Rejection of Your Visa Application – Possible Reasons

Rejection of Your Visa Application

The visa application process can be a complex and lengthy task, especially if you don’t know the in’s and out’s of the immigration system. No one wants to put time and effort into making travel or immigration plans only to have them dashed by the Rejection of your Visa Application. There are various reasons that your visa application could be denied, whether you’re applying to study, immigrate, work or travel.

Failure to Provide Enough Evidence to Support Your Reasons for Visiting

Government officials need to be assured that your intentions for visiting are both lawful and of a positive nature. You will need to prove that you are, for example, purely visiting for a purpose like education, health, business, tourism purposes or visiting a conference. You will also need to prove that you will return home when you say that you will. This could be affected by your past travel history (such as overstaying in another country) as well as not providing a valid reason why you would need to return home, such as immovable property, permanent job or dependents.

Failure to meet Academic Qualification

When you are applying for Student Visa, meeting Academic qualifications is an important criterion. To qualify for a student visa, you’re going to have to qualify as a student. This translates to: you’ll need to have completed the required academic level to study further. Academic entry requirements will vary depending on the course, level of education, and university you want to study at.

Failure to Meet English Requirements

Thumb-Rule: If you’re planning to study in an English-speaking country, you’re going to have to speak English. This means that you’re going to have to meet the English language requirements to get your student visa approved. For many applicants, you’ll have to provide your English language test results alongside your visa application. This condition is applicable for international students applying for Student Visa from non-English speaking countries.

Now, not all language proficiencies are created equal. The English language skill required of you will vary from one university to the next. This can also vary from the skill level required for your student visa application. Make sure you check both the English requirements on the Department of Home Affairs and your university website to find out which English language level is fit for you.

Haven’t Provided Enough Evidence of Sufficient Fund available to Support your Visit

Whether you are studying in, immigrating, working or travelling, you need to provide sufficient proof that you will be able to support yourself during your stay and your ability to support your dependents. This is regardless of whether or not your dependents will be joining you or not. So as an applicant you’ll have to make sure that you can provide documents that prove your financial stability and ability to pay your way through your exchange. You’re going to need documentary proof that proves you have this level of money to play with. Time to start saving folks. Your availability of insufficient funds in your bank account can cause unceremoniously rejection of your visa application.

You Haven’t Provided Enough Information Showing that You are in Good Health

As a visa applicant, you’ll have to go through some health checks to make sure you’re alive and physically well. This will depend on a few factors, for instance, the level of tuberculosis risk in your country. You will need to have an immigration medical exam done by a government-approved medical institution or professional when you apply for a visa. Medical inadmissibility includes being:

  • A danger to public health which includes having an infectious active disease, such as tuberculosis or syphilis, or have been in contact with someone who has an infectious disease
  • A danger to public safety which includes experiencing a loss of physical and mental abilities, unpredictable or violent behaviour; and/or
  • Excessive demand on health or social services which depends on whether the cost of your medical treatments would put excessive strain on the public health care system and negatively affect wait times

Student visa applicants must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This will provide medical and hospital insurance in Australia and must cover the duration of your stay. 

Convince the Government that you are not a Security Risk

You will need to supply a criminal report showing that you have not been involved in any of the following:

  • espionage;
  • subversion (such as political riots or work strikes);
  • violence or terror;
  • be a member of an organization that violates human or international rights (such as war crimes; crimes against humanity etc.) or
  • involved in organised crime (such as money laundering, human trafficking etc.); and/or
  • committed a crime (this includes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol).
  • if you’ve got any shady immigration history or failed applications owing to ingenuine entrance attempts.

Your character also falls into this section. In some cases, you may need to fulfil the character requirement. Criminal history just isn’t a visa selling point. You may be asked to provide police certificates for each country you have lived in for 12+ months over the past 10 years

Incorrect or Incomplete Documents can be a reason for Rejection of Your Visa Application

If you have failed to meet any of the previously mentioned criteria, it may be tempting to supply altered documents or misinformation. This is not at all advised as your documentation will go through a rigorous verification process. The organisation is key to making sure you complete all the visa application requirements and provide all substantiating documents to support your claims. Something as simple as forgetting a health clearance document, or as little as forgetting to include a policy code, can make or break your visa application.

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport identity page and each page that has a visa label and immigration stamps for any countries.
  • National Identity Card.
  • All pages of the Household Registration Book.
  • A Curriculum Vitae certified by local authorities.
  • Valid electronic Certificate of Enrollment (CoE) for the courses undertaken
  • A statement to satisfy the decision-maker that you have a genuine intention to stay in i.e. Your circumstances in your home country, potential circumstances in the country you are moving in, the value of the course to your future, & details of any previous history of International travels.
  • Evidence (scanned and uploaded original documents in colour) of qualifications and associated transcripts of any courses completed and/or attempted and/or currently studying.
  • Evidence of any scholarship(s) awarded for your studies.
  • Valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the proposed duration of the student visa.
  • If under 18: Parent consent letters, signed and witnessed.
  • Confirmation of appropriate accommodation.
  • Evidence of funds & genuine access to funds or evidence of annual income to support your visit.
  • English language test certificate that was taken less than 2 years before the date of lodgement of the application.

Damaged or Invalid Passport

A reason for the Rejection of Your Visa Application could be presenting a  passport that is not in a good condition. Such a case can be when passport pages are detaching or missing. When the cover of the passport is found damage and so on. An alternative motive to lead the consular officer to deny your visa application is presenting a not acceptable passport for the Embassy or Consulate. Such cases are classified as the following:

  • Presenting a passport that does not have a valid period of less than three (3) remaining months after the return from the visit
  • When presenting a passport that does not possess two different blank visa pages
  • Presenting a Travel Document Booklet instead of a valid passport
  • If you are presenting a valid passport that is older than ten (10) years

Have not used a Visa Previously issued to you without having a valid reason

Rejection of Your Visa Application – Possible Reasons

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