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Future in Australia

Contact person: Sunderaramireddy kotha

6A Jay st, Cloverdale , WA 6105

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Future in Australia
204B Usha Kiran Arcade
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Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone: 9291636666 with extension 222 ,201,  203 , 204

Mobile: +91 9248344344

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Australia Office

Future in Australia

6A Jay st, Cloverdale , WA 6105

Phone: 07 31172353

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Future in Australia

60/1, RV Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore 560004. Landmark. Opp. Trinity hospital Ph:080 48667640 Mobile: +91 99005 29304 




D-03, Megan Avenue 1, 189, Jln Tun Razak, 50400

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia +60163789040



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    CELL :09328243140

    1. Hello vipul,
      Nice to see your post. sorry for the delay in replying. We would like to know more about your company before , we can offer our services to your clients. Please call us at 09246552601 for further information.

  2. Hi,

    I am an Registered Architect from India with currently 1.8yrs of work experience in the same field.
    I was looking forward to apply for Skilled Immigrant visa Subclass175 for architect in Australia.Can you please flourish me with the details and documents i would need to process before starting the application.

    Thanks & Regards.

    Ar.Pratik Satpute.

    1. Hello Sanjukta
      We would require your complete details for providing a proper advice. I would appreciate if you can fill the pre-assessment form on our website . Once we have your complete information , we will be able to advice you better


    1. please call us for more details. for the initial advice , getting onto master in dentistry in Australia is complicated and many universities are not offering for overseas students.

  3. Dear Pratibha,

    Greetings from OCS!

    We Onus Consultancy Services are based in Chandigarh and representing several colleges and university of Australia. One of my student i.e. Mrs. Manpreet Kaur’s visa is recently approved by the DIAC and i came to know about your services.

    We are already working with 2 MARN agents of Australia and also interested to work with you, please send us complete details so that we can have agreement with your organisation. Also mention your professional charges. if you need anything related to our company then don’t hesitate to ask from us.

    With Thanks,

    Madhu Bala

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I have reached 60 point and I am hesitant to include my work experience. I have worked in patches of 3 months with breaks in a years. But when considered in 2 years as I worked in patches if added comes to 12 months. Is this considered as an 1 year experience? do I get extra 5 points for my Australian experience?.

    1. Hello Manny,
      You are asking about your experience. It looks like you have not got your qualification and experience assessed. You need to follow a procedure to lodge your EOI. send your complete details for the assessment.

  5. Hi, I am rajat sharma , recently qualified as a Chartered Accountant of india. I am willing to become a member of australian institute of chartered accountants through the MOU signed between the two institutes. Can you please advice on any experrience required post qualification in india, to successfully migrate to australia as a practitioner.

    1. Hello Rajat,
      In order to migrate to australia , you need to get your skills assessed. I advice you to fill the pre-assessment form on our website . We will assess your visa options and let you know. You need to have 3 year of experience in order to score points for EOI.

  6. I am currently working in Mumbai as Design Engineer and have a total work experience of 7 years. I am planning to migrate to Australia. Can you please provide me some information regarding scope for mechanical engineers in Australia and how much time it generally takes for the whole process of migration considering that I have a recent IELTS score.

    Thanks and regards,

  7. Hi, I am qualified CA working as a Financial Analyst for an MNC in Hyderabad, Is Indian Chartered Accountant recognized in Australia? if yes, how can i apply for VISA…Do i need to take IELTS test?

    Please advise.


    1. Hello Pradeep,
      Indian Chartered Accountant is recognized in Australia. You need to visit our office to know more details about how you are eligible and what are the requirements for the visa lodgement.

      with regards


  8. hello sir,
    I am Sayanti Basu a Post Graduate student…I have completed my graduation with honours in this year (2012). I live in Kolkata( West Bengal). I want to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia.. Can you suggest me all the requirements that is necessary.
    I am waiting for a reply…

    1. Hello Sayanti Basu,
      It is difficult to apply for Pr with out any experience. If you have studied in Australia you will get additional points for your Australian education for your PR. If you looking for a research option you can opt for PHD or MS by research in which you can get scholarships or stipends. for more information , send your query to

      with regards


  9. Dear Dilip,

    I have done my MBA and close to 5 yrs of overall work experience, which includes 4.3 yrs as Sr. HR and for the last 8 months working as Associate Consultant – SAP Business One (Add-on). Please let me know the visa process, duration and charges.

    Waiting for your response.


  10. Sir,

    I am an IT professional with 6 years of experience. I got my IELTS results. L – 6.5, R – 5.5, W – 5, S – 5. Overall band score is 5.5. I would like to know whether I can apply further for EOI under VISA Subclass 489. I received my assessment result from Australia Computer Society as a System Administrator in positive way. Please help me.

    Thank you,
    Dilip Mehta

  11. Hi sir/madam
    I have scored each band 7 in ielts and I have complited MBA from UK ,am I eligible to apply for pr in Australia ? Really seeking your support and co-operation .

  12. Dear Dilip,

    This refers to your services regarding imigration and future in Australia for aspiring candidates.
    I am a marketing and sales expert with more then 10 years of experience.
    I had been to London from 2010 – 2012 on a dependent visa as my wife was pursuing her studies.
    Unfortunately we had to return back to India due to extremely compassionate reasons and since then we never had been able to get back to London (we spplied twice but were refused, first due to maintenance problem and second due to CAS letter from the college.
    Now do want to settle abroad now having stayed in england for 2 years.
    How can you help please let me know.
    I have given my IELTS but again and again failed to get the requisite 7 band in writing.Overall score being 7 and previously been 7.5.
    I had applied to Australia as Sales and Marketing Manager and had received positive for Skill assessment AIM and previously as a marketing analyst from Vitassess.
    Where I am failing is only in IELTS?
    PLease let me know if there going to be any further changes in western australia or any other state.
    Also let me know what is the best possible way to move ahead with my case.

    Thanks & Regards

    Mayaank Kansal

    1. Hello Mayaank,
      I need to assess your resumes and skills assessments. It looks like you have done lot of research on this process. but as a professional , I will do my own assessment.

      Do you have a migration agent handling your application?

      Once I have all you and your spouse details , I will be able to advise you further.

      with regards

  13. Hi, i have my visa cancelled under section 501.My wife and daughter still in Aus and they are permanent resident as well.I lost my case at AAT and did not have time to go to the federal court as my lawyer did not handle my case properly. He put a submission to the minister and later we found out that skill migrant cant seek ministerial intervention. And we found this out at 22hr the day i was being removed.They took me from the detention centre and when i told them that i have a submission to the minister they said they have not received anything,it was at the Airport they gave me the response letter that my submission was invalid.and i was removed immediately.I was wondering if i can still apply for a spouse visa even if i need to go to the MRT. Do you think i can still get the visa?I just want to know if there is a way before starting anything. My history is, i was sentence for a 24month crime in VIC but was given only a 4months to serve with a straight release.I have found lots of similar cases like me and even worst where the AAT has overturned DIAC decision. I want to know why they cancelled mine.
    If you can assist me in this situation i would be very grateful to work with you to get me back in Aus with my family.

    1. Hello John,
      We can handle your case. Before going further , I need to go through the visa cancellation decision , AAT decision and the Ministerial intervention out come. I also need to go through the circumstances of your crime you committed in Australia . The federal court decision which has given you the sentence. Once I go through all these , I can advise you how to go about .

      with regards


  14. Sir I work as a auditor. I want to lodge a file under regional area sponsor. I just want to know which state has a internal auditor on skill list with 6 band requirement only because I can’t score more than that.

  15. Dear Dilip NOoney
    I did lodge my application for SI 189 on my own and also submitted all the required documents during lodgement in sep 2013 .
    Because my husband didn’t took ielts so we decided to provide our case officer the letter fom his school stating that his medium of instruction was english .which was genuine .
    But the school was closed permanently in 2011 due to some reason and also it was a private school .But their was a authority member handling the records for the school and he provided us with the letter

    But now upon receiving that letter and after getting it checked from india our case officer has said that the info is fake and we have not satisfied the PIC 4020 because their is no such school existing .
    She has asked us to comment on it in 28 days and I am left only with 20 days and I don’t know what to do

    Please reply

  16. Hi Dilip,
    I want to apply for Student visa along with my spouse.
    My concern is if i will apply for February 2014 session what is the chances for getting reject
    1.As I have applied for court marriage and it is in December 2013 and getting married in feb 2014.What evidences are needed to prove us as husband and wife.
    2.I will show my financial summary on the basis of my father in law’s account statement who is a business man.
    3.Currently i am working in an MNC as a java developer having 3+ work experience.Am i eligible to apply for student visa.

  17. Hi

    I have 4 years of IT experience and would like to apply for PR in Australia. Completed my in Mechanical engineering. Am i eligible for the PR?? Please let me know the criteria for PR.

    Thanks for help!


  18. hi dilip iam a doctor by profession i got an mbbs and md general medicine degree from osmnia medical college hyderabad iam aged 39 ,,,and iam planning to migrate to australia,,,,i went through australian medical council web site….could you help me through process of joing specialist pathway to austrlia ….regards samuel

  19. sir my visa has been refused in 2011 for Aus because my gape was 4 year that time I got 5.5 band now my wife want to apply for Aus she got 5.5 can she apply for study in Aus she has done bca in 2013 please help us thanx

    1. Hello Rupinder,
      Yes she can apply for Australian study . But if you want to go on a dependent visa , it is advisable to hire a registered migration agent for your visa application.


  20. Hai Sir,

    I am working as a Project Leader in bioanalytical department in Clinical Research. My profession coming under Analytical Chemist. I have 10 years experience. I compleated my pG in Chemistry by distance mode. I am 31 years old and married. I want apply for immigration. Please send me details. my contact no 9885186570 and i am living in hyderabad and also want to meet to personnally

    1. Hello Ramakrishna ,
      You are welcome to visit our office in Hyderabad. I feel you will have options , but need to go through your resume to finalize on your options.


  21. Dear sir
    I had applied PR visa in 2009….but i got rejection in 2013 coz of confusion happened with my employer while giving info abt my tenure during telephonic call with case officer….
    All my docs n experiences r geniune….
    Now i want to re-apply for PR visa…..will it b possible or previous case affects on it
    Pls guide me n suggest d right way…
    I cn provide all details if u want

    1. Hello Shailesh,
      I need to go through your previous refusal. based on that , I can advise about your options for applying once again. As such you do not have a restriction for loding a PR application once again . but need understand the amount of effect the previous visa refusal will have on the new application.


  22. Hi,

    I am curious to know if you can help to find sponsor for 457 visa when I am not holding any offer in hand.
    I am confident once i will be holding 457 then immediately i will be able to secure assignment.
    Please let me know if this arrangement is possible.


  23. hello sir i m from india. i have completed +2 in 2012.. with arts subjet afterthat i got 5:5band in ielts..nd some monthns ago then we hv got married.. then we hv applying student +student dependent visa 573class.. we hv loged file first in 2014 bt i got fefusal while visa officer said that my course not related wid my study bcoz m do computer diploma after+2 . bt its do only interset then visa office refused my we have applying again in 30 jan we hv no any response by embassy .. we hv send mail to embassy .. then tommorow .. they replying that u file is on under process .. so plz tell me my how success rate of visa .. how much time we will waiting .. plz ans sir ..

    1. Hello Akashdeep,
      If you have applied through an agent ask your agent to check with the embassy about the delay. but as the delay is long their are high chances that you ….


  24. Dear Dilip,

    Interested in migrating to Australia by getting Permanent Residency.

    I am an Legal Professional holding 10 years of experience in legal domain(Education:, LL.B, LL.M) Age:39, IELTS I have to appear.
    I have been assessed positive by VETASSES for skilled occupation 271214-Intellectual Property Lawyer from CSOLupdated list 2015. Eligible to apply for visas such as 457, 489, 186 & 190 visas subject to meeting requirements.

    Coming down to 190 visa, state sponorship is open from Northern Territory state, but i need employment offer from any prospective employer( & IELTS 6 bands ), Visited recently Australia melbourne to get any sponsor but, unsuccessful in getting any offer in that state and also NT state.Similar conditions applicable to Australian Capital Territory region employment offer from any prospective employer( & IELTS 7 bands ) but this occupation currently closed now, with a hope to open in august 2015.

    Subsequently according to latest south australia state supplementary list July 2015, iam eligible to apply for 489 visa, but required to fulfill any one of the 4 additional conditions, which are very tough to meet.

    I am also trying to get licence from Professional Standards Board of Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys of Australia, who are the licensing, registering and regulating authority for Intellectual Property Law practice throughout the territory of Australia, to improve my chances of getting employ sponorship.

    Going by the above circumstances, I feel it is appropriate to get sponorship from any employer for my 271214-Intellectual Property Lawyer skilled occupation to apply 186 employer nomination visa under direct entry scheme.

    Can you help out in this context for getting 186 visa sponsor or any other help in terms of getting PR

    Shabeer Khan

  25. Hi Sir,

    I am Pravin working in software corporate company in Bangalore for last 5 years.Now I am planning to migrate to Australia permanently in subclass 189.I did some research on this visa subclass and found that you are one of officially registered Mara agent by Australian government.I have few queries to get clarification.

    1. Is there any timeline for applying Australia subclass 189 or can we apply at any time? long will it take for getting visa if I have required score in ielts or pte exam?
    3.what is the consultancy fee for complete visa process?? is the current market for software in Australia?? any support given to get a job in australia?
    6.usually what problems will come around in subclass 189 visa process??
    Looking forward for your reply.thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Pravin,
      Lot of questions and answers . I have sent you an email with all these answers . Average time for the 189 visa is depending on the skill, but normally it will take around 6 to 8 months of time.

      with regards


  26. I was applied to Australian migration for a visitor visa on 07th of April 2016. From pretoria in South Africa. and they refused it on 21st of same month. now what can I do. is It possible to apply again for the same visa or any other cetagory of visa. or can you help me to do this. or do you have any office in South Africa. would you please let me know.

    1. Hello Shahadat,
      I am sorry , I do not have any office in South Africa. I need to go through the refusal letter to advice you on your next options.


    1. yes you can apply as dependent on your wife 190 visa. send me your complete details why you have not been added on to her application when she got her visa and I will be able to advise you further.

      with regards


  27. Hlo visa was refused from america(tourist visa) in 2014 n then 2016 in canada(schooling visa) and now i want to apply for australia ..can i get the visa of this country??

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