Designated post codes for family sponsored 489 visa

If you are applying for Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) family sponsored visa, designated Areas of Australia where your eligible relative ( sponsor) must be usually a resident in one of the following designated areas:

 State or Territory Designated Areas
Victoria Anywhere
South Australia Anywhere
Northern Territory Anywhere
Tasmania Anywhere
Aust Capital Territory Anywhere
Queensland Postcode areas 4019-4028, 4037-4050, 4079-4100, 4114, 4118, 4124-4150, 4158-4168, 4180-4899 (anywhere except Brisbane metropolitan area)
Western Australia Anywhere
New South Wales Post areas 2311-2312, 2328-2333, 2336-2490, 2535-2551, 2575-2739, 2787-2899 (anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong)
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