Changes in English Requirements

  • In SMC (Skilled Migrant Category) All the Applicants aged 16 and above need to show their English Language Ability from 12th October 2016 onwards it is mandatory for the SMC applicants to show the changes.
  • The changes to the English language requirements will not effect the application of residency if it is submitted before 11th October 2016 and on the basis of immigration instructions it will be assessed
  • If you are invited to apply but not yet submitted the application before 11 October 2016 then your English language ability can be assessed on the basis of immigration instructions in place of 11 october 2016 and in this we can also opt in another new way

The new requirements are:

  • IELTS ( International  English Language Testing System) for Primary Applicant score – 6.5
  • Non Principal Applicants – 5 either in general or  academics
  • IELTS Certificate must be less than two years  (or)
  • Proof of citizenship in Ireland, United Kingdom,  Canada, United States of America (or)
  • Evidence  that  they has spent at least for five years working or studying in those countries or Australia and New Zealand (or)
  • Evidence of having recognized qualification which was done from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland,  UK, USA which is comparable to a New Zealand Bachelors Degree. The person holding this qualification should have studied at least two years in any of counts to get the qualification  (or)
  • Evidence of having recognized qualification from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland , UK, USA which is comparable to a postgraduate New Zealand Qualification and must have studied at least one year in any of those countries to get qualification.


The changes are for the next two years between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2018

The range is less compared to last year which was 90,000 to 100,000 and now it is 85,000 to 95,000

The points have raised from 140 to 160 points for the Automatic Selection Mark for migrants applying under the Skilled Migrant Category(SMC)

Changes of English  language Requirements should be shown as an Evidence

Wider Range of English Language Test is  to be accepted from November 2016 for Immigration New Zealand

Capped Family Categories: Capped family categories is reduced from 5500 to 2000 per year
Parent Category will be temporarily closed for New Applicants while it is reviewed Expression of Interest will not be selected from the Parent Category Pool from 12th October 2016

Changes in English Requirements

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