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Working in Australia can be a great opportunity, either to further a career or start a new one. There is plenty of opportunity on offer in Australia but like any other country, the job market can be very competitive, meaning it can take time, and more than a little patience, to find the ideal job. Australia operates a fairly complicated visa system designed to bring skilled workers into the country. If you want to apply for a long-term job in the country, it will help matters if your experience and employment history match one of the eligible skilled occupations. These are occupations for which you don’t require sponsorship from an employer, state or territory government. Common disciplines sought include engineering, construction, medicine and the sciences. Applications are points tested on a number of criteria.

If you want to Migrate to Australia based on your Work Experience,

  • A skilled worker
  • A person participating in specific activities
  • A working holiday maker
  • A highly specialized worker
  • A (short term) trainee

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State Nomination

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Depending on the industry you intend to enter in Australia, you may need to be licensed or registered with a governing body. These bodies often exist to due processes are followed throughout the industry, such as checking for identification for buying alcohol. Some of the industries which require licensing or registration include the hospitality industry (for serving alcohol) and the gambling industry. For most industries you need registration for, obtaining the correct certificates etc. will be your responsibility, so make sure you have thoroughly researched the industry and how to get them before you apply for a position, as not having them risks making you ineligible for the position.

Steps to apply for a visa to start work in Australia:

  • Determine the category of work visa you are eligible for
  • Ensure that you satisfy the requirements of the points-based assessment (Skillselect)
  • Make sure your employer completes an online nomination/sponsorship form before you can apply for the visa
  • Fill the online application form of the visa category
  • Submit the relevant information and supplementary documents along with your application.
  • Pay your application fee for processing your visa

The key documents necessary to apply for this visa include:

  • Evidence of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Provide educational and employment documentation
  • Health insurance

Typically, the work visa take 2-5 months to be processed.

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