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Anuj Dulta
Anuj Dulta
I had a good experience getting my Australia PR. Dilip being a MARA agent has a great understanding & knowledge of the entire Australia process. Special thanks to Munish, Shekar, Swarna from the processing team.
Joseph Rajan
Joseph Rajan
Excellent coordination and assistance provided. I've referred 5 of my best friends and colleagues to FIA.
Brijesh Kumar
Brijesh Kumar
It was a hassle free experience and the service received was prompt and timely. Agents are very responsive and assist in best possible way!
Swarna Latha
Swarna Latha
They are very good and recognized Migration Agents, through which I got my Australia PR process done, and got my visa. they have given me authenticated information and guidance through out my process. The Management and the Staff are very friendly, and completed my process on time. They are professionals, and stand by their name , in giving to their Clients '"Future in Australia".
We are very thankful to Futurein Australia team in helping us to get Australia PR


1. How did you experience our services?
— According to me, it was awesome and I would love to recommend people to go through this consultancy.
2. What are the Changes you expect to improve our services?
— hmm, the only thing that come to my mind is the way you communicate, I think it is bit slow and not properly arranged.
3. When did you apply and when you got your Visa?
–I applied on May 25th, 2015 and I got my permanent residency on 13 July,2015.
4. Are you happy to recommend our services to third party?
5. What  made you to choose us over others?
— success rate.
6. Did you find difference between Registered and UnRegistered Agent Services?
— ohh, that was the worst experience in my life, I want to share a incident happen to me. I applied student visa through a non Mara agent and he suggested me a course in a institute that irrelevant to my past academics and I blindly believed in him. My visa got rejected and had to come to India. So, lesson of my life is never trust a non Mara agent.
7. How did you fell about our staff Services?
— good, need to improve in process. But the knowledge Dilip has given me lot of support and comfort during the process.

Subclass 189 Permanent residency visa
Sandeep Deekonda
Subclass 189 Permanent residency visa
Krishna Bhargav
Subclass 190 Permanent residency Visa on the basis of NSW state sponsorship.
Sai Dheeraj Yarlagadda
Long term Vist Visa
Mr Venkata Rangachary Eyyunni and Mrs Bhagya Laxmi Eyyunni

I take immense pleasure in thanking FIA for helping me to full fill my dream of achieving immigration visa.  I have applied for 189 visas from Future in Australia
who is having an Australian Registered Migration Agent.  I applied it in the month of March 2014 and got my visa in November 2014.  From the very first day I knew
I was in safe and experienced hands, and appreciate the staff for performing their responsibility in a dedicated fashion.   I recommend this team to all intended
folks, who would like to apply for PR visa to Australia. I hardly visited their office and most of the work was performed through email and phone. This is what I liked very much about this office.

 Australian Permanent Residency Subclass 189
                                                 SHABNAM SHARMA

I Vattikonda Surendra Rao have applied for Partner visa for my wife through Future in Australia. This organization has a registered Australia Immigration Agent (MARA registered) Mr. Dilip Nooney and his services are very good and he is very clear in giving correct information and also very good in documentation. I was very much impressed the way the team works. I applied for visa on 16th September 2013 and got my visa granted on April 7 2014.
But one suggestion I can think of, it is good to inform the client every 15 days or monthly about the update and status of the visa.  I strongly recommend FIA Services to all my friends who are
looking for immigration as they are good in giving prompt and efficient services. I also wanted to thank Dilip as he got my wife the permanent residency subclass 100 through partner visa without her waiting for 2 years on subclass 309 visa. This procedure I did not know at the starting stage as he is registered agent , he knew that we are eligible for the direct Permanent residency under the partner category which is a wonder full thing and I appreciate this. I went to number of agencies before taking their service but most of them did not tell us about this. So it is always advantages to take services from a professional who is trained in Australia than a normal agent in India.

I wish them Good Luck for their Future Prospects.

 Subclass 100 Partner Permanent visa
                                                                                                               VATTIKONDA SURENDRA RAO

I Pradeep Kumar Kommineni have applied for 476 visa from Future in Australia. They have provided me a good service and well followed me regarding my pending documents while my application is in process. I didn’t submit my DOB. Even-though, I got my visa because of the contacts and responsibility. I am lucky to found consultancy like Future in Australia. I will suggest only this consultancy to my friends.

Skilled recognized Graduate visa 476
Yours Sincerely
Pradeep Kumar Kommineni

Thank you for helping with my daughter in law Reema‘s visa application.I was particulary impressed with the way the collating of the paperwork was done. You had given Akshay and Reema a checklist which was really helpful.They could organise the affidavits etc ahead of time , so that there was no back and forthing with the documentation.In retrospect, I feel though the follow up could have been more aggressive with the Australian High Commission, your perfect paperwork hastened the visa process.I’m sure this has been a good experience for you as well . Im sorry if I have badgered you a great deal in the process, but I could not see the young couple so distressed! But your documentation was so good that once the office assessed the application he never requested any thing further and he issued the visa in 2 working days.
I will definitely refer your  name to any friends and family looking to move or study in Australia.

Subclass 461 Australian based NZ citizen dependent 5 years visa
Shalini Duvvuru / Reema Rao


Thanks FIA team for helping me to secure PR for all 4 family members. From the very first day I talked to FIA team members, I knew I was in safe & experienced hands. I really appreciate your hard work & attention to details on case to case basis. The help I got was far more than I expected. Every minute detail was taken care of in a thorough & professional way. I would especially like to thank Dilip Sir, who helped me at every step to make sure I was successful in procuring my visa. In this long process having various stages, each stage was taken care of on time and I never had to follow-up. Regular communication with updated status from FIA helped ease my nerve during this period. I highly recommend this team if anybody is looking for help to procure PR visa.

Subclass 189 visa PR visa to Australia
Ravi Pune


Subclass 190 Permanent residency to Australia (South Australia state sponsorship)
Karthik Kandala and family
Email : googly422@gmail.com
Subclass 189 Permanent residency visa to Australia
Prabmeet Singh & family


NZ Residency Visa
Kruthiventy Ramana Bhargava / Krutiventi Sihirisha


Shashi Pakala
Subclass 189 Permanent residency visa


Srikanth Gurijala
Subclass 189 Permanent residency visa

I am very thank full to Mr.Dilip for understanding my case and  handling my application carefully for SRS 489 Visa process. As i was worried about the result as my application acceptance process was pretty much delayed, but he was always positive and provided correct information. I would like to thank his team as well specially Mr.Shekar he always answered my queries and provided help what ever he can. I know that this is a visa which gets very much delayed , but due to the efforts of future in australia team I got my visa as per schedule with out any hassles.

Because of friendly service and proper guidance , i even referred few of my friends to visit Future in Australia Consultancy and they achieved positive results in their visa processing. I wish all the Team of Future in Australia all the best and keep going with good work and i would be happy to continue my client relation with them in future as well.

Sunil Kumar N


Here goes my feedback on the process of getting a PR through FutureinAustralia. I can as well share it on any website if you like and want me to.

1. From the point of inception, though I seemed lost initially as I was not aware of the process, you took me through each and every step explaining in detail courteously and with patience.
2. You had the trust in you that you could get us a PR(subclass 190) and with that you made us trust you as well. This, yielded a fruitful result and now having complete faith and trust in you, I could spread a word of mouth to all those who wish to apply for a PR now (I guess you are aware that I already did this and few are in queue to start the process through you).
3. All your employees (not sure if I could call them your employees or your team) have been very kind right from Mrs Sathya to Mr Arun and Ms Ria. However, I had one disappointing experience talking to one Mr Sreedhar, who I guess lacked courtesy in how to talk to people. But, that was just one instance and happened only once as I had most of my interactions directly with you.
4. Having said that, there is nothing more that you could do better as you are doing the best in what you are doing. Keep rocking and kindly do not let me down for I have become a kind of brand ambassador for Future in Australia as I spoke of you guys giving your contact details to atleast 20 people in Bangalore alone.

That’s all I had to share Dilip garu. Thank you again.

Gautam Bangalore





My experience with Future in Australia was absolutely outstanding. I wasnt even sure about my outcome before I spoke to Pratibha. I was totally in a devastating situation when I first approached her.Her assurance and guidance were miraculously giving me positive vibes.I never ever thought that i would be able to come back to Australia.The effort they have taken on my case is unbelievable.when I applied for my 457 visa offshore ( while I was on Bridging E), she introduced me to Mr Dilip who has an excellent knowledge in immigration laws. I was very comfortable to deal with all the members working for Future in Australia.I strongly believe that this is only because of their abilitiy,teamwork,and skills brought me back to Australia I am always thankful to the whole team who helped me for my visa especially prathibha sharma.I will always recommend everyone to her and her wonderful team



I would like to thank Pratibha Ji for all the hard work that she has put in for my PR, earlier I was with other migration agent who does not respond to my queries, so I had to change my migration agent and once Pratibha Ji took my case , she was completely opposite to my previous migration agent, her response was quick and within a very short time I got my PR.

I would definitely recommend “Future in Australia” team, mainly Pratibha Ji because response is quick and a BIG THANK YOU !!!


Siva Srinivas

I am so thankful to Mr Dilip, because I was not sure what to do in my situation, when I first spoke with him. He is so cool and understandable and talented person. He always gave me a right path to lead in to the successful way. I live and work in Australia on a 457 visa and, Applied on 08th Aug 2013 and got the visa on 9Th Oct 2013. Very friendly and professional. I first applied on my own and burnt my hands and then I approached him for rescue. Dilip with his profound  knowledge in immigration has come to my rescue and ultimately I got my PR. Now I recommend every one not to take risk and better to take advise and services from people like Dilip.

–Veera Malleswara Rao . G

Email id: gmalli2000@yahoo.com


I have a Very Positive experience, Reliable and accurate information has been provided to us by the management and the staff. Proper guidance has been given by the staff at every phase of this immigration process. They boosted our confidence when we were in dilemma.

Our Suggestion is to maintain the same customer service. More projection of the company can help people like us to approach you for the visa services. We applied on Feb 21st 2013 and Visa has been granted on 10th June 2013.

Very much satisfied with Future in Australia services. I will definitely let all my friends know who ever are interested in Migration. MARA Registration is the point I relied on and took the services. The hospitality showed by the staff and the accurate information given by Dilip made us to choose this consultancy over others. After coming here we have experienced this when compared to other consultancies whom we approached earlier.

I will end saying Excellent  Service. Friendly, empathetic and very comfortable and approachable. This company have given me after visa services like getting a bank account and which location in Australia to settle . The agencies to approach and how to get settled with little difficulty. This was really a good information as we were afraid how to start and where to start, as it is a country which we are visiting for the first time.


12th June 2013

It was a great  journey throughout the process with ‘Future in Australia’ the team is humble and have an excellent knowledge for whole immigration process.

I want to see at least four branches in Hyderabad. There are many people looking for immigration all around the city.

Applied for permanent residency under state sponsored migration visa subclass 190 in the month Jan’13 and got the visa approval in April’13

The knowledge of the team about the process drives me towards choosing Future in Australia as my migration agent. Also the patience and hospitality of the management is of high standard.

Registered agents will speak to you with the latest updates in the process though it may be for change in Australian migration rules or occupation list changes or sponsorships from states etc,  which an un registered agent will not be able to talk about.

The staff is one of the professional staff I have seen in a migration office, Dilip are experts in their job and a lucky hand too for the immigrants applying for the visa, Sridhar is dependable employee and humble with clients even though he is busy with frequent external appoints for office. Vasu is a great guy with good hospitality and knowledge for documentation.  And the big boss and the professional man Dilip, I have no words to thank him guiding me in right direction and timely updates so as to make application efficient and accurate.


25th May 2013

I am glad I went with Future in Australia for my PR processing. The service, always, was very prompt and punctual. If I had expressed intent to file say ACS or EoI on a particular date, they were done without fail on that date always!! Not even one date was missed. Yes, I am happy to recommend FIA’s services.

I did a lot of research on the internet and found lot of negative reviews on some other agents. Some agents were not even MARA registered. The fact that FIA is MARA registered and was recommended by a friend whose friend recently traveled to New Zealand, made me go with FIA. Right from the first interaction till the last interaction, the process was smooth and I was explained everything very well.

I would be asked to get my letters with specific content. I was asked to get some specific documents notarized. There were lots of minor things that were looked at in great detail and I now realize that those things have helped me get the PR smoothly and easily. Good job done by FIA, I would say.

I started the process sometime in December and my ACS was submitted on 23rd of Jan,2013. I got the ACS approval on 25th March and submitted EoI on the same day. I received an invite on 1st of April and was asked to complete my PCC and medicals. I got them done on 7th and 17th April and a CO was assigned on 9th May. I got the grant on the 13th of May!!

I interacted with only Mr.Dilip. This is a big plus in the sense that I didn’t have to interact with too many people who did not know my history and my case. Right from the start, it was only Dilip we interacted with and she would know what documents I have submitted and what I haven’t. For any clarification, I would speak with Staff only regarding the application. This is an ideal scenario where we don’t have a new person for every stage or every month where we have to explain our history and case every single time. I would rate the staff services very high!!

Rajeev B, Banglore, India

15th May 2013

My experience with Future in Australia is exceptional, The team members and Mr. Dilip are never over promising ,they were realistic during entire process, which  enable me to make constructive decisions. They have guided me in a friendly manner which is outstanding .  I would say during the initial steps , I expect to get some sort of promising probability especially when dealing with such huge numbers. Overall as I said it is outstanding services. I started my application process on 20th October 2012 and got my visa in May 2013. I should say there was a delay of 2.5 months because of me not providing the police clearance to the agent. I did lot of home work on this company before deciding on them . I have gone through the testimonials from the past and current clients.

Due to the efforts of the team in Future in Australia, I could get my PR visa within 8 months which they had informed . I have been given proper guidance in submitting my documents for the visa application.  Thanks to the entire Team of Future in Australia and all the best to their future endeavors.


I have started my New Zealand work permit (partner visa) visa process with FUTURE IN AUSTRALIA because it having a agent which is a IAA registered. I have started the process for my work permit in New Zealand on March 15th 2013 and I got my VISA exactly  on May 20th, 2013, which I have never expected.   With the terrific efforts of   Dilip Kumar, the I got my visa. I will recommend REGISTERED IMMIGRATION COSULTANCY TO MY FRIENDS TO GET GOOD AND POSITIVE RESULTS IN RECORD TIME.


I am extremely happy with the services of Pratibha sharma and Dilip Nooney. I am a registered nurse in Australia and could get my PR through them in a very short span.I am from Kerala, India.

I had very good experience with future in Australia migration agents, as everything went so smoothly.  They have fulfilled all the promises and I got Permanent Residency in Australia within a few months of application lodgement for skilled migration.  A professional and personal touch was provided to all services offered by Pratibha Sharma in Australia and Dilip Nooney and team from the Hyderabad office.

I could recommend “Future in Australia” and you can trust that your flight of future will be in safe hands of the well experienced and responsible team. Honesty, prompt communication, and professionalism are the hallmarks of the services offered.  The experienced team of “Future in Australia” will be a good guide and true friend for the bright future abroad

They have high level of professionalism in dealing with complicated cases. They overcome my fear ,by getting my PR before my 485 visa expires. I am very much thank full to them. I have already referred my friends to this organization. I feel they have good experience in dealing GSM applications. They have worked on my application right from the skills assessment to the PR application.

__Akhil Raj(Registered Nurse), Australia

Our experience with Future In Australia has been extremely satisfactory and rewarding. All our family and friends were pleasantly surprised to find that we were granted our PR within 3 months of lodging our main application! We are quite grateful to Dileep for his expertise in lodging our application and special thanks to the staff who has always displayed exemplary commitment to the task at hand. The staff at  Future In Australia have always been polite, helpful,  quite organized and competent. In all our interactions they have been very friendly and willing to listen to what we had to say. We confidently refer their services to anybody keen on migrating to Australia.
We thank the entire team and wish them a bright future!

—Divya Nair, Psychologist

15th April 2013

  • How did you experience our services?

Services are timely, accurate and appropriate. This is certainly one of the best services I have experienced.

  • What are the changes you expect to improve our services?

I don’t find any down sides to the quality of your services. The only thing I can suggest is to market your services to as many people and showcase your success percentage so that more people can benefit from your services which in turn will benefit you as well.

  • When did you apply and when you got your Visa?

I have applied for my PR Visa on 15-Apr-2013 and got a positive outcome on 30-Apr-2013. This is perhaps the lowest processing time for Indian citizens and that suggests the quality of your service.

  • Are you happy to recommend our services to third party?

Without a doubt I can suggest your services to anyone around the world. I am sure that all the applicants will be 100% satisfied with your service at the end of the day.

  •  What made you to choose us over others?

The first factor is definitely that you are one of the very few MARA agents operating in India. The second thing is your success rate and your customer centric approach.

  • Did you find the difference between Registered and Un Registered Agent Services?

Yes there is a lot of difference. I have found that many of the Un Registered agents didn’t even know some of the basic changes to visas and sub classes

  • How did you felt about our Staff Services?

Excellent is the best word I guess. I have to particularly mention the Staff  and Mr.Dilip for their patience in answering the queries and expertise in giving suggestions to almost anything with regard to visa process. In general, the whole staff is friendly and of course talented.


I am happy to share my experience with every one. I have got my permanent residency through Future in Australia company. I have never seen them in person. They are really professional and given me right advice on right time. I was scratching my head when I was stuck with required points to satisfy the GSM visa. the dead line was nearing and was trying hard to get more score on my IELTS . But when I approached them they gave me a good advise of going for a state sponsorship and they have worked hard in providing the same. I live in Mumbai and I did not get such type of advise and services in Mumbai. Dilip has acted on time and got my 176 application lodged before the new changes have come up on July 2012. I got my visa in the month of October 2012. I am very happy with the services I have got from Future in Australia.

Ritesh Soni, Mumbai,India

My success journey with Future in Australia !

I would like to share my recent personal experience & involvement with Future In Australia Immigration Services based in Brisbane, Australia.   I was recommended to the service in 2010 to help me facilitate an off shore Skills Permanent Residency application for my sister & family living in Papua New Guinea.  To our delight & surprised her family’s application was approved in June 2012.   Considering the current changes with Australia Immigration policies and procedures, I learn that Future in Australia is well aware and informed of the updated changes and Future in Australia was able to guide us in the right direction.  This is why I have confidence, faith and trust with Future in Australia.

One of the first challenges that I always hear from immigration agents, immigration office  and even individuals is that, it is easy to migrate into Australia if you have secured a job ( employment offer)  especially when you are living outside of Australia if you wanting  to obtain permanent residence.  Oh well, prior to Future in Australia’s involvement with us, we tried every options to securing a job for my sister however we never succeeded.    Most of the employment agencies and companies preferred applicants to have current visa work visa or the right type of visa to secure a job especially when living off shore without the proper visa.

I learnt from the saying “When there is a will, there is a way”, when we contacted Future in Australia.

I proudly would say, the first and most important key person in this process is the ‘driver’.  Future in Australia has an experienced & knowledgeable Family Immigration Lawyer who drove us successfully throughout this process without any “dumpy” ride.  Pratibha Sharma ensured that all the required documentations were gathered prior to lodging the application.   In addition, one thing I also valued is that the company is well in tune with immigration laws, policies & procedures which resulted in them giving proper professional advice.

Just a bit about my sister’s Off shore Permanent Residency application, we lodged her family application in June 2011 and was approved in June 2012.  It was delayed from our side as we took 3 months to provide IELTS test report for my sister’s husband, otherwise it would have been approved two or three months back. In addition, my sister did not even secure an “employment offer” in Australia however was shown other ways of getting into Australia using her Accounting skills and experiences.

My sister’s family is moving from Papua New Guinea to Australia in October 2012 and I would like to strongly recommend Future in Australia Immigration consultants as reliable and reputable immigration consultants who can help families abroad migrating to Australia.  The driver, Pratibha Sharma (Family Immigration Lawyer) has vast experience and knowledge handling family immigration applications. You will be in safe hands for sure!!!!

Thank you Future in Australia, particularly Pratibha Sharma and Dilip Nooney , you have put  huge smiles on the BOLAs’ family faces.

Your organisation’s name FUTURE IN AUSTRALIA is genuine & realistic!!!!!!!

Lesley Bola , Auckland, New Zealand

175 GSM Visa Date of Application: 10th Jan 2011, Date of Visa grant: 25 Oct 2011.I want to appreciate Dilip Nooney for his services offered throughout the entire process; He constantly advised from time to time.I Thank him so much for doing his part in furthering my application for Permanent Residency. His enthusiasm and efforts has contributed for my 175 skilled visa grant. His efforts were well paid off on helping me get visa well ahead of schedule. Thank you once again, and hope you maintain the professional excellence forward.


I am really happy with Dilip’s services. I was excited to receive my permanent residency in 3 months from the date we have submitted the documents. He is very polite and accessible agent. He is a good guide and did my processing in such a manner that the department has never asked additional documents for clearing my permanent residency. I will recommend him to all my friends and relatives and all those who plan to study and migrate to Australia.

Kartheek Gullapalli

This was one of my best consultancy which i had faced till now.. am badly disappointed by my last consultancy, while they guided us in a wrong way and not even encourager.. frankly speaking.. Dilip is a very wonderful agent who has taken our case with a keen interest..and i got through my visa..As i know my visa process is a bit risk but he managed very well.. thanks a lot Dilip..i am proud to recommend to everyone of my friends in all over the world who are willing to go Australlia.. the services and time management are literally fabulous.

Anuradha Lella

We would like to thank Pratibha who worked tirelessly putting our partner visa application together. I know that at times we were slow in getting all the information to her she was very patient and professional.
Pratibha has a great personality and we recommend her.

Mal + Elis | 25.2.11

I have had Dilip and Mac deal with my migration issues on the basis of a referral from friends and colleagues in Papua New Guinea. They advised me quickly and correctly and I am more than happy with their services. My wife and I are now settled in Townsville in Queensland, where I am professionally employed and delighted to be a new Australian. I have been recommending their services to friends from India, Malaysia, Singapore and China and I am more than happy to provide a general recommendation here.

—Sosongan Salayau, from Papua New Guinea, now settled in Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Mac is (now) an old friend, introduced to me by a mutual Parsi friend in Bombay, my home town. I was reluctant to impose on him for migration services when my marriage fell apart – he was a friend of my Indian ex-wife through me – and I later found myself a Pakistani wife through a Muslim matrimonial website. But I did, and thank heaven for it. His advice has always been exactly what I needed. I had to get a religious divorce and friends in my religious community raised several alarms about the consequences in Australian law and as to immigration issues, especially when I then found a Pakistani girl whom I wanted to marry and bring to Australia. I am ashamed to say that I took a second opinion from another commercial migration agent: a fellow Indian, in fact. And nothing I heard there was accurate; everything I heard from Mac had been. I would urge that anyone considering migration to Australia consult his firm.

—Shabbir Kanchwala, ex Bombay, now of Brisbane, Australia

I now refer everyone to Dilip and Mac for migration advice. I was formerly with PATTAP, the Australian government agency that disburses scholarship funding to Papua New Guinean students who wish to study in Australia. I have a pretty good idea of who qualifies to emigrate to Australia and who doesn’t. I always informally asked Mac for advice when I had that position in Papua New Guinea; now that I am out of that professional sphere and living in New Zealand myself, I am often asked for recommendations as to where to seek legal advice. Not only by Papua New Guineans, but by New Zealanders, Indo-Fijians and other Pacific Islanders. I unhesitatingly send them to Dilip and Mac. They are the best I know in terms not only of knowledge of Australian migration law but also in terms of the cultural and political issues that are relevant.

—Leslie Bola, Auckland, New Zealand

When I ran into serious annoyance with the racist Bumiputra Policy of Malaysia — I was the prize journalist with an international new agency, but as a non-Malay I was paid a pittance under the constitutionally entrenched policy of favoring ethnic Malays — I consulted Mac and learned that I could emigrate to Australia in a moment if I chose. As things turned out, on the basis of that authoritative advice I got an extremely favorable promotion within my company to London and I am happy as a clam. But it is all due to my having consulted Mac and I am eternally grateful.

—Siva Sithraputhran, London

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