Affects on Families of 457 Visa Holders

South Australia state government has proposed a public education contribution fee for 457 visa holders and this would probably affect the families who are in South Australia on 457 Visa as the Indian Families settled in South Australia are the second largest after china who migrate Australia on 457 Visa

States and Territories and manage these contributions towards Public Education
Newly arriving 457 visa holders from January 2017 should be contributing to the cost of educating their children in government This has been done just to bring South Australia in line with the other Australian schools from January 2017 and from January 1st, 2018 the requirement will extend to all 457 visa holders

On the basis of Family Circumstances, the amount will be paid and it is only when a child or young person is enrolled in a government school.

The annual contribution to be paid by a family in South Australia for 2017
primary school student – $5,100
high school student – $6,100

The eldest child in the family will be charged this amount, with the fees for all siblings attracting a 10% discount. These changes will allow parents to pay the contribution in annual or per semester or per term or in regular installments.

A contribution fee would not be charged if the total family income does not exceed $57,000.

A means-test would be used, so that family with one child at school will not pay the contribution rate fully until the gross family income reaches $77,000 and the maximum fees payable is increased by $10,000 for each additional child.

For the first year, Australia from this new charge will apply only for the migrants who arrive South Australia from January 1, 2017.

From January 2018 it will apply to all 457 visa holders living in South Australia
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Affects on Families of 457 Visa Holders

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