Streamed line process is getting started from March 24th 2012 for Students visas

Streamlined Visa Processing:

“Good news for Students who wanted to study in Australia”

Students who are lodging their student visa applications on or after 24th March 2012 with COE from the participating university for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree levels irrespective of their country of origin who are enrolled with universities are eligible for streamlined Visa processing.

  • Bachelors degree
  • Master degree by course work
  • Masters degree by research work
  • Doctoral degrees
  • ELICOS and VET courses for an international students…….. are eligible for special process

But the students who are enrolled under the short courses, graduate diplomas, associate degrees, graduate certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas do not come under the streamlined process.

Universities Participation:

It is not compulsory to participate by all the universities for the streamlined visa processing.  The universities who are participating in streamlined visa processing will be known on 24th March 2012.

What is streamline process and how it is addressed.

  • Students who are under the streamlined visa processing would generally have reduced evidentiary requirements when applying for a student visa irrespective of their Nationality.
  • But Students would have to meet the minimum requirements in respect of English Proficiency and financials would have to satisfy the GTE. But there is a very less burden in documentation compare to the current.

Eligibility for Streamlined Visa Processing:

  • Student need to provide COE not the offer letter for an eligible selected course from the participating university when he is lodging his student visa application.
  • Students who are going on pre-requisites i.e English Language Course followed by the main course they should provide the COE for both the pre-requisite and the main course at the time of lodging their application.
  • Students who are not eligible for Stream lined Visa Processing also can apply for a student visa with current processing guide lines.
  • Students can apply under the current student visa processes if their selected university is not a participant in stream line visa processing.

Benefits of Streamlined Visa Processing:

  • Student visa application processes very quickly.
  • Students will have reduced documentation (Proofs)
  • Increases high quality International GTE’s
  • Visa Lodgement process is same for the Streamlined Visa Applicants.
  • No additional documents required for the students whose selected Universities are in Streamlined Visa processing




Streamed line process is getting started from March 24th 2012 for Students visas

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  1. Thank you . I’ve found this article very useful. I just want to know is there any list of universities who support streamlined visa process.

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