Terms and Conditions

Future in Australia Migration consultants (FIA) named Future in Australia give services subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is required before using any information on this site or purchasing any services from the FIA.

Code of Conduct

A person who intends to work as a migration agent in Australia must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). MARA is the self-regulation organization for the migration counseling professions. Our Agents are registered with MARA, allowing us to give Australian immigration advice. We follow a stringent Code of Conduct that is enforced by MARA to maintain the highest level of professionalism in all of our interactions with consumers. Please find a copy of ‘Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession’ here. Before making any payment to Future in Australia, you confirm that you have access to and the chance to read this document in its entirety.

Our Service

We provide several types of customized migration services based on our client’s specific needs for assistance with the Australian migration process. Our clients’ service may change from time to time. You agree to provide the migration agent with specific instructions on what you want the migration agent to accomplish for you, and to notify us if you have any special requests regarding the execution of those instructions. Please keep in mind that we will not follow your directions if they are unlawful or immoral.

Additional services

We focused on Australian immigration counseling. We can provide you with further assistance in the areas of taxation, business, education, and financial advice, but this is not our core business. Any non-migration-related information offered by Future in Australia is broad in nature. Free Online Skilled Migration Assessment and The Free Online Skilled Migration Evaluation were created to give you a preliminary assessment of your capacity to meet the Australian visa criteria for the Independent Skilled Visa. You should not depend only on this outcome to determine your eligibility to apply for migration to Australia. Use one of our personalized migration services if you want a realistic evaluation of your eligibility for migrating to Australia.

Refund Policy

When you use our service, you agree to pay any fees that are incurred. All Professional Fees paid to FIA are subject to 18% GST. The GST collected cannot be refunded as it takes long procedure and lengthy process. This service price does not cover the costs involved with the immigration procedure, such as visa application fees for the government, English language examinations, skill and medical evaluations, and so on. Please keep in mind that we are not liable for these expenses. You are regarded to have hired the service of FIA as soon as payment is received. As a result, payments are subject to the condition of refund.FIA has the right to change pricing at any time and without notice. However, if you have a client agreement with FIA, you must pay the fees mentioned in the agreement for the work described. We cannot refund your consultation fee if you have taken information about your process and application. If you want to cancel your consultation you need to cancel with in 2 working days. In case, the Client desires to withdraw his application on any reason at a later date after taking part of services from FIA, then FIA will retain the amount of fee for the work done for you and refund the balance amount for the work not attended, which will be decided with mutual agreement. The mutually agreed amount will be paid to the client within 15 days from the date on which the amount is decided for fund.

Visa Guarantee

We undertake to handle your matter to the best of our abilities and to do all reasonably and ethically possible to achieve the desired results. We have agreed not to mislead you about your chances of victory in your case. We cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies caused by changes in such legislation and policy that are not publicly accessible at the time the Service is delivered or that occur after the service has been provided. The correctness of our recommendations is dependent on you providing complete and precise information. We are not liable for any errors in our advice caused by erroneous or misleading information submitted to us about your situation. FIA is not affiliated with the Australian government, and we do not have the ability to issue you a visa. We can only help and advise you on your move to Australia. Please be aware that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship makes the ultimate decision on all visa applications (DIAC).

Information sent to us

Personal information is required for us to give you the best assistance in applying for an Australian visa. You agree to furnish us with any information or documents we seek as quickly as feasible to aid in the preparation of your case. If we ask you to provide anything and you are unable to do so, you must notify us immediately so that other arrangements may be arranged.

Warranty disclaimer, waiver

While the author of this site and papers has taken all reasonable means to guarantee that the material contained in this website is accurate and correct at the time of publishing, it is no replacement for any individual and intending to depend on its content. FIA makes no express or implied warranty about the content of this website. You clearly acknowledge that usage of this site is entirely at your own risk. FIA makes no representation that this site, its server, or emails received from this site are free of errors, viruses, or other dangerous components. We shall not be liable for any damages originating from the use of this site, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

Liability Restrictions

To the extent that responsibility cannot be eliminated, the liability of FIA its directors, employees, consultants, and partners is limited to the cost of the service we give to our customers. To the greatest extent permitted by law, the Client must indemnify and hold harmless FIA and its employees, agents, and related companies from all liabilities (including full indemnity legal costs) incurred by the indemnified person in connection with the provision of the service, except liability arising from any of the indemnified persons’ negligence or default.

Privacy Statement

We need to collect personal information from customers in order to offer you the best assistance when applying for an Australian visa. We shall securely preserve whatever information you provide on our website or send us orally or in writing. In compliance with the MARA Code of Conduct, all inquiries and personal information are treated with the highest secrecy. Please know that we take every precaution to keep your information confidential. In general, we will release your personal information in order to carry out our business, provide and advertise our services, connect with our clients, comply with our legal requirements, and enhance our services. Please read our Privacy Statement to learn more about our policies.


We want you to be completely satisfied with our service. Please notify us at any moment if you believe something is amiss. If feasible, we will endeavour to remedy the situation in this case as soon as possible. Any issue relating to our service will be resolved through private arbitration in Hyderabad, India. Arbitration under this agreement will be conducted in line with the Indian Arbitration’s process and regulations. The arbitrator’s award is binding and may be entered as a judgement in any competent court. No arbitration under this Agreement shall be joined to an arbitration involving any other party subject to this Agreement, whether through class arbitration proceedings or otherwise, to the maximum extent authorised by applicable law.

Copyright Disclaimer

This site’s content, including text, graphics, logos, button icons, pictures, layout, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is all copyrighted. Other than for the purpose of and subject to the conditions prescribed by the Copyright Act, no part of this publication may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose or stored in a retrieval system or transmitted without prior written permission from FIA Migration Advocates. By signing in, you agree to accept all risks connected with using the site, including the risk of your computer, software, or data being harmed by any virus sent or activated via the FIA site or your access to it.


The headings in these Terms are just for convenience and have no bearing on their interpretation. Any of these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other material pertaining to the service, may be changed by FIA at any time, and your subsequent use of the website will be governed by the modified Terms. If any of these Terms and Conditions are or become invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable, the remainder will continue in full force and effect. This website includes links to other websites. Please keep in mind that we are not liable for the content of linked websites.

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