Family & Partner Visas

There are a range of Visa Options for family Migration.

There are a number of migration options for partners, children, parents, fiancés and other family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents to migrate to Australia permanently or temporarily.

Partner Category:

Partners and fiancés of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents may enter and remain permanently in Australia. Partner category is divided based on:

Partner category is a two stage process for most of the newly married couples. The spouse who got married to an Australian permanent resident of Australian citizen will be issued a temporary 2 years partner visa. When they have successfully lived together during this period, they will be issued with the permanent residency visa. Those partners who are planning to marry in the near future and had a relationship , can also lodge an application for partner visa.

In parents visa there is another category called De-facto partner, where in if an Australian citizen or partner had lived together for 12months or more and having a relationship. They are also eligible to lodge an application for partner visa. Even same sex relationship is also accepted by the Australian government.

Partners who are intending to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident can come to Australia on a fiancé visa and get married in Australia.

Some of the old partners can get permanent residency directly surpassing the 2 years waiting period.These visas can be applied from onshore and also offshore based on the location of the applicant.


Parents may be able to migrate to Australia if they have a child in Australia who is an    Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident. There are multiple path ways for the parents of the Australian citizens and permanent residents to gain the residency status.

For Parent visa you can opt for two stage visa or single stage process for gaining the residency status in Australia.

As parent visas are divided into following categories.

They have to satisfy the Balance of family test in order to get eligible for this visa. Parent visas take long time to get granted. Contributory parent visa will be granted in shorter span.


For dependent children, orphan relatives or adopted children of an Australian citizen, and Australian permanent resident there are number of visa options. These visas are priority visas and number of pathways are available under this category.

Many of the Australian residents adopt their relative’s children and provide them proper and better life in Australia. Such type of application is laborious but they are possible.

Some of the visa categories under the child visas are

Other Family visas:

Other relatives of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens may also apply for permanent residency visas to come to Australia permanently.

Some of them are

These visas are also divided under offshore and onshore category. Different criteria has to be satisfied for each visa

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  1. hi, I was in aus for 3 yrs and now i want to go back again to aus since my gf is still there and i wanna apply for the dependent visa. Before i return back to my country i hadnot the RTA fine which was nearly 1000 $ and credit card money which was nearly 6000 $.. Does these things stops me to apply for the depend visa..?

    1. Hello Jai,
      Yes we can apply under certain circumstances. Come down to our office or contact me at my office to advise you on this. Do you have children out of this relationship? Their are some more questions which you need to answer. you can call us at 9290453941

  2. i am a primary applicant. i need a relative sponsorship to complete 60 points. my husband’s sister lives in victoria since 7 years. can she sponsor me which could help in making 60 points.

  3. hi

    my brother got student visa refuse in jan and he want to visit Australia, can we apply for his visa so should we wait for some time before applying it now??


  4. Hi ,

    My wife having 457 visa she was woring from Feb 15 onwards. can go as dependent visa and work there. and also need information like what are documents required for that.

    Ravi. k

  5. Hi…
    I am in need of ur urgent husband had applied for a remain relative visa in 2013…n we just got a mail saying it has been rejected. bcause of details not matching the information given…dont know what to do next…

    can u please guide us…
    below is the reason they have given

    Given the above findings I am not satisfied that the Applicant meets the definition of a remaining relative set out in Regulation 1.15 of the Migration Regulations, as he does not meet the requirements of sub-regulation 1.15(1)(c).


    As such, the Applicant does not satisfy clause 115.211 of Subdivision 115.21 of Schedule Two of the Migration Regulations. Accordingly, the Applicant does not satisfy clause 115.221 of Subdivision 115.21 of Schedule Two of the Migration Regulations.

    1. Hello Zinia,
      I think you have lodged this visa all by your self , that is the reason you did not understand the meaning of remaining relative. As per the officer your husband is not falling under the remaining relative category that is the reason they have refused the visa. you need to use a professional service to avoid such losses. I am sorry that you had a refusal because you did not understand the visa requirements.


      1. what can be done if the sponser and the applican didnot read the definition of the visa/requirements. they didnot read the definition of the remaining relative properly.

        1. Hello khusnil,
          This is the major set back when you apply your self. you need professional help when you wanted to make an application. You will loose the application if you do not fit into the exact definition of the remaining relative. better consult a migration agent nor you will have a black mark or refusal.

  6. Once you are granted a Permanent Resident Visa, can you still go back and forth to your country of birth? I was told there is a 5-year Return Resident Visa, How long should I stay in Australia within the five years?


    1. Hello Lyn,
      You can travel any number of times to and forth to Australia during your PR visa. If you are staying for 2 years in the 5 year period, you can have a comfortable RRV application .


  7. I am on student visa that will expire on august 2017 , however i applied for partner visa on 25th of november last year, and i want to bring my sister for visit australia on visit visa,
    I have two questions:
    1- can i show that i will be supporting her with the money, plane ticket and stay with me and my partner, once she is in australia.( as she is student in my home country , she doesnt have sufficient money)
    2- how much money i need to show the immigration officer ( i have joint account with my partner that i applied for partner visa with)

    1. Hello Sarah,
      It is not advisable for you to sponsor your sister. ask you sister to contact our office for an advice on her visitor visa or approach a MARA agent in australia to advice and lodge her visa application.


  8. I want to come to Australia very soon and settle and work permanently. But my problem is that I heard they the Australia embassy do give three month visa. So now if I go with three months visa if it expire what will I do to save my self from deportation. I need your advice please.

    1. Hello Thomas,
      If you want to work in Australia you need to apply for a work visa or a PR not visitor visa which will give you limited time to visit australia. Do not get into those deportation entanglements as they will spoil your future visas to other countries also.

  9. Hi i have a query. If there is dependant child in contributory parent migration can he/she apply for partner migration later on after they come to Australia and after how mich time. What is the maximum age for dependant child if they are still studying.thanks

    1. Hello Sunaina,
      no he cannot apply for partner migration as he is a child of the contributory parent. The dependent child should be less than or equal to 18 years of age. but there is some exemption of 21 years on some circumstances.


  10. Hi
    I would like to apply for an off shore
    Partner sponsor visa. We have not lived together. We have continued a long distance relationship whilst his divorce proceeds. Though no decree absolute as yet. I have been to Aus three times and I am due to return to meet his family in NZ this Christmas.
    We can prove that we have been a long distance couple for two years and it’s recognised by close friends both sides of the world. Do these circumstances meet any visa criteria? What’s the best type to apply for please. I may need your assistance going forward if we have any chance of starting our new life together soon?
    Thank you in advance if your help.

    1. Hello PB ,
      Long distance relationship will not be recognised by the department of immigration. come back to me once the divorce is completed and you both get married or your AUs partner need to live with you in your country.

      with regards


  11. Hi
    My son and I were granted the prospective marriage visa (300). We entered Australia, and after the marriage, we applied onshore for the partner visa 820 in march this year, and, same as the subclass 300 we included my son as a dependant. My query is regarding his age, as he is now 25 years old. However, the application for the subclass 300 was made in May 2016 (He was 23). We recently found out that some changes were made, and now only children under 23 years of age are allowed to be included as dependants. I would like to know if those new regulations are going to affect negatively my son’s application. Thank you!

    1. Hello Santiago,
      Yes , your son cannot be added on to your partner visa and it is going to effect even your visa also. so try to take the help of a migration agent nor you will be in trouble. You and your son need to apply seperately on two seperate visas.


  12. My partner is Australian we want to go over on a partner visa I have 3 children do I have to pay for all 4 off us separately or do I pay for us all together

    1. Hello Amanda,
      You can apply for a single partner visa for the complete family but need to pay individually to each child as per the Australian fee requirement.

  13. Hi Dilip,

    I am on a 489 a visa and I am getting Married to my boyfriend soon. We will like him to join me in Australia, what category of visa should he apply for.
    NB: he wasn’t included as a partner in my application.


  14. Hi Dalip

    We have already applied Non Contributory parents Visa sub class 103 and now
    have switched it to Contributory Parents visa sub class 143 about 3 month ago and
    have requested the immigration Deptt to withdraw our previous visa 103. Please
    tell me how much time it will take to grant us the Contributory Parents visa 143

    1. Hello Ramesh,
      When you have recently changed the visa application from 103 to 143. You need to wait till the application scales up on the pending cases based on the que. Normally it will take 3 to 4 years to get the application addressed.

      with regards

  15. Hi i am a permanent resident in Australia – I have a 17 year old Son who wants to join me now from the UK – what is the best Visa to bring him out on and the most cost effective way to do the process please.

  16. Hi,
    My fiancé and i have two boys, both horn overseas. The older son has got his citizenship by decent, the younger one we just applied.
    My question is, is my fiancé likely to get a family visa (pr) thru me or thru our son. She currently has visitors visa for 1 year.
    What would be the best way to apply for her pr.
    Thank you!

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