Is there any method that he can get the visa within this 2 days?
    Fyi, he have been staying in UK for last 2 years and have no problem with the UK immigration.

    Urgent responds is highly appreciated.

  151. Hello sir
    I’m on MRT as my TR was rejected on no 2 year full study as I did
    Printing prepress cert 3 and business managent cert 4 and business management
    Diploma as lawyer miss guided I applied for tr and now I’m on MRT
    I recently go married and my partner on tr I want to apply
    Offshore depentdent visa on his what is the processing time and
    How much will it cost me and his tr is expiring in June 2014.

  152. salam
    plz help me sir.i m waiting for ur responce.what i should do.-+

  153. Hi Dilip, My refuge case rejected by DIAC and then i applied for RRT but result still pending. Now please advice can i apply with sponsorship?

  154. I got refusal for Australia in 2009 for bank statement
    Can I apply now for student.. Is there any chances to get the viza…

    I went to Uk from 2010 to 2012 on student Viza.. In mean while my college Licence got Cancelled
    Unfortunately I have to stop my Studies .. Because I have paid full fees there .. I don’t have Money at that time.. Cz my parents said they will not Support me.. So I was working there.. More than 20 hours .. Boder Agency they have Caught me.. They said that u Breach the Law and they charged me for Over stay.. And they send me back home…

    Can I apply no for Student Viza

  155. got refusal for Australia in 2009 for bank statement
    Can I apply now for student.. Is there any chances to get the viza…

    I went to Uk from 2010 to 2012 on student Viza.. In mean while my college Licence got Cancelled
    Unfortunately I have to stop my Studies .. Because I have paid full fees there .. I don’t have Money at that time.. Cz my parents said they will not Support me.. So I was working there.. More than 20 hours .. Boder Agency they have Caught me.. They said that u Breach the Law and they charged me for Over stay.. And they send me back home…

    Can I apply no for Student Viza

    1. Hello Sumair,
      You are in a very bad situation in regards to the visa . It is not advisable to lodge a student visa for Australia.


  156. hi my name is waqas malik i m from Pakistan. dilip i have applied for student visa for australlia it is 573.yet its result not come please tell me how much maximum time take australlian embassy for 573 .and also tell me that some people are saying that australlian embssay mostly refused visa in the 2013 and they will do more.have you any knowledge about this please tell me about this.i will wait for your reply thanks

  157. Hello sir,
    I had a 3 year ban on me but its been 4 years now and I am married now and my spouse wants to study mba there, can I go with her, is is ok now for me to apply again to australia. Please advise

  158. I came to australia as a spouse … In 2008 in 2011 v spply for tr .. But my wife without my acknowledge ,, email to immi that we r not the member of sane family … And she prove that we r seperated. … Later i apply for mrt and i got my 1 week more to reply mrt with documents any chance u might b able to clear my vision about future

  159. Hello Sir,
    I was wondering if you could please guide me in some Australia migration issues. I studied a Masters degree in Australia from 2010-2012. Then I applied for the post work-study graduate visa 485. At the beginning of 2013 I got my visa application rejected mainly due to an unsatisfactory Skills Assessment, at that time I was offered to appeal for a review. Nevertheless, as I was onshore during that moment and as I suddenly got strong health issues I didn’t apply for the MRT. So now I would like to know if can still apply for any other visa in Australia? (As in my understanding I cannot re-apply for the 485 graduate visa) Also, I’m considering to studying a PHD degree but I’m concerned this may appear as negative.
    Thanks a lot for your attention.
    Kind regards,

  160. I am a student from pakistan. I applied for a canadian student visa about 3 and a half months ago, but sadly my visa has been refused 2 days ago on the following grounds mentioned by the visa officer at canadian high commission:

    1- you have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay. in reaching this decision, i considered several factors, including:
    2- your family ties in canada and your country of residence
    3-length of proposed stay in canada
    Can anybody give me advice as to how can i satisfy the visa officer that i will come back, as that is my intention. But how do i prove my intention to the visa officer??? I really dont know what to do. I really want to apply again for a study visa but i dont know how to make the visa officer think differently about my situation( that i will return to pak after i finish my studies, as thats my intention).
    How can i prove this point to the visa officer .
    and after approved these objections can i get visa?

    1. Hello Zubair,

      That is the reason it is always advisable to take the help of experienced consultant or a registered agent who will lodge your application as per the department requirement. I advise you to approach a registered educational consultant or migration consultant as this issue is related to canada. I only deal with Australia and NZ.

      with regards


  161. Good day.
    We are about to lodge our EOI to Australia. My husband passed his IELTS and also did the VETASSES test required. He had to go back into his occupation for the last year to gain enough work experience.
    The problem is that before he got his trade he was paid in cash and we have no payslips, Tax certificates or any proof beside the letters from the different employers confirming when he worked there. The letters also state that he was paid in cash. We also had to redraft contracts with the employers as neither they or us kept the original ones. Will this be a problem? In other words the only way to proof employment is reference letters and the employers can be contacted. We are claiming five years but about three of the five was when he was paid in cash. Please advise me on how to handle this.

  162. Greetings,
    I want to know whether I can work in Australia with a 4 years university study of a French degree. I have IELTES 8.0 score.
    I’ve already visited the immigration website.
    Can you please advice me a pathway to get a permanent resident visa in WA?
    Am from Mauritius.

    Ryan. H

  163. Hello sir.My self kinjal shah.I just want to know you regarding our visa.My husband and me was staying in melbourne since 2010.i was a student and my husband is on spouse visa.i took 1yr diploma course in business management.my husband was only worked.i have succesfully finished my course.after we extend our visa in 2011.i took bachlore in professional accounting i was daily attending college my assignment was good.yes but i did not clear some subject because of poor marks.In 2013 january we both came india to attend my brother wedding and that time summer block running which i did not attained.and my visa was valid till sep 2013.i got the mail from immigration on around 18th jan regarding my visa is refused but i did not check the mail.after complettation my india tour we both were going back to melbourne but they dont stopu us in delhi but when we are in que to get bording pass in singapore that lady informed us your visa is cancelled and we shocked.after we came back to india and we real all letter but luckily they give us 30 days to provide proof and the reason was cancelled the visa may be my poor marks and fees but i have pais my almost fees.after that i talked with my college co-ordinator ,he provide me 2013 to 2014 my new COE to see imigration.i have given them prrof that i attend college regular,my fees receipt,reason to come india but they told us to re-aaply.after i contact my aggent.to help with them we re-apply with same COE which college provide me but after 6 month we got reply that our visa is refuse and they advise to re-apply but not sure for visa.we were in melbourne 3 yrs.we did not any single mistake.we earn in limits,we paid tax everything and we really wants to go back asap.kindly give your favourable advise asap what we can do next.

    i am looking forward to your reply sir.

    your sincerly
    kinjal shah

  164. hey Dilip
    i am satbir singh from India. i came Australia to pursue MIT in JCU, july session under 573 visa subclass.now due to some reasons i want to change my study in some diploma under 572.
    can i change study before 6 months or i will have to change it after 6 months?
    initially,i got visa for 1.5 years after complision 6 months i will have only year visa so in this time period can i get 2 years diploma course?

  165. Sir my husband lodge his 457 visa. October 4 and when he checked his status for his visa it said that the ” application being processed further. But below his name theres a ” email sent to you” were so scared what does it mean…we never received any email from them..were really confused..what are the possible reason 457 being denied..tnx and godbless

  166. Hello Mr. Nooney,

    I applied for Vocational Education and Training Sector (subclass 572) visa on 20th September 2013, received a call on 18th October and received Visa Refusal Letter on 23rd Oct, 2013 due to funding insufficiency in the stated bank account. I want to re-apply for the same subclass 572 visa again however please tell me if I can reapply immediately after the visa has been denied once. I have checked Australian High Commission website for information on this matter however I found nothing useful.
    Please could you advise further action. I am ever so grateful.

    Thank you,

  167. hello sir

    my name is sammy i came to australia on student visa 572
    which is sept 2008 and i am keep extending my visa . i appied for visa
    extension it didnt got refused. my visa finishes 15 mar 2013.
    but i am in relationship with my gf who is permaneny residence here
    we living together it almost 2 years now i got all the proof of we lived together
    we share everything. i got proofs like lease agreement,gas and electricity bills, telephone bills
    on both our names. but i am just worries what if my college people can cel the student visa
    coz i didnt gone to uni regularly. but i am living with my gf. can u give please give me advice on that. and even we applied for relationship registration certificate

  168. Hi sir,
    I was on a student visa expired last month, but i had applied for Vsa 457 which also got rejected and DIAC has given me 28 Days to leave country, currently on bridging visa, I’ve a another employer willing to sponsor me , Can I apply for 457 with new employer ? If not what other options I have ?
    Is MRT a good option ?

  169. Hello sir my name is ajay.i lodge 457 visa. In sep last year and I got refusel after one year.they said I donot have geniun work experience.but I am working wit h my current employer almost 4 year.it will be helps me to got my mrt sucessful.they said my last experience was non geniun

  170. Hi,

    I am from India, and was as student in NZ for over 3 years, I came back to India and applied for a student visa Canada to do further studies as i found NZ too expensive for studies. But my Canadian Student visa application was rejected quoting “other reasons : your proposed study are not reasonable in the light of your previous studies”
    Would my visa get rejected if i apply back in NZ for a student Visa for the same course that i intended to do in Canada. ? Do i have to mention this in NZ student visa application form. ?
    Please advice me on this.

  171. I sponsored my personal assistant to Australia after working for me for 10 years, for a holiday and long-service leave reward. She applied for a 600 visa. She has adult family in the Philippines, land in the Philippines and a job she will return to for me. My sisters in Australia indicated we would support her, while there (i.e. guarantee), in addition to her money.

    Her visa was refused, but there was no clear ground, i.e. it was “the applicant has provided insufficient evidence of any other significant ties to the Philppines that would induce them to return home during the validity of their visa. Therefore, I give no weight to asset ownership, business ties, or cultural ties as evidence that the applicant intends a genuine visit to Australia, and cannot consider these ties as factors that would induce the applicant to leave australia within the validity of their visa. I am therefore not satisfied the applicant intends a genuine visit to Australia, and cannot consider these ties, asset ownership business, and cultural, as factors to induce the applicant to depart australia within the validity of their visa. I am therefore not satisfied that the genuine applicant to only visit Australia and that there is a likelihood of the applicant working, overstaying, seeking to remain in Australia, or applying for another temporary visa after their arrival in Australia. I am therefore not satisfied that the applicant meets subclause 600 211.”

    The response is a stock response, that is not even personal to the applicant, as he writes “them and their” rather than “her and she,” It asserts factors as to her candicacy that she has not made, and ignores relevant factors that were made. It seems to suggest that myself and my sisters (Myself and my sister have a PhD, and my other sister is a prominent business women) who have all indicated support for her candicacy are to be disregarded and not believed.

    Overall there seems to be no reasonable basis for this decision and the decision-maker did not consider all relevant factors. Nor did they advise of appeal rights – they said there are none.

    Can you kindly advise.

  172. I have already completed my 2 years diploma from an Australian institute. After that I applied for further visa with the running finance of my father, but unfortunately before getting my visa my father became ill and I have transferred the funds to another bank in my mother’s account. I have provided the new running finance and my father’s medical certificate to immigration. But they said that they are not satisfy and refused my student visa by using the criterion 572.223(b) of schedule 2.
    I am going to apply for MRT.Please guide me as soon as possible that how can I make my case more stronger, what should I do get the MRT result in my favour. Approximately how long will they take to open my MRT.

    best regards,

    1. You can not withdraw the funds while your application is pending for decision.Please call our office at 0738222922 for further advise.Now a days student visa applications are picked up by MRT in approximately 4 to 5 months.

  173. Dear sir, can u pls tell me if a person was deported under 501 section can that person return to Australia after spending 5 to 10 years in their origin country???

  174. Hi Dilip,

    I am currently sponsored by my employers on a 457 along with my partner (de facto) but my employers only put this through for 12 months.

    As I am currently sponsored by the same company and provided all relevant documents previously, is it likely to be granted again? I am slightly worried with the recent changes in legislation that it will be more difficult second time round.

    Thanks for your help.


  175. Hi I applied visa 485 in march 14th after completing my bachelor of nursing, I did no have all the documents but I attached the one I had. by that time I attached the receipt to show that I have booked ielts on the 9th march same year, unfortunately I failed one band but I continued doing ielts as by that time I was not allocated a case officer, I passed ielts and attached the one I passed. few months down the line I was allocated a case officer in end October, she asked me to attach the ielts I did in march 9th as stated in the application, after submitting they emailed me that they cant proceed with my application as I did not pass the requirement of visa 485 concerning English. my question is..can I apply another visa like student visa or I have to go back to my country. another question is, the email did not specify that they cancelled my visa or do I assume it was cancelled when thy said they cant proceed with my application.what is your advice on that.please help

    1. 14th of Which month.The information provided by you is incomplete.

      Cancellation can happen only after the grant of a visa. You were not granted 485.The IELTS requirement for 485 is at the time of lodgement.They can refuse to grant you the visa.
      Please call our Brisbane office on 38222922.

  176. Hi sir my student visa get refused last year (fake fund problem)and they imposed pic4020 with 3 year ban .currently I am on mrt .i just want to confirm if I apply for canadian pr (I am capable for that) is this condition I currently have any relation with canada visa or not pls let me know ASAP.thhnx

  177. hey Dilip,

    My MRT was reject. I would like to submit protection visa to stay longer in Australia because I have serious life thread in my country. Is it possible that i can apply a protection Visa?

  178. hi ..
    i had got rejected today even though i have done all requirements well
    the reason of case officer decision was
    ” After considering all of the information and documents you have provided in relation to your
    application, I am not satisfied that you meet the above mentioned criteria. In particular,
    considerable weight has been given to your personal and economic situation and your overall
    plan to study the course proposed against your personal circumstances and general incentives
    to return to your home country. These factors raise significant concerns that cause me to find
    that, on the balance of probabilities, I am not satisfied that your primary purpose for obtaining
    a student visa is to study in Australia. Consequently, I am not satisfied that you meet the
    requirements of clause ”

    be advised that i have sponsor and i already had paid all fees that should i do
    could you kindly tell me what should i do ?
    and could i applying again after rejection along or should i wait for specific period ?

  179. i have came Australia in 2007 . and Complete my study. m also got TR. In Year 2011 i have applied for PR.. My file has open in Oct .2013. They demand ILETS 6 band (because i have 3 years works experience after my study) i have try lots of time to cleared ILETS. but i m always not got 6 bands in each papers. Every time in paper. i m getting 6 bands in 3papers but one paper always getting 5.5 band. After one month’s my PR file has refused due to no certificate of ILETS.. What can i do.? I m going for MRT. And want more time to clear ILETS with 6 bands each.. What is my future??

  180. Hi Dilip,

    Thanking you in advance, My question: I did my bachelors back in 2006 from Pakistan and starting 2007 till date I am working in Dubai. I have applied and achieved admission in a Australian University. I will be applying for my student visa 573, The study gap from 2006 – 2014 (Almost 8 years) will it have any effect on visa rejection.

    Best Regards

  181. I m Pakistani student, and having resident permit of Saudi Arabia since birth with my family. I have applied for student visa 573 in July 2013 (it was unjustified rejected):

    1. Circumstances in ur home country
    2. Potential circumstances in Australia
    3. Value of course

    I have completed my education from Pakistan in Sep 2012 in bachelor of computer engineering and got job in Saudi Arabia in Jan 2013. I didn’t provide my experience letter at that time to DIAC because Company didn’t issued me letter at that time. All I came to know that my Sop wasn’t dat much strong dat could to satisfy the case officer and financially m okay. now I have received new COE from uni for 2014 session (university of Melbourne), Master of Electrical Engineering. What incentives and precaution should I have to take before applying for 2nd time, as it would be definitely very tough.

    Australian Government also made changes to student visa (as they making visa requirement easy and accessible to many student ) for International students latest updates by 6 November 2013.

    Please guide and supervise my application.

  182. Hello,


    Just need some advice, to have some clarity,

    Currently I work in India as a Project Engg. in a Mech Engg. Co, same Australian Company is ready to hire me, & has Sponsored my 457 VISA.
    I have done full time 3 years Diploma in Mech. Engg. has more than 5 years of relevant experience (exp. of the job that is offered to me in Aus) & mean while also completed Correspondence Course of 3 yrs. in B.Tech in Mech. Engg.
    Taken n Passed IELTS ( GT ) with 6.5 Band.
    Offered Salary is more than that is minimum requirement for 457 visa
    Submitted Employment reference Letters as Asked by my agent , i.e. 5 years, Position & Job details signed by managers.

    My agent has Logged / Applied for my VISA yesterday, i have taken the health check today ( dunno the results, but i think there shouldnt be any problem)

    As you know my background now, I wanted to know, what do u think are my chances of Acceptance or Rejection of VISA.

    Sagar S. Ghodke

  183. hello sir i am frm india
    i lived and studied bachelor of business in uni of ballarat in melbourne for around 2 years from 2009-11 but i dropped out due to personal problems being my mother’s bad health and i had to leave my studies half way ..i had around 5 subjects left b4 i dropped out .. n after cming back to india .i again applied for student visa for the completion of my course but due to my past record they refused my visa . so i just wanted to ask you if it is possible for me to reapply back again please revert back asap ..thnx ..

  184. I completed B.A with economics .IELTS 5 band, i apply for university of sun shaine coats in Master of social works coarse but i rejected. and this point noted in aus Govt.
     The applicant’s circumstances in their home country, including the political and economic
    situation in the applicant’s home country, the extent of the applicant’s personal ties to
    their home country, and military service commitments that would present as a significant
    incentive for the applicant not to return to their home country.
     Whether the applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia present as a strong incentive
    to remain in Australia, including the extent of the applicant’s ties with Australia, whether
    the student visa program may be used to circumvent permanent migration programs,
    whether the Student visa is being used to maintain ongoing residence, the applicant’s
    knowledge of living in Australia, and whether the primary and secondary applicants have
    entered into a relationship of concern.
     The value of the course to the applicant’s future, including remuneration and career
    prospects in the applicant’s home country.
     The applicant’s immigration history, including visa and travel history for Australia and
    other countries.
     If the applicant is a minor, the intentions of a parent, legal guardian or spouse of the
    Any other matter relevant to the applicant’s intention to stay in Australia temporarily must
    also be considered. These factors have been weighed up to make an overall decision.

  185. My Student Visa T572 was cancelled under section 20 in May 2008. After receiving a enrolment cancellation letter from Education provider. i came back to my home country and i informed To DIAC but not attended the meeting and received visa cancellation documents after 2 month from my departure date.
    can i get student visa now..?

  186. my mrt is refused so whts next thing i hv to do.. i dont wanna leave country now.. but i think i hv to .. help me pls…. is there any visa or something i can apply to stay more here in australia.? OR if i go back to INDIA and then M i come back? can i apply for pr visa or any other visa? pls tell me asap

  187. Hi

    I’m going to apply for student visa in Australia in the first week of December,2013. I have got an offer letter from Central Queensland University for Masters of professional accounting course for 2 years.
    On the financial side, my father will be sponsoring me for the entire tuition fees for 2 years and my brother and sister in law who are Australian citizens will take care of my living expenses. My overall education and work experiences are B.COM completed with no arrears in the year 2006 and post that had experience working in four different companies with less than 6 months gap altogether until now. Please advice me in detail as to what is my possibility of getting my student visa rejected?

  188. HI,

    I have applied for visa 175 (offshore) and there was varification done in offshore for my employement and they have records only for 7 months instead of 1 year. But I have applied claiming points for 1 years.

    Case officer has refused visa,

    I would like to apply for PR now as my circumstances have changed and I can provide 5 years experience and get 7 in IELTS.

    Some one has told me that the refusal would be there on files for 3 years and I could apply after 3 years, how far it is true?

    Please advise on my chances of getting visa as I do not want to gamble with 4 Lakh rupees as immigration fees.

    Kind Regards,

  189. Hi Sagar,

    I just had my appointment with my case officer today, Im currently on a BVE, and I am awaiting for the Minister to intervene into my case. Anyway, my case officer had advised me that a 3 year exclusion (re-entry ban) has been imposed on me. I am kind of confused now as I read the information about to whom applies the the re-entry ban. According to DIAC website, it only applies if:

    ” you overstay your visa by more than 28 days
    your visa is cancelled because:
    you provided us with false documents or false information
    we found out you were working when your visa conditions tell you not to
    you are a student and you do not keep your enrolment up to date
    we find out you are not a real student or tourist.”

    Now, I think I am good with the rest of the criteria, however I am not pretty sure of the first one which says “you overstay your visa by more than 28 days”. My substantive visa expires August 2012, and 2 weeks before its expiry date, I applied for another visa, which then I have granted a bridging visa. From then on until now, the only visa I am holding is a bridging visa. Do you think that I overstayed or the case officer just made a mistake?

    Hope to hear from you soon and kudos for your effort to help people.


  190. Hi Sir,

    I just had my appointment with my case officer today, Im currently on a BVE, and I am awaiting for the Minister to intervene into my case. Anyway, my case officer had advised me that a 3 year exclusion (re-entry ban) has been imposed on me. I am kind of confused now as I read the information about to whom applies the the re-entry ban. According to DIAC website, it only applies if:

    ” you overstay your visa by more than 28 days
    your visa is cancelled because:
    you provided us with false documents or false information
    we found out you were working when your visa conditions tell you not to
    you are a student and you do not keep your enrolment up to date
    we find out you are not a real student or tourist.”

    Now, I think I am good with the rest of the criteria, however I am not pretty sure of the first one which says “you overstay your visa by more than 28 days”. My substantive visa expires August 2012, and 2 weeks before its expiry date, I applied for another visa, which then I have granted a bridging visa. From then on until now, the only visa I am holding is a bridging visa. Do you think that I overstayed or the case officer just made a mistake?

    Hope to hear from you soon and kudos for your effort to help people.


    1. Can you please give more details about your visas lodgement dates and expiry dates on my email or call me on 0416951351.The department can not make a mistake as they have everything on record.Once again visit the department and check the dates with them.Overstaying a visa makes it difficult for further applications.Did you get invitation to comment on this issue from your case officer?


  192. I am from Chennai , India. I am 26 years old and planning to apply for masters in Australia for July 2014 intake.

    Im planning to apply for student visa along with my spouce who would be joining me as dependent. We got married in October 2013 and planning to apply for July 2014.So probably will start visa process by March 2014.I m concerned that applying in just 4 months after marriage would be risky. What is your opinion on this.

    Also please let me know what are documents that would be required for the dependent vis

  193. I applied for a sponsorship visa 457 and it has been rejected
    Imy case right now in mtr so if I fix the reasons that made the case office reject the sponsor
    Application can mtr grant my visa and what other choices do
    I have to stay in Australia plz answer
    The best regards

    1. At what stage your application was refused?
      I need to go through the refusal letter and decision record to comment and advise further.Forward them to my email ID.Also send your CV and fill our pre assessment so that i am able to advise for visa options available to you.

    I am from sydney australia, I tried to bring my dad from Lebanon for a tourist visa for six weeks, the first time I applied from Lebanon through orient travel agent and it got refused, I tried the second time from Sydney through orient travel agent and it got refused too, but all the document they asked for, we provided, and the reason for the refusal was because what’s been happening in Lebanon, they think that he is Gana stay here or something, but he’s a 52 years old married man and he’s got a wife and two kids at home, also he’s a JP so he has to go back to his country, so please help what I can do in that case?
    Thank you

    1. Dear Read
      Forward the refusal letters to me.After one refusal you should have hired professional services of a registered migration agent who could satisfy the genuineness of his visit in Australia.You can apply again but the genuine visitor criteria must be satisfied.

  195. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Surya need your kind advise, here is my query I studied in Australia from 2009-2011 in Advanced Diploma in business management, I extended my visa on march 2011 but got rejected due to the following reasons…

    1) In 2009 December I changed my college so I got a gap of 5 months from Aug to Dec.
    2) I went to my college but the first college provided only 6 months certificate but I don’t have any documents proof.
    3) I had a long conversation with the visa officer but unfortunately as I don’t have any document evidence my visa got rejected.
    I got married a year back now my wife want to study Masters in IT in Australia. She want to apply for student Visa in Australia now my question is am I eligible to apply as spouse or will it be any problem, with your suggestion I would like to proceed, Kindly reply me


  196. hi my husband was on student visa.and then he applied for extend visa that was rejected and then he applied for mrt case.last week mrt case is also rejected.he is not deported or banned.he has no criminal record or no overstay.and i am his wife i was also on student visa in 2009 and did not complete my studies due to money problem.at that time we were not married.and i came back after 2 year in 2012.is there any option for us to apply australia or newzeland visa.any work visa student visa or any other visa .plz tell me if there is any chance for us.bec our career has benn destroyed.plz tell me any sollution.thanks in advance.

  197. hi , i was at australia for 3 yrs at student visa,,later i decided not to extend my visa n to return back..my visa got expiired n i returned back after 4 days thinking that i still have 28 days to leave. but at immigiration i came to know i was wrong..now my gf is there on student visa,,can i try for dependent visa after i get married.?

    1. Overstaying a visa spoils immigration history.You stayed unlawfully for 4 days but you did overstay your visa.Did you complete your study on your student visa? We need more information from you to advise you so it would be better if you call our office and speak to some one.

  198. Hi, I just want to ask I am on MRT and I have got bridging visa A. I want to bring my 4 year old son here on what visa he can come here and how long it will take to get his visa. THANKS KULJEET

    1. We Need more information. Why are you banned?
      Yes, you will have to answer the questions in the form regarding your stay in other countries and also have to apply for police clearance for those countries where you lived for more than 12 months in last 10 years.

  199. I applied for student visa (subclass 573, assessment level- 3) for Bachelor in Business Information Systems at Victoria University. Actually the BBIS was not related with my course choice. I wanted to choose Bachelor of Information Technology. My agent misguided and convinced me to choose BBIS at Victoria University like this that I was obliged to agree with him. Also my parents were also convinced by him and I believed him and I didn’t do any kind of research on it. Eventually I failed to answer properly in the telephonic visa interview and and ended up with a GTE criteria visa rejection which was the saddest moment of my life.Now is ti possible to get the same visa?

    1. Dear Abhik
      Do not get disheartened You can apply again but do not get carried away this time. You yourself has to decide the course and be confident.If the course is related to your interest and subject then you will not have any problem in answering the questions.

      1. Hello mam,
        Thanks for suggestion. Now i want to apply for Bachelor of Information Technology which is my interest area. This time i am confident and prepare for the visa interview. Will any university issue the offer or e-coe after knowing my GTE rejection? or the visa department will reject me again ? please suggest.

        1. The Department has nothing personal not against you.If the documents are right as per checklist and you convince the case officer that you are a genuine student then they will grant the visa.No university will stop issuing offer letters on one refusal.

  200. my friend applied to cancel his student visa via la trobe university and the canceled his last month 16/11/2013 in master of information technology now 24 days gone after cancellation then he realized to study again in Australia is it possible to get stud says:


  201. I got refusal of my 885 visa application due to IELTS requirement was 6 each (applied on 15 dec 2011), now I am going to MRT can you advised me that can my MRT application can be success if I show 6 each or I have another option.


  202. Hi
    I applied my 2nd WHV on 7th of July 2013, got the letter from immigration for more information on 7th of November 2013, during this time that I found out that I’m pregnant; after discussed, my partner and I decided to apply sub 820 Partner VISA when I got my second year WHV accepted.
    Until last Friday (13th of December 2013), I got the 2nd year working holiday visa refused email from immigration; and we are going to apply MRT next.
    I’m 30 weeks pregnant now. Can you please tell me what can I do under this situation, what other visas can I apply? We’ve been waiting for the immigration about my 2nd year WHV for 5 months, and we almost got all the information we need for applying Partner VISA.
    Please help me!! Thank you so much!!!

  203. Hi sir,
    I just want some advice.. My husband is a primary applicant and we have applied for PR subclass 885 and our file is open in nov 2013 and they asked to submit some documents so we did expect my husband’s ielts test as I need 6 each and he was unable to get …so 2 weeks ago visa processing officer again asked to submit my husband’s ielts result but we havn’t reply them anything yet.. We want to go in India to meet our parents. So my ques is that would it be risk for us to go to India at that point? We are on bridging visa A

  204. Sir,

    I have applied for stundent visa under subclass 573 along with spouse visa on july 2nd 2013.I was applied for mpa .My degree was BCa.Our medical comes on 2nd august and our course was deffered to 2014 feb intake.I have an interview on august 22nd.My defferred CoE was sent on august 26.On 16th december 2013 i got the refusal letter from embassy that they are not satisfied with the interview.Can i reapply for the same visa.

    1. Hello Hima
      The information provided by you is not clear to me.Did you apply for a student visa and a spouse visa at the same time or your husband was a secondary applicant (dependent) in your application.You can apply for a student visa again but take advise from a professional.

  205. Hi,
    I have applied for visa 189 and lodged my application on Aug 2013.After my status was Finalized for about a month, i got the following respond from my CO:
    “As mentioned in the decision record,the skill assessing authority has deemed skilled employment to commence from April 2009.therefore the department has counted skill employment for you to be over 3 years but under 5 years.As a result only 5 points were awarded.the decision record is quite detailed regarding this.”
    Does that mean i got refused?if i get a new assessment,will my procedure continue from the current stage or i have start all the steps again including visa payment?
    Many thanks in advance.

  206. Hi i got a refusal visa 485 last year then i applied for partner visa in sep 2012 and now it hot rejected.is it wise to appeal or should i just leave tje country and reappy for anotjer visa
    If i do appeal do you tjink i have a chance of winning my case

  207. Hi,

    I had applied for Student visa 574 for PhD at Uni melb. I got a call asking me to provide with addresses of all those places where i have stayed since my birth (we traveled a lot since my father was transferred every 3 years for his job). They have also asked me to get my health check up done. Well i had got it done 3 weeks back and I’m surprised that they don’t have the results yet!
    I’m really tensed now. My phd starts from 3rd march and I dont want a visa refusal. Do yo think the would cancel my visa for these things?

  208. Hello, I would like to apply for “Skilled Independent” Visa for Australia. Kindly let me know, if the Visa gets rejected will I get the Visa Application money back?

    1. Hello Anu,
      You will not get your visa application money back if your visa gets rejected. That is the reason use a migration agent to safe guard your investment and future dreams

      with regards


  209. i have applied to university of western sydney for master programme….i have already got Coe but unfortunately i got pregnant because of which i dont want to apply for visa. My question is that will i get my full fee and OSHC back immediately or what is further step.

  210. Dear,

    My 485 visa was rejected due to unsatisfactory Ielts documents that i have provided during the application lodgement, Although i had individual band score or 7.5 in each module later before my case was opened by the case officer i was not granted 485 visa and was also unsuccessful IN MRT. Before the outcome of MRT result i was offered a MBA at one of the university as i had two and half years work experience as an assistant manager. Now that i have departed Australia before 6 months as per law would i be able to file a student visa….? My university offered me another offer letter for MBA. will i be granted a visa or is there a bar or ban on me for 3 years…? I’m not getting proper guidance in INDIA please kindly provide me the information… thanks

    1. Hello Teja,
      I need more details to advise you on this. send your MRT and department refusals and also send me things in detail of all the visas you hold to me. Once I have complete information, I will be able to advise you . send your details to info@futureinaustralia.com

      with regards


  211. hello sir
    i am apply for MPA program in Central Queensland University.I got my COE now i have already apply for Student Visa Subclass 573.I have done my BBA major in Marketing.So my ques is is there any possibility to reject my visa.All my documents are all original and my future plan is to operate my own business consulting firm.What sorts of question Australian high commission asked me ?Because i have done my Major in Marketing as well as i have also done some courses witch is related to my MPA program courses in my BBA.

    1. Hello Rakib,
      Be confident on your visa interview and try to explain why you have taken this course and how it is going to help you in your future plans. have a good knowledge about your course.


  212. Dear Sir,
    I am holding a student visa 573. My girlfriend have just been rejected her student visa and she applied to MRT, the next few days there will get a result. I am worried about that. Therefore, she want to apply a independent visa follow me so can she apply that visa onshore ? We are living in Sydney. Do you have any office in Sydney ? Please help her and us.
    Thank you very much.
    I am waiting your reponse.

    1. Dear Tony Ho
      Unfortunately it will not be possible for your girlfriend to lodge another application on-shore.There is a bar for lodging on-shore applications after a refusal from the department.
      We have our office in Brisbane and we do not have a branch in Sydney. For further queries you can call our Brisbane office at 07 382 229 22.

  213. Hi Sir.
    Hope your well.
    Please help !! I am a de-facto on my Partners 457 visa. We have been here for 2.5 years but unfortunately are breaking up, which does mean I would have 28days to leave Australia. All my time In Australia I have work for the same company a large Insurance company which I have built a great career for myself I have even just had a promotion and I would not want that to be taken away from me just because my partner has ended our relationship.
    I have just been informed about MRT to appeal, which is great.
    what would this achieve ?
    how long from lodging an appeal does it take to come back with an answer ?
    Would I be able to visit England while this appeal was in place ?
    Thanks for your time

    1. Hello Matthew
      You can only appeal to MRT if your on-shore application for any visa either has been refused or has been cancelled after the grant.
      It is not possible in your case.Your partner still holds 457 visa and being a de-facto on her application you too have the same status. Has your partner requested the department to remove your name from her 457 visa if not then you will also have the same immigration status as your partner.

  214. i have came Australia in 2007 . and Complete my study. m also got TR. In Year 2011 i have applied for PR.. My file has open in Oct .2013. They demand ILETS 6 band (because i have 3 years works experience after my study) i have try lots of time to cleared ILETS. but i m always not got 6 bands in each papers. Every time in paper. i m getting 6 bands in 3papers but one paper always getting 5.5 band. After one month’s my PR file has refused due to no certificate of ILETS..

    i have applied MRT .and my MRT hearing date will on last week of jan.2014..
    i have done Certificate III Diploma in Hospitality and having 3years works experience

  215. Hi Dilip,
    My name is Amit and I am applying for Australian immigration and according to their qualification point I qualify, but my only fear is that of Iltes exam to score 6 band, I tried it earlier but scoured 5.5 pls is their a way to score 6 aggregate, pls assist me,
    I am applying this from India.

    Amit Kotwani

  216. My questions abt MRT hearing. is as per my ielts papers thy will give me another chance to do ielts paper? It’s my first hearing of MRT. If negative response of mrt will come what is my future. ? Reply fast

  217. HI Dilip

    I came on student visa to melbourne australia in 2009..but didnt study..then we met jitender ajjan from S AND S migration..he said he wil file work permit with out studies…but he file my fake TR….it got refused…then i file MRT it also refused…then i file ministerial intervention…but did nt apply for BV and return to india before my 28 days expire legally…

    Just wanted to know…can i cum back to australia again…on spouse visa with my wife…or if marry an australian citizen…wht my future for australia


    1. Kulpreet
      Unfortunately you do not have an option to come back.If it is a genuine marriage with long relationship and you have evidence to prove it then your case may be considered for partner visa but partner visas with no relationship history and only to get permanent residence have high refusal rate.

  218. Hi

    My onshore student visa refused coz of bogus bank documents in april 2010 and i left Australia in june 2012 after MRT decision. I did not overstyed as i have written proofs for all this. But when i enquire through FOI they sent me email i am barred for 3 years coz i overstayed. After that they did not reply me for my any query. Q1. What should i do now for more clearance of my status. Q2. If i am really banned for three years( june 2012 to june 2015) can i add myself in my spouse’s PR file. Is there any bad effect on my spouse’s file for my banned.

    1. Kulbir
      You are barred for 3 years because of condition 4020 (Public Interest criteria) due to the bogus documents provided with your application.It would not be advisable to add your name in a new application at this point of time.It will surely affect your partner’s application. Under Which sub-class your partner is going to apply? Is your partner in india or Australia?

  219. HI Dilip, i got a 3 year ban because i did not see the email telling me that my student birding visa was expiring in 28 days, 2 months after that i found that email and realised that i have overstayed and left immediately on a bridging visa E. What are my chances if i want to go back to australia to further my masters as I have already been accepted into the course and paid all the related fees. I have also recently graduated in Australia before i left voluntarily.

    1. Jeremy
      Overstaying a visa is a serious issue.The information regarding your visa status was sent by the department to you on the email address which was provided by you and there is no excuse to that. Your immigration history will always show you as overstayer.Since you have already paid fee,you can try but you must explain your circumstances for being unlawful. (in a submission to the department)

  220. Hi,
    My application for temporary Visa in Australia was rejected in 2005. it was the year I completed my 12 grade. My prime sponsor was my aunt, (which I had no idea was not permitted to sponsor, only parents of course). I am from Nepal. Now, after completing my Bachelor’s, I still want to apply for further studies in Australia……… What do you think I should do? My aunt and I were both out of Australia at the time I applied. My case was a case of a bad agent……. can I re-apply? does it mean any obstacle for my future plan to study in Australia??????

  221. hello sir,
    my name is amit i applied for rsms last year march, i think because of some confusion they rejected my nomination.. can i apply the nomination again and submit

  222. Hi There,

    i have few question to clarify, I came to Australia in 2009 to pursue my bachelor in IS and i finished in 2011. After finished my bachelor i applied my TR in 2011 without the 6 bands in Ielts and i been refused by the case officer in July 2012. However i got 6 bands in 2012 after my file has been allocated by case officer. i sent my ielts result to case officer but she refused to take it and then i applied for MRT but my MRT got rejected as well in may 2013 and i went back to overseas with no hope.

    From overseas i applied student visa again and i got the visa in masters and i came to Australia in july 2013. Now my masters is for 1.5 years and i was wondering if i would take an exit after 1 year as a post graduate diploma Will i be able to apply my TR again? and if so then is my TR will be approved by immi . However, I believe ielts result is valid for 3 years and i gave ielts exam again in 2013 but i haven’t got 6 bands in that ielts. Is immi is going consider my previous result if i upload that during the time of TR or they will automatically see my new result.

    I would appreciate your response to my request .

    1. Manish
      Sub-class 485 (TR) has been discontinued but it is available only to certain skills now.If eligible then you can apply for 485 with in 6 months after completing your studies of 2 years. IELTS (6 each)is a mandatory requirement at the time of lodgement. After completion of 2 years study you can apply for TR (If your skill comes under that list)with new IELTS band score of 6 each.Your Ielts will be valid till 2016.Department will consider only those documents which will be attached to your new application.

  223. Hello:

    in 2007 my student visa in canada was refused on the grounds of LOW FUND, NOT SUFFICIENT TIES WITH THE HOME COUNTRY, MAYBE I WONT GET BACK TO MY HOME COUNTRY. i applied to a undergraduate diploma college back then. now i am a graduate with a BSc in Mathematics. My IELTS score is 7.5. want to go to MS in IT in QUT in Brisbane australia. Got sufficient funds now. Could I still get rejected in australia for that i was refused in canada a long time ago…

    Kind regards

  224. Hello sir/madam,

    My pr application has been rejected recently as I didn’t fulfill my ielts requirements and applied for MRT but didn’t make the application within 21 days so it’s become invalid application.now MRT send me a Letter to explain why I didn’t make a valid application.i think this will reject as well then I got 28 days to leave Australia or to apply for another visa I can get sponsorship straightaway.i done diploma in hospitality management.
    Please help ASAP

    best regards

  225. Hi there Iam in Australia from last 10 year came on student visa but than got married here with another student and got dependant spouse visa quit study but after some years we got divorced and and I applied for another student dependant visa on basis of defacto relationship but refused went to mrt refused than went till high court but refused bcoz they need 12 month relation but we able to prove 11 month we win in federal court but high court refused . Now the situation is that we got married in April 2009 and my wife put her 487 visa in sept 2009 but agent ask us not to put me as secondary applicant at that time but put as a family member in application as this can spoil case . Than we got baby in 2012 and now my ministerial also refused and I got bridging e till 12 th march 2014 .. Now my wife 487 visa is about come in couple of months . I want to know can I ask for visitor visa or can I go oversea with my son only and as he will have three months bridging b visa and I apply visitor visa on basis of him taking back to australia

    1. Nav
      You have complicated your case.At this point of time you should leave with in 28 days after your ministerial intervention is decided. You should apply for a partner visa after your wife is permanent resident.You should know that after the refusal of ministerial intervention you will be barred by condition 4014 and can not apply for any temporary visa for next 2 years.

  226. Hello Sir,

    I am on sponored 457 visa since last 2 year in australia. I am in a process of applying PR(189) on my own. In case my PR get refused, do I need to leave australia in 21 days ? Do I need to contact good agent to reapply it? What are all other options to stay back and continue working for same client here?

    Thanks, Amiya

  227. hi
    i have applied for rsms visa, in the documents i provided resume for customer service where in i forgot to write the experience i showed for my TR and the now the agent is going to send the corrected resume so will this effect my file for PR and do i need to fill up any form for correction


    1. Tejesh
      You can submit as many documents as you want before a decision is taken on your application but you must send a submission and clarify to the officer concerned regarding your two resumes so that the case officer is able to negate your first resume.

  228. Hey!

    My visa was rejected due to insufficient funds as its reason from the New Zealand embassy because they weren’t satisfied with my future funding plan.

    Can I apply to Australia? Will the rejection be an issue?

    Please reply! Thank you

    1. Shamini Abeykoon
      Insufficient funds for one country should not stop you to apply in another country.
      If your documentation is as per check list and you meet all the eligibility criteria of a student visa including financial requirement then you should not have problem.You can discuss your case with our Hyderabad office.

  229. Hi,
    I finished my last substantive student visa on 15th march 2014, after I lodged student visa for extension cz still I had 5 more subjects left in my bachelor degree when I was in Australia. Unfortunately, when I lodged my student visa for extension which was after 28 days on 17th of April. In reply from case officer I got visa refusal letter, after I went to MRT for review this decision. They applied on me bridging visa C. On month of July when my review decision was still processing in MRT, I left Australia due to emergency reason in my home country. Now I m in my home country nd would like to back again for Australia. My queries are, 3 yrs banned condition has already applied on me or not?? If my wife apply as a student visa and bring me with her as a dependent whether I will be illegible for that or not??

    1. Hello Mohammad,
      you can contact your university and complete those subjects through distance education. so that you can complete your education and have a degree for your future.

      with regards


  230. Sir,

    I had priorly applied for business visiotr visa and got rejected as it was mentioned as i had engaged in some work.

    Actaully i am going to meet my client in australia for some work for a 3 weeks trip.For that later i had applied clause 400 temporarty work visa and submitted all necessary docs ..but still it was rejected stating that i am not receiveng any incentives from australian company so that i might not return from australia.

    In a month time two visas of mine was rejected.

    What i have to do now to fly immediately to australia.

  231. Need your help in understanding the English requirement for 457 visa.I have a offer from Australia and they are ready to process my Visa.My concern is i dont have IELTS score,and the date for IELTS exam is on Feb 2nd week 2015 and this would cause a delay in processing the Visa ,So I would like to know,whether 8 to 12th standard in India will be sufficient to prove the evidence for English Medium since my education was in English Medium.Although I did my Engineering 4 years,but there is a gap of 3 years after my 12th to start my engineering,so there wont be a continuous 5 years.

    1. Hello Antony,
      Can you tell me on which skill your employer is going to sponsor you ? send me the sponsorship documents which you have received from the Australian employer . IELTS can be avoided under some circumstances for 457 visa.

      with regards


  232. Hi,

    Earlier this year, the Australian immigration rejected my onshore residency application under PIC 4020. I am currently offshore now ( outside Australia) & wanted to check on my chances of getting a Visa in Canada or the PIC 4020 will/ may affect my circumstances for Canada as well?

    Kindly let me know, Thanks.

  233. Hi sir,
    My name is Raviteja I have applied for my student visa that is subclass 573. My application is got refussed and I got ban for 3years to enter Australia or to apply another visa .the reason why my visa got rejected and why I got Ban means I have submitted the fake documents of my Diploma .where as but I don’t know that the institution is under black list sir.But really I don’t know it is under black list.but right now my wife is in australia and she is pregnant. She is unable stay without me there and she is facing lots of problems overe there so what is the solution for my case sir or which is the another way to enter in australia.please help me out from this sif. Thanking you sir.

  234. I would just like to ask i am currently holding a student visa 572 and i dont want to continue anymore. I want to go back in my hometown this year but my visa us up to December 2016 what should I do?

  235. Hello Dilip,
    I am 24 Yrs old . I am very much confused, bcoz my student visa got rejected from 2 time in NZ & 1 time in UK recently. so now i dont know what to do ..Can u pls guide me, is there any chance for me to get visa of australia ?
    plssssss guide me…..

    1. Hello Deep foram,
      I am very sorry for your situation. But you need to act carefully when you have a rejection. on what basis they have refused your visa? share your refusal documents with me. let me see where you are going wrong.

  236. HI

    this is kashif I have problem my visa in this situation I have bridging visa A

    my student visa had been expired on 10th march 2014 before I had

    applied 457 visa but nomination had been also reject our visa officer said that

    its café it is not a restaurant but one week before two nomination had been approved

    the same restaurant so I apply mrt now my mrt open they need restaurent document but the

    problem is this that restaurant been sold new owner not willing to sponsor me

    one restaurant can sponsor me but lawyer said that you apply new nomination

    when you apply new nomination you have to go back your country apply

    off shore visa and you can not back until your visa will approve or

    just I shall exit and come back and wait my visa I m so

    confuse is there any possibility that I can apply visa on shore

    1. Hello Kashif,
      I also mailed you the answer in this regards. you cannot apply for many temporary visas onshore as you got a refusal. you need to go offshore and apply. if you need any assisstance to apply for any visa from offshore or need any assistance to chose which all visas are possible you can contact me on the contact details provided.


  237. hello dear ,my student visa application was refused on GTE ground…i m a teacher but i dont have a bachelor in teaching,i decided to apply for a bachelor in education and subsequently got an admission and the tuition fees fully paid.i then applied for visa subclass 573 svp but my visa was rejected on the excuse that i wont go back to my country after my study….I gave them a SOP outline how the proposed course will enhance my future job prospect but they overlooked it and denied my visa…

    i intend to apply again,is there any thing i need to add to my application so as to convince them about my good intention of completing my study and returning back to my country?

    1. Hello Lyda,
      you can apply again but be care full in submitting documents as you need to give more evidence to show your credibility and to satisfy the GTE requirement.


  238. Hi,
    as my student visa was cancel on nov-2013 due to not going collage so they ask me for mrt but i said no on that time .so my question is when i will able to re-apply visa.can i come there on dependent student visa

  239. Hi. Currently I am studying MBA in Perth and I was hoping to change my course to MIS. Though the course duration in description says 2 years full time, its just 22 months if we verbally calculate it. Is it considered to be 24 months? Does it fulfill the condition for TR?

    1. Hello Sonam,
      The course duration needs to be satisfying the 98 credits id does not have any thing in regards to number of months of study. if you complete these credits in 16 months also you will be eligible for TR.


  240. Hello Sir
    My sister applied for a student visa 573 for bachelors in Business course. She got a refusal with the clause of 573.223(1).
    The explanation given for this decision was that the visa officer was not satisfied with the genuinity of the applicant’s application and the circumstances in the home country(India). There wasn’t any interview and this reply was after 2 months 11 days.
    Is it possible to reapply with more supporting documents as in the refusal letter it is also stated that there is no right to review this decision.? I’m in Australia also on student visa, soon I’ll be applying for TR.
    I’m really worried. Please reply ASAP, that would be really grateful.

  241. Hi sir;
    I applied student visa in 2009 but unfortunately i got rejected and they mentioned that my fathers income was not genuine. Even though they have done interview also. And again in 2012 also i reapply the visa to study bachelor but also rejected mentioning that same bcoz of the previous visa rejected in 2009 they cant able to give the visa again. Now after two years im going to apply dependent visa through my wife to study masters degree in australia.. My question is that sir can i apply dependent student visa or not.is there any chances to reject the dependennt visa cause of my previous rejection. What is the possibilities of rejection

    Reply plz sir

  242. Hello sir,

    I and my husband had applied for a tourist visa to australia last year after my marriage, our agent presented a fraud document,the visa got rejected on that base. Can I re apply again with strong supporting documents, I really want to go to australia as it has beings dream since long time. We also thought we would rather apply for a tourist visa to New Zealand. Does the New Zealand immigration have any connection with the australian immigration? Will they come to know about the fraud paper that was present for Australia. We will present our original papers for New Zealand. Plz let me know coz I really want to visit these countries

    1. Hello Rosemin,
      I understand your concern. department clearly mentions on the website to use only registered migration agents. But you have used un-registered agent and got into trouble which is irrevocable. Send us your documents for NZ visit visa to evaluate and let you know the possibilities .


    1. Hello Adeel,
      Where are you currently? why did not you lodge humanitarian visa? when did you apply for this visa? who has applied your visa? send me these details to the bellow mail id . You need to send an email to that section to get the status of your visa application.


  243. Hi, Dilip
    I want to ask you a question. I have an unfortunate immigration history. I was deported with my parents from the US 10 years ago when I was 12 years old. I’m invited to attend an activity held by an Australian organization. Will my past immigration history effect my Australian visa approval. I was advised to apply the 1400 temporary work (short stay) visa. What are my chances of getting granted this visa?

    Thank you…..

    1. Hello Joel,
      It is unfortunate that you got deported but at that time you are minor and the conditions are beyond your control. If the incedent is more than 10 years old , you will not have an issue for your new visa. But their is no visa with subclass 1400 . I think you are not clear on which visa you need to apply. If you need assistance you can contact my office in India who will help you in this process.


  244. hi, i went to Australia and completed my course after that i applied for new student visa ,that was refused in Australia and they gave me the right OF appeal, I follow their appeal in mean time i applied for asylum as i am from affected area, but they refused to give me refugee status,and i left Australia by my choice, and they didnt deport me or so but i left the case and come back to my country. now i am in my country and i want to apply for newzealnd student visa , my concerned is will this be issue for me in apply for new Zealand student visa, or they process every case on individual bases and circumstances, Please need help . GOD bless you.

    Thank you

  245. hi
    This is vidhya. i recently applied for 485 visa and got it rejected. i am going offshore to get engaged and planning to apply for 189 visa offshore. before applying for 189 visa, is it possible to apply for tourist visa and come to australia for 2 months holiday? Is it possible to write expression of interest when i am onshore with tourist visa? Also can i go offshore to lodge application for 189 after i am invited when i have tourist visa with me? please help me. Thank you

    1. Hello Vidhya,
      It looks like you do not have complete knowledge about the 189 process. First you cannot get a visit visa after staying for so long in Australia . Second what is your skill ? do you have a full skills assessment in that skill? send your details to immi@futureinaustralia.com


  246. Hi
    Dilip sir
    I’ve finished my B.commerece in 2002
    Had a job of an accountant till 2007
    I went UK for further study in 2008
    Got 2 extension
    In last extension I’ve became victim of fraud by agent and misguided me as well in 2011
    Agent submitted fraud document of finance and English certificate
    Got rejected in 2012 end
    With right of appeal I did appeal but first tribunal decision was dismissed and under section 47 granted
    I did appeal to upper tribunal but haven’t heard anything for 3 month and ultimately I quit the UK volunteerly
    And now I applied for NZ student visa as I’ve completed 2 certificate course in UK with same field experience for 4 and more year in hospitality and service industries
    Would I get positive reply from INZ ?
    Please help me as I am now so frustrated caz it’s been more than 6 week for application of INZ student.

    Many Thanks in advance

  247. Hello Sir,

    I studied science bachelor degree in Australia for nearly 7 yrs, but could not graduate. I got exclusion for 1 yr due to my bad mark. I have decided to change the course and apply for a second student visa offshore. I wrote them a letter to explain why I study badly and change the course. Whether it is very high chance that my visa is rejected and if it is so, could I appeal their decision?

    Many thanks

  248. Hi

    I have completed B.Tech in Computer Science last year and currently have been working in an Internet Marketing field in an IT company from last year. Can I get visa for marketing management course for Canada?

    Please advise me…

  249. My newzealand visa got refused on my interview can i reapply and after how much gap i can apply.it is possible again to get good response

  250. Hello sir,
    This is karunakar from Hyd. I sent my visa (573 subclass along with ELICOS 10 Weeks) on 20 april where my main course starts on april 27 but iam not getting visa before my commencement of classes. After that my agent asking the university for extension but they are not agree but they are given november intake admission and even issuing COE’s. After getting, my agent, new COE’s from the university my agent sent all documents to the embassy. On June 12 th I got cal from Australian embassy new-delhi for interview.I am successfully face the telephonic interview.
    I would like to know that, when my visa is going to be approved or rejected.
    Please try to help me out to give your valuable suggestion.
    Thanking you sir,

    With regards,

  251. Hi

    I have completed B.Tech in Computer Science last year and currently have been working in Internet Marketing field in an IT company with 1 year experience. Can I get visa for marketing management course for Canada?

    Please advise me…

  252. hi sir, good day!!i just want to seek an advice regarding my current situation. i recently applied for student visa 572 and sad to say was denied. because of the ff. 1. my CO wasnt satisfied of my reasons for studying due to unrelated course from my experience and degree. 2. my co is not convinced that i will be there just to study, my co thought that i would use the student visa to gain pr someday which was not. 3. because i am not prepared during our phone interview my co throw me a lot of questions which some of them i wasnt able to answer. my concern is this, how would i convince my co that i am GTE in Australia, and what are the tips you can give me just incase my co will contact me again by the time i will apply again,, though my course is unrelated to what i finished how will convince my co that i will be having a career change? also how long will i wait until i can apply again for student visa?is it true 6 months?Please help me. Thank you 🙂

  253. Dear sir ,

    I had applied for student visa in 2008 on December. My pre-visa got rejected taking 6 month time stating financial reasons. [Since it been more than 7 years, I lost my rejection document and not sure of the exact reason]. Soon on January 2009 the immigration rule also changed during that period. After the rejection I applied student visa to UK and studied MBA in London. I came back to country in 2013 after completing my MBA.

    Now I am again planning to study in Australia and got the conditional offer letter from the university but as I lost my pre visa rejection letter,I have request Immigration [ immigration.india@dfat.gov.au] to send me the letter of my rejection. Its been nearly 2 week i have yet not get any answer from the Immigration. Can u please suggest, What should I do and what should I write while filling the form for new application.

    Previously applied: Reject,withdraw,Cancel,Granted

    As I had been rejected for pre visa in 2008, will I be consider as non Genuine student and do not meet the stream line visa. What should I do?.

    Please kindly suggest, at your earliest as I have got condition offer letter and need to inform about this to my University.

    Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  254. hello,
    mr i applied for subclass 572 and i got rejected and ban for three year because of the bank manager who gave me the letter of finance but he didnt syncioned my monet, now my ban is finished so i would like to apply again for postgraduate so how many chances are there that i would get visa??

  255. Dear sir.
    My visa partner have been refused and I just know it yesterday because my email got some problem so it means I didn’t see any email before and it was too late for applied to MRT. I just wondering what should I do to this situation?

  256. Hi Dilip!
    I had a student visa in Australia for 9 months I try to extend it and I get refusal visa . So I left Australia now I’m in my country 4 months after. If I apply for a new student visa it will be any problem? Thanks so much

    1. Hello Andres,
      Why your student extention got refused? I think because you have gone for short term course you are not allowed to study further. send me the refusal document to advice you further.


  257. Hello Sir,

    I had applied for new Zealand visa and it got rejected coz of my certificates, my college has been closed since 2 years and supreme court gave an order that the all of the students who had completed there graduation from my university those degrees are cancelled ,that’s the reason my visa for new zealand got rejected but the problem is i would like to apply for Australia with another university which i got certificates from recognized university .will i get any problem if i apply for australia or any other country

  258. I am from sri lanka. I applied for PR to Australia under visa category 190. There when I enter my education qualification as post graduate diploma in marketing – CIM UK system assign 15 marks which means it is equal to bachelors degree. But my visa was refused saying that CIM is not equal to bachelors degree. Then I made a apeal and DIBP send a note saying my qualification wil assess by Australian Education Authority. After 3 months they send a mail yet they are not accepting CIM is equal to a bachelors degree and ask us to provide if any notes. Accordingly request CIM to give recommendation for my CIM and they send a letter saying my post graduate diploma is equal to bachelors degree and my advance certificate is equal to diploma. With this explanation I send a note that system it self assign marks and if this is the case there might be error on system and if that is the case grant me visa on sub class 489 coz I am eligible for same. Anyway as DIBP web my qualification should assess by vetassess and not above authority which i was explained in my mail. Do u think i hv chance of getting vis at any sub class

    1. Hello Kumari,
      If you wanted to go for 489 then the state need to be ready to sponsor you under 489 category. in regards to your qualification assessment you would have done this before applying for your visa. I think you have not used a registered migration agent for representing your case and advice you at all the levels. That is the reason you are going to loose your application fee. I am sorry for your situation.


  259. My name is Hardik I finished my 12th in 2005 and now I am interested in doing bachelor in Australia
    For past 10 year I was working i have all my ITR and all my documents and the reason for me to study is now I wanna set up a factory in India a clothing line but I need international exposure so can I get Australia student visa I am married and my age is 28 please let me know can I get Australia student visa

    1. Hello Hardikparikh,
      You can study now if you are satisfying the requirement of the student visa. so send your educational and experience documents for assessment.


  260. Hi sir,i have applied visa on 2014.i got a study visa with spouse.we departed there at july 2014.after reach there my husband and his sister planed a game to me they hack my yahoo id nd sent an email to university for cancelling the study nd for refund.all refund were transferred in my sister in law’s account.aftr that my husband started violence on me.they sent me ANIB college for further studies.but they jus want money from me.they pushed me for job.i got ill nd they said that they dont have money for my treatment.they sent me back to india nd very second day they refund the medical insaurence’s money.after two mnths in december 2014 my visa has been cancelled.they gave me 28 days for reappeal.i did but till i dont have any response from immigration department i have sent them all proof.plz tell me if there is any possibility of my visa grantation.thanx

    1. Hello Konica,
      I am sorry for your situation. But once you have a visa cancellation , it is a bad remark on your profile. So you need to try for a different country .


  261. Hi,
    My Australian student visa was cancelled in may 2012 due to unsatisfactory attendance. The re entry ban of 3 years is completed.i want to reapply for master s in Australia.Will my visa get approved???


  262. dear sir, i hav got 3 yrs ban section 4020 due to fake funds.and embassy found that however.me and familly adviced agent to show our own funds but he didnt to get own profit.. and by mistaje we had already paid whole fees beforw this.. now i want to refund my fees what should i write in letter ? with withdrawl form? please help me ..thnku

  263. Hi, I just want to ask for some advice. My immediate family are now permanent residents in Australia. My widowed mother got married to an Australian last January 2012 and was able to bring with her my younger sister and niece. And last 2014, my younger brother was granted Dependent Child visa subclass 445. They are now all permanent residents there. As for me, things aren’t quite doing well. I had already applied for Australian visa 5 times. 1st visa was a tourist visa which was approved back in 2011 wherein I attended my mother’s wedding. By early 2013, I tried to apply for a Dependent Child visa subclass 445 along with my younger brother but unfortunately it was refused because as stated, I have failed to meet any one of the criteria & have not been able to satisfy the requirements as set out in 445.221. Then I applied for a 2 Visitor(Subclass 600 ) visas, it was again refused because they indicated that I have not met the relevant criteria for the grant of the visa. Then just recently I applied for a HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR (Subclass 573) visa which was refused because they were not satisfied that you met the relevant criteria as well. Now, I am very confused if I can still apply for any Australian visa. I would like to ask for your advice if there is still anything I can do about this. After the dependent visa was refused, all I really wanted was to visit my family. That’s all. I have checked on family visas but I think it’ll take years for that to be granted. Hoping for your kind response. Thank you.

  264. Hi. This is a copy of my visa refusal. Please advise me if i still have the chance to re-apply? Thank you.

    Notification of the refusal of a STUDENT (Class TU) VOCATIONAL EDUCATION
    AND TRAINING SECTOR (Subclass 572 ) visa.
    This letter refers to your application for a STUDENT (Class TU) VOCATIONAL
    EDUCATION AND TRAINING SECTOR (Subclass 572) visa, which was lodged at Manila
    on 26 February 2015.
    I wish to advise that the application for this visa has been refused for the following

    After careful consideration of all the information you have provided, I was not satisfied that
    you met the relevant criteria for the grant of this visa as set out in Australian migration law.
    The attached Decision Record provides more detailed information about this decision and the
    applicant(s) it applies to.

    Review Rights
    There is no right of merits review for this decision.

    Visa Application Charge
    The visa application charge which has already been paid was for the processing of the
    application and it must be paid regardless of the application outcome. There are only limited
    circumstances in which refunds can be given.

    In summary, these factors include:
     The applicant’s circumstances in their home country, including the political and economic
    situation in the applicant’s home country, the extent of the applicant’s personal ties to
    their home country, and military service commitments that would present as a significant
    incentive for the applicant not to return to their home country.
     Whether the applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia present as a strong incentive
    to remain in Australia, including the extent of the applicant’s ties with Australia, whether
    the student visa program may be used to circumvent permanent migration programs,
    whether the Student visa is being used to maintain ongoing residence, the applicant’s
    knowledge of living in Australia, and whether the primary and secondary applicants have
    entered into a relationship of concern.
     The value of the course to the applicant’s future, including remuneration and career
    prospects in the applicant’s home country.
     The applicant’s immigration history, including visa and travel history for Australia and
    other countries.
     If the applicant is a minor, the intentions of a parent, legal guardian or spouse of the
    Any other matter relevant to the applicant’s intention to stay in Australia temporarily must
    also be considered. These factors have been weighed up to make an overall decision.
    Reasons – Main Applicant
    In considering whether you met the genuine temporary entry criterion I had regard to the
    following factors, consistent with clause 572.223 and Ministerial Direction No 53. The
    factors were used to weigh up your circumstances as a whole, in reaching a finding about
    whether you satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criterion.
    I have given regard to your circumstances, which includes your potential circumstances in
    Australia. I have also considered the information contained in your visa application form, all
    documents and information submitted in support of your visa application and also, the
    information you provided during an interview with this Department on 26 June 2015.

    Circumstances in Home Country
    The information you have provided with your visa application indicates that prima facie your
    educational background is consistent with your chosen course of study in Australia. In your
    application form, you indicated that you have completed Master of Arts in Nursing at the
    University of San Carlos last November 2006 and Bachelor of Science in Nursing at
    Riverside College last 04 April 2004. Since ceasing your studies, you had been employed as a
    Clinical Instructor at the University of Negros Occidental from June 2005 to May 2012 and as
    a Staff Nurse at Riverside Medical Centre from August 2004 to June 2005. You are currently
    self-employed and own Gladwin Drugstore for 3 years.
    I note that you now intend to study Certificate III-IV in Aged Care and Diploma of Nursing at
    TAFE NSW. At interview, when invited to comment as to why you wish to study Aged Care
    in Australia, you accordingly advised that you want to grab the opportunity to enhance your
    skills. When queried as to why you have decided to downgrade your qualification from your
    previous Masters and Bachelor degrees in the Philippines, you stated that you do not consider
    this as downgrading but a specialisation of the Aged Care course. You indicated that you have
    not been engaged in taking care of the elderly in the course of your work. As such, you want
    to start from the beginning and impart more health care delivery to the elderly. Aside from
    these statements, I note that, at interview, you failed to address in any specific or meaningful
    detail how this course (which is a lesser qualification than what you have previously attained
    as a Masters and Bachelor student) will significantly improve your future employment and
    remuneration circumstances.
    I have also taken into account your economic circumstances relative to the economic
    circumstances in your home country and Australia (based on the information provided with
    your application and upon known economic information about the two countries). This brings
    in to question whether you intend to return to the Philippines upon completion of your course
    as you have not addressed any specific incentive and advantages of returning to the
    Philippines with your proposed qualifications.
    While I accept that individuals can choose to re-educate themselves and make a career
    change, you have not sufficiently demonstrated with your application that this is your
    motivation for seeking to undertake your course.
    I have afforded significant weight to the above considerations and these are further assessed
    in the below analysis.
    2. Circumstances in Australia
    At interview, when invited to provide an overview of your course subjects and education
    institution in Australia, you were only able to advise that the course is about taking care of the
    elderly. You indicated that you chose to study in TAFE NSW as you learned that the school
    has produced quality students who are globally competitive. Aside from these generic
    statements, I note that you were unable to articulate or advice any substantial detail regarding
    your proposed course and educational institution in Australia.
    It is noted that at interview, you were unable to demonstrate a reasonable level of knowledge
    about your course’s contents and educational objectives, including what specific subjects
    – 6 –
    would be on offer and also, what the course assessment requirements are. Considering the
    significant financial commitment involved with studying in Australia and also the personal
    commitment involved with this, I find that your lack of awareness and limited independent
    research regarding the course of study you are enrolled in Australia indicates that you do not
    genuinely intend to stay in Australia temporarily as student. Your lack of demonstrated
    familiarity with the course brings into question your understanding of what your
    circumstances will be in Australia and how you have assessed the course as being beneficial
    to your future without understanding its contents.
    3. Benefits to future
    At interview, you were invited to comment regarding your plans upon completion of your
    studies whereby you accordingly advised that you will return to the Philippines to establish an
    aged care facility which involves active communication for the elderly community. You
    indicated that you want to share the knowledge that you will gain from Australia with your
    Although I accept that you may have a personal interest in the field of aged care the
    Philippines, I find that at interview, you have not provided strong and persuasive information
    about how this course will improve your remuneration circumstances upon its completion.
    The benefit of schooling in Australia and how the costs are justified were not articulated by
    you in any detailed, informed or persuasive manner in the application form or at interview.
    I am therefore not satisfied that your circumstances support a genuine intention to temporarily
    stay in Australia and that there are specific personal benefits of this course to your future.
    I have also given regard to your immigration history when considering your application.
    4. Immigration History
    I have considered whether your immigration history is relevant to the assessment of your
    genuine intentions to temporarily stay in Australia and I have found that you have an adverse
    immigration history.
    In your application form 157A, you have declared that you have been granted a Visitor Visa
    (Subclass 600) last 20 October 2014.
    Departmental records indicate, however, that you also previously lodged a Carer Visa
    (Subclass116) application with the Department on 19 August 2005. This application was
    refused on 26 August 2005.
    In your current student visa application, you did not declare this previous refusal decision in
    your application form 157A. During the interview, you admitted that you decided not to
    declare this information as you assumed that you are only required to declare previous
    applications within the last five years from decision. You claim that this information was also
    the advised given by your previous agent (Ultimate Visa from Cebu) who assisted you with
    your visitor visa application and that you are only referring to the previous knowledge that
    you have. I find that the non-disclosure of this previous Carer Visa application and attempts to
    conceal the information at the interview seriously undermines your credibility and raises
    concerns about the genuineness of current application.
    – 7 –
    Clause 572.223(1)(a)(iii) applies to applicants who are minors i.e. under 18 years of age.
    5. Minors – weighed in client’s favour
    As you are over 18 years of age, this factor was not relevant to my assessment.
    I have given regard to whether there is any other relevant matter, however in this case I
    have determined that there are no other relevant matters.
    Conclusion of reasons – Main Applicant
    After weighing up these factors as a whole, you have not been able to satisfy me that you
    genuinely intend a temporary stay in Australia.
    Assessment of Main Applicant against other subclasses in Class (TU)
    You have also been considered against the other subclasses within Student (Temporary)
    (Class TU): subclasses 570, 571, 573, 574, 575 and 576. However no claims have been made
    against the criteria of any of these subclasses, nor is there any evidence before me to indicate
    that you could satisfy the criteria of any of the above subclasses.
    You did not satisfy the primary criteria for any of these subclasses because you:
     were not enrolled in, or have not been offered a place in, a principal course of study
    that had been specified by Gazette Notice as a type of course for any of these
     (in the case of Subclass 576) did not have the support of the AusAID Minister or the
    Defence Minister for the grant of the visa (clause 576.229 of the Regulations).
    You did not satisfy the secondary criteria for the grant of any subclass of student visa within
    Student (Temporary) (Class TU) because you are not a member of the family unit of a person
     is the holder of a subclass of student visa within Student (Temporary) (Class TU); or
     satisfies, or has satisfied, the primary criteria for the grant of a subclass of student visa
    within Student (Temporary) (Class TU) (Regulation 570.322, 571.322, 573.322,
    574.322 and 575.322); and
     (in the case of Subclass 576) had the support of the AusAID Minister or the Defence
    Minister for the grant of the visa (Regulation 576.322).
    As the application was not made on form 157G (Application for a Student Guardian visa), it
    was not a valid application for grant of a subclass 580 Student Guardian visa (Item 1222(1)
    (ca) of the Migration Regulations).

    Decision – Main Applicant
    As set out in Ministerial Direction Number 53, I have weighed your circumstances and
    immigration history and have also considered whether there are any other matters relevant to
    this assessment of the your genuine intention to temporarily stay in Australia.
    – 8 –
    On balance, I am not satisfied that you are a genuine applicant for entry and stay as a student
    because I am not satisfied that you intend to genuinely stay in Australia temporarily having
    regard to your circumstances and immigration history and other relevant matters. On this
    basis, I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements 572.223. I must refuse grant of this

  265. Hi Sir,
    My immigration History with Australia is bad. In past, I hold BVE for two months, then i leave Australia.
    Now i’m living in india and applied for New Zealand student visa. I didn’t mention NZL immigration that I hold BVE in Australia. however i gave them my Police check from Australia and my academic record that show i was student in Australia.
    Now my question is how will NZL immi can find out about my immigration history (BVE) with Australia, if i didn’t tell them. Don’t know if both countries Share there immigration data, which is unlikely. Kindly Advice.


  266. Hello,
    My sister ,her husband and heir children has been living and working in Aussie’s for 4+ years using bridging visa about a year and a half. Then they have applied for Tribunal visa about a year and later they are using minister Visa for about 2 years. Last April their visa has been refused and they were advice to go back to Malaysia. While in Malaysia, they have tried to apply for a Visitor visa in order for them to settle a few things that still unsettle there such as: they need to sell their car, to get the children school cert and etc. That visa has also been denied. So what should they do in order for them to enter Aussie again just for the sake to settle some debt that have been left unsettled
    Is it true that once you out from Aussie you have to wait for another 3 years to enter again?
    please help to advice us.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Ahmad,
      After going through so many stages of fight with Australian immigration , definitely they will not be interested to give you a temporary visa. if they are satisfying for the permanent visa they can plan the same. send me their resumes for assessment.


  267. I got 573 student visa I am in Australia now I have booked my ticket for India on 22 November 2015 and coming back on 27 December 2015 however my visa is expire on 15 March 2016 can I travel to India withou any trouble pls advise me. Thanks

  268. hi sir,i just got my visa rejected in 4 dec 2015. Reasonn for refusal is lack of answer in interview. Now can i apply again for studenat visa? if so thenn how many days i have to wait. please reply me fast