Immigrate To Australia Without A Job Offer

Immigrate To Australia Without A Job Offer

Are you planning to Immigrate To Australia but you don’t have a Job Offer! You need not worry, there are numerous processes by which you can reach Australia without a Job Offer. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can Immigrate To Australia Without A Job Offer.

What you need to know

Though having a job offer gives you extra mileage to increases the possibility of getting an Australian PR.  But even if you do not have a job offer, still you have the opportunity to migrate to Australia. The Australian government provides different types of visas based on the eligibility criteria of an applicant.

Eligibility criteria to migrate to Australia?

The Australian Government aiming to nominate highly educated people. And at the same time have a higher degree of skill which are in High Demand. Australian Immigration Department is eager to welcome those candidates who can effectively contribute to the economic growth of Australia. So you must prove the desired skill and your qualification to make yourself eligible for the Australia PR.

Australia State Sponsored/Nominated Visa

The Sponsored or Skill Nominated visa subclass 190 holds the need that the candidate must be nominated from an Australian state or territory to be eligible for an Australian PR visa. The candidate has to choose their occupation from a list of SkillSelect. Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List and the candidate’s skills must be relevant to the eligible skilled occupations that are in demand in that part of Australia

Australia Skilled Independent Visa

Skill Independent Visa is another program that’s good for those candidates who do not have a prior job offer. If you are applying under this subclass, then you don’t need a job offer, nomination, or sponsorship from an Australian employer or territory.

This visa subclass assesses your profile based on your key profile factors like age, education, skills, experience, language proficiencies, etc. Accordingly, you will get points on your credentials and get nominated.

Immigrate To Australia Without A Job Offer

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