Pre-Assessment Form

If you are seeking an assessment with FIA for migration purposes, download this application form. Refer to the relevant guidelines for the list of documents you will need to provide. All applicants must complete the same form, however, the sections to complete will depend on the type of assessment being sought. Follow the instructions on the form. Submitting an application Please note the following:
  • You will need to email the form and supporting documents to
  • Use the subject line: Skills assessment application – nominated occupation – your name. For example Skills assessment application – welfare worker – John Smith.
  • You must include all pages of the form, even if they were not relevant to your application.
  • You must name each document. For example work experience reference letter
  • All attachments should be PDF files or Word documents. Photos are not accepted. If you have a large number of files you can compress them in a zip folder.
  • Applicants must provide 600dpi colour scans of the certified copies of the original documents. Low quality scanned copies will not be accepted.
Using a migration agent FIA deals directly with applicants. FIA will not discuss your application with other people (third parties) unless specifically authorised by you to do so. If you want someone such as a family member or other agent to deal with FIA on your behalf, you will need to attach form 956 signed by you, authorising this person (by name) to act as your agent. Regardless of whether or not an agent is appointed, the address used for correspondence will be that nominated on the assessment form. Decision ready application Your skills assessment application must include all required documentation and must be decision-ready before you apply. An incomplete application will be assigned a ‘not suitable’ outcome. You are entitled to appeal (see below) however, there are a fee and additional processing time. Fees Payment needs to be made at the time of submission and is non-refundable. Payment methods are Mastercard or Visa. If alternative payment is necessary please contact us. Application status and time-frame Seventy-five per cent of applications are processed within 12 weeks. Applications can take longer to process for example, if more information is required or there are problems verifying documents. An acknowledgement email, including your reference number, will be sent to you after we receive your application and payment is processed. Assessment outcomes Outcomes will not be provided by phone. If you change your address, you will need to notify us in an email sent to Resending outcome documents will incur an administration fee of $50. Communicating with the assessment team All communications must be emailed to You must include your FIA file reference number in the subject line. Assessment officers will not meet with applicants face to face unless the national office has sanctioned an appointment. Certification Certified copies are copies which have been formally endorsed as true copies by a person or agency recognised by the law of your country, (for example, a notary office or a Justice of the Peace) and recognised by the Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for this purpose. Each copy of the document must be certified separately and must clearly show:
  • The words ‘certified true copy of the original’
  • The signature of the certifying officer
  • The name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature
It must be possible, from the details provided for FIA, to contact the certifying officer if necessary. Translations If your original degree, diploma, certificate or any other supporting document is not written in English, a translation of the documents into English must be provided along with certified copies of the original documents. FIA reserves the right to request that translations are completed by a translator accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Level 3 accreditation is normally required. Appeal or review an outcome To contest a negative outcome please refer to the FIA appeal policy and procedure and the associated form.

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  1. Well, I found your site very helpful by seeing FAQs by a number of people, I would like to know if at this age i can manage to qualify to settle myself for more education and skills in my profession and live in peace. Thanks.

  2. I have cleared my assessment stage Before 8 months and even I got ielts overall score 6.5
    L- 7, R – 7.5 , W – 6 , S – 6. And my sister is in Sydney she is citizen over their . Can I apply for family sponsorship or state sponsorship pls advice.

    1. Hello Rakesh,
      You can apply for the family sponsorship from your sister , but you will not score any additional points for her sponsorship as she is living in the metropolitan area.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  3. Hello,

    i already have visa 457 and want to apply for PR before dec,12. could you please assist me with my application and point calculation queries?


  4. Hi Dilip
    I am looking forward to apply for Australian PR this year. I had given my IELTS last month .Could you please let me know how will you assist in further PR process.

  5. Hi
    I have done b tech(cse) and got my degree in may 2012. i have total 17months of experience in IT Industry.My question is will my experience be counted from the date after i got my degree or prior experience will also be considered for assessment?

    Thank you

  6. continued….. so after completing B.eD. I joined an englishmedium school on probation and successfully completed an year 2010-11.Then I started the IELTS coaching and preparation to file for australian PR. My concern is that I fall short of exp. points as my exp. before getting B.eD degree i.e. of total 4 yrs is not counted and on the top of it i consulted an agent and they told me that I need to give IELTS academic module and not general even if I am applying for PR as he said teachers need 8 band in each

  7. continued….. teachers PR need 8 band in each skill in ACADEMIC ( Note: NOT GENERAL) module. Hence please guide me about the band requirement in my case. thanking you, Hiral Patel.

  8. please clarify and guide me whether I as a teacher applying for Australian PR as secondary school teacher should be giving which module of IELTS and how many bands do i need to get in each to qualify for Australian PR?

  9. I completed my B.A Honours English from M.S University,Vadodara,Gujarat in year 2004.Then worked on contract as temporary teacher for an year with gujarati medium school for year 2004-05.Then I joined M.A English from M.S.University English Dept. in 2005 & completed in 2007.Then i joined the same gujarati medim school again on contract as temporary teacher for 3 yrs 2007-08-09-10 & joined B.eD. in 2010 & completed in 2011.then joined Eng. Med. school on probation & successfully completed term i.e. 2011-12.

  10. Hello,

    I would like ask a small question if you don’t mind. I came to Australia under TU 573 subclass student visa with permission for work in 2008. My visa was to expire in August 2012 but I later on extended it successfully to March 2013. Is it possible for me to apply for the Genuine Temporary Entrant program for graduate to apply for a 2 year working visa?

    Thanks so much!



  11. Well, I found your site very helpful by seeing FAQs by a number of people, I would like to know if at this age i can manage to qualify to settle myself and family for more education and skills in my profession and live in peace. Thanks & Regards.

  12. Hello,
    My ILETS score is L: 6.5, R:5.5, W:6.5, S:6.5 (Overall 6.5), please advise the ilets score is sufficient to apply for Australia PR. I have overall 6 years of work experience and completed my technical diploma in 2003 followed by B.Tech in 2007. My age is 29. Thanks for your help in advance!!


  13. Your site is so helpful for prospective immigrants, I unable to get required score band of IELTS, however I have got my assessement positive by ACS, I’m IT professional, ACS endorsed my 12 years of experience, currently I’m 37 years . My brother in law living in perth having citizenship Australain citizenship and he will sponso me. I would like to know like to know whether I need to retake my IELTS or I shall go for EOI, please advice

  14. hello sir,
    i have done my masters degree here in india in hospitality and now i want to settle in australia.please suggest me that how can i go in there(study or skilled immigration)or some other way to file for a PR here from india only and can get a cousin is already there and had filed for i get points for that too and i also have 7 bands in IELTS programme. please suggest me a way to go there.

    1. Hello Aditya,
      You need to send your experience details , age and other details for evaluation. For your skill your cousins sponsorship is of no good advantage.


  15. I done my Master from Australia and now am looking for migraion to Australia.Currently am working in IT field as Software engineer in India. Please let me now the details and already submitted my Assesment Form above.

  16. i have 4 years in IT Exp. + 4 years Engg college Exp in CSE DEpt. i am eligible for canada PR or Aus PR or NZ PR with in short period , with country giving PR very less time , thank u sir , waiting for u reply

  17. Hi 🙂

    I would like to know if the processing time of EOI is different from applying inside and outside Australia?

    Thank you for your time

  18. Hello ,

    I have done my bachelors in Civil Engineering in 2009. From 2009 till 2011 I was working full time as civil engineer and 2011 till 2012 I completed my MSc in Environmental and Energy Engineering from UK. Currently in India working as Environmental Engineer.

    Age 25

    IELTS : 7.5

    No sponsors and no family members in Australia.

    Wiling to migrate to Australia on a Permanent Residency visa

    kindly suggest

  19. Hi! i have done four years study in australia diploma’s . and i want to apply for sponsership and pr . is it possible for me . … thank tou very much..

  20. hi dilipin,

    I am Kamal. I have done btech in mechanical engineering. I am doing maters of mechanical. can you mention i need experience if i want to apply for pr in australia. Or i just have to finish my degree with relevant ielts bands.

    thank you

  21. Please can any one clarify my doubt?

    for applying Australia PR how much minimum we should get band score in IELTS

    please mention in all task.

    Thank you.

  22. Hi sir.. Plz if you could help me in this.. I am on student visa subclass 573. I have aplied for the extension dec , 2013. But bcoz of the funds i got rejection and 3 years ban also due to fraud documents. I applied for the MRT. My file has been opened , the hearing is on 18 nov, 2013. I want to stay in australia. If you can tell me is any option left for or in case of rejection in MRT , i have to go back .. Plz reply

  23. Hello;
    I tried to upload my resume but there was an error that occurred. Do you have an email address where I can send you my resume for pre-assessment toward an Australian visa?


  24. Good morning,

    I am an Indian working as an Anesthesia technician in United Arab Emirates i would like to get job or migrate to either newzeland or australia. My wifa also has a bachelor degree. My brother in law has PR in ausralia. can you give some advice am i elgible? is it possible for me to get a job?
    thank you.

  25. My husband cleared acs but the over all score is 6’he re taking his exam by next month.if he score 6 + in all mod he is eligble for visa? Now our points is 55 tell us how we can get 60?

    1. What is his skill and work experience in ACS. You can check state sponsorship lists and if any state is sponsoring his skill then you can get 5 points to meet 60 points.Forward his resume to us to advise you on his options.

  26. Hi dilip

    My brother came to Australia in 2007 on student via but his student visa got rejected in 2012 because he didn’t complete his studies on time and he had some gaps between his studies but after his visa got rejected he applied for mrt and before they made any decision he had withdraw from the mrt in 2013 and now he is in India..but my question is that can he applied student visa again.he got 5 bands in ielts and also I am citizen of Australia and I live in regional area if that can help?
    Thank you

  27. Dear Sir/ mam,

    My wife applied for Vetassess Skill Assessment Subclass 190 on 18th Oct still we are waiting for result. we did IELTS exam branded score L:6.5 R:6 W:6.5 S:6. my question is weather Vetassess will conform our 60 points in conformation letter / how we can find, we are eligible

  28. Hello,

    I want to apply for a sponsored visa (subclass 457) in a farm. The owner still have to apply to be sponsor and of course to nominate me.
    I’m just concerned about the required qualification for the skill I will apply for (code 121411: mixed crop and livestock farmer; or 121399: livestock farmer n.e.c.) with the only ticket I have, a certificate of professional formation in agriculture.
    How can I know if that will be enough before applying?
    If the visa wasn’t granted, would there be an other way to get the qualification in Australia while keep working?
    In the worse case of this visa. Would there be an other way to stay in Australia? I really want to, and want one day to get the citizenship.
    By the way, I don’t know if this would change something, I’m Belgian.


  29. Hi,
    My name I Nilesh Pradhan resident of India. I found this site very informative bit my case is complex and it requires your attention. I have completed my masters of professional accounting from MIT Sydney in the year 2009. There after I was on temporary resident visa till dec 2012 . I could not get 7 bands in ielts so I had to come back to India. Now that I have scored 7 bands in ielts, will I be eligible to apply for offshore permenant residence in Australia? Please note tat I am 30 years of age and my mark sheet has been fully certified by CPA australia 2009. I wish to immigrate to australia please give me the available possibilities for PR

  30. I Have submitted the pre-assessment form. I am looking to migrate to Australia and do not have any experience with VISA and stuff. I have completed B.A. in 2007 and am currently employed with an MNC bank as Asst Manager. I have around 8 years experience and I am single. Please let me know the chances of a successful VISA application.

  31. Hi I am stuck in a big problem due to a very small mistake ie I applied for Tr but got rejected as I applied before the result outcome with 8 days difference ,the reason for applying was that my student visa was expiring, now immigration has rejected my tr and my case has gone in MRT, any chance of winning the case,I have also applied for pr as my points were complete.thankyou

    1. Hello Sara,
      If you have applied for PR and it is a complete application , then you do not need to worry. withdraw your MRT and wait for your PR to complete.


  32. dear sir,

    i am interested for the visa subclass 489. please tell the procedure how i can apply.

    my education 4 year diploma in mechanical engg tool and die
    4 year experience in same field.

    thanks and regards

  33. Hi

    I have done medicine followed by MBA from one of the top institutes of India. I am working as Marketing Manager in one of the leading MNC in Healthcare industry (medical equipment). I have almost 5 years of experience now. I am looking to migrate to Australia with work permit visa. Could you kindly advise on the best way forward for me? I tried using your pre-assessment form but it does not work.


  34. This website is helpful.I am currently studying management in university of Tasmania. Can I apply for PR after graduating from university of Tasmania? In which category I should apply ? Please, let me know…

    1. Hello Arman,
      Applying immediately after completion of education is only possible for few skills. most of the skills need atleast 1 year of experience in the relevant field. to give you a more clear advice , send your recent CV and educational documents to


  35. Hi,

    For Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189): I have a BE in Electronics & Communication engg. and 8 years of experience in Software Engineer (261313) SOL / Software Tester (261314) CSOL. So will i come
    under ICT major/minor and closely / not closely related to my occupation, if i do a skill accessment from
    ACS. So please tell me under which category, will i fall, if i will do my skills accessed and for that how many years of experience will be deducted from my overall experience(Skilled Employment) to meet the suitability criteria.

    1. Hello Vimmi,
      The maximum age once can apply for PR is 45 years but people with 44 years only get points.

      share your resume to see your options.


  36. Hello,
    I would like to apply for short term specialized visa for Australia and also PR if possible the issue with my passport is their is a overstayed stamp in it for South Africa in which I have to pay fine of 3000 ZAR, I went to South Africa on company provided visa, from south Africa company have applied for work-permit for me. it self but their was delay in getting it and when I had to leave for unavoidable reason (recession) when I asked for kind of NOC certificate the people who applied for work permit said that the response from Home Affairs is they don’t provide any kind of NOC and all do you thing Australian Government will grant me any short of visa after this. rather for the mistake I did not do. it is now 9 yrs for that event


  37. Hi Dilip,

    I have completed 3 years as a business analyst in India. Looking forward to apply for Australia PR for the role of ICT business analyst. Can you help me out understand the process and your procedure as well for the same.


  38. Hi,
    I am looking to apply for Australian PR and would like to know details for it. The link for Pre-Assessment Form is not working. It is taking us back to this screen with queries. Please advise where to submit the details so I can check my eligibility.


  39. Hi,

    I’m a permanent resident, I have a daughter who is an only child. She is 26 yrs old. Is she eligible to apply for the Remaining Relative Visa?

    1. Hello Catherine,
      If she is satisfying this visa criteria then yes. for which you need to give complete details of you and her father etc.


  40. Hello Dilip,

    first of all I would congratulate and appreciate you for what you have been doing, really a great job answering all the comments from 2011 until now. On the similar line I have a question on availing the 5 points on work experience basis, so I have my Bachelors & Masters in Mechanical Engineering with 7 years of Work experience in IT, do you think I am still eligible for getting those 5 points based on work related experience.


    1. Hello Laxmi,
      Thank you so much . You will not get that 5 points for your experience as 6 years will be deducted as unskilled for which you cannot claim experience points and you need 3 years of overseas experience to get 5 points.


  41. Hi,
    I wanted to know if I would be eligible to apply for Australian PR. Studied accounting masters from Australia and working s ICT Security specialist for past 10 years. What are my chances of processing PR?


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