Professional people — doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers – will find there are ample opportunities for them to become established and prosperous in Australia.

There are many ways of getting to this goal.

Healthcare professionals may obtain jobs solely on the basis of their overseas qualifications. Such jobs are available to people who are interested in contract employment for a period of years. Those who wish to go into private practice will need to become locally certified.

We can advise on this. This applies to physicians, surgeons and allied healthcare professionals including audiologists, dentists, dieticians, environmental health officers, occupational therapists, optometrists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, podiatrists, dental and other prosthetists, psychologists, radiographers, radiation therapists and social workers (as in fact to which there is a very high demand).

In assorted Australian States there are annual medical recruitment campaigns for interim resident medical officers and specialist medical training positions and we can advise further as to these programs.

Healthcare workers are paid generously and competitively. Employers provide superannuation, remote area allowances, study leave, cumulative sick leave and annual leave. Public hospitals are able to take advantage of federal tax concessions for the benefit of their employees.

Nurses may be able to obtain a provisional certification and work immediately. As with doctors, if they wish to remain long-term they will need to obtain local certification. We can help you in all such matters.

Teachers may be qualified for employment immediately in the extensive private school network which exists in all Australia States.

There are church, mosque and temple – affiliated schools which are eager for foreign-qualified teachers with special skills: these schools do not hire on the basis of religious affiliation but academic qualification, which need not be formal teacher-training so long as you are qualified in an internationally recognized university.

If you wish to be employed in the public school system you need to acquire local qualifications: we can advise about this also.

Overseas engineers’ qualifications are highly regarded in Australia and employment opportunities can be extremely attractive. Qualifications from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Malaysia and elsewhere are in great demand because of the flexibility and imagination that are required in such countries.

Note also the information as to public benefits for permanent residents whether employed or still seeking employment elsewhere on this website: free healthcare, living expenses benefits for those seeking employment and all safety.

Benefits for employees and people seeking work

Over the past century Australia has implemented a wide range of social welfare policies which benefit investors and workers. Workers needn’t look to their employers for many benefits because they are available from the state to everyone:

  • Universal free education till matriculation,
  • Universal public medical insurance,
  • The minimum wage,
  • Workers’ compensation,
  • Occupational health and safety regulations,
  • Occupiers’ liability and superannuation (mandatory pension funds for the retirement years which can, in fact, be withdrawn in a lump sum by those who emigrate to another country).

They are also a considerable benefit to employers in Australia as compared with countries where it is companies which must provide these benefits for their workers – a particular cost of doing business in the USA.

A high quality of public security, excellent law enforcement and an incorruptible and efficient judicial system mean that employers are spared the cost of private security arrangements.

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  1. Hi, I’m 31 years of age, currently in Bangalore, pursuing my EMBA in Global IT Management from U21Global & IGNOU. I’m a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming & a Certified NLP Executive Coach (accredited by IFCNLP, Australia). I am the founder director of a Private Limited Company in India. I wish to get details about immigrating to Australia.

  2. I have 12 yrs experience in stock market as equity trader and advisor but I didn’t have enough studies like graduation to sponsor my wife so I have plan for further study in Australia with my family ,could you tell me is it possible , also I have 5 band in ielts

  3. I have done MCA + BCA and Total work experience 10.5 Years. out of total work experience I have work experience in Software Testing/QA. I am looking for work visa in Australia / NewZealand. What is the English language criteria for Software Tester in Australia and NZ.


    1. Hello Sanjay,
      The minimum IELTS requirement for work visa(457 visa) to Australia is 5.5 band . If you have a sponsor from Australia , contact us for further details.

      with regards


      1. Hi Dilip,

        I’m planning to migrate to Australia.

        I have found a sponsor(457 visa) in Australia. but need help to find a job. Please let me know if you can help.

        About my work experience, I have 7years of experience on content management technology software EMC Documentum.

        Awaiting your quickest response.


  4. Hi Dilip,

    I’m an Associate member of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and have work experience of 6.5 years in KPMG, Sri Lanka and HSBC. Kindly let me know the possibility of immigrating to Australia…and also the current IELTS requirement….Many Thanks…

  5. Hi Dilip,

    I’m an Associate member of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and have work experience of 6.5 years in KPMG, Sri Lanka and HSBC. Kindly let me know the possibility of immigrating to Australia…and also the current IELTS requirement….Many Thanks…

  6. Hi,

    I received my invitation to apply for my permanent residency visa on 7th January, 2013. I am a pharmacist by profession having completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in Australia. My concern here is that I am currently completing my internship (paid work) and already have worked for 1 year now. When I applied for my PR, I had already worked for one year and assumed that it has given me 5 points (1 year work experience).

    While the assessing authority states on the skilled assessment that work experience is not applicable (which I realized just now since overlooked that fact), I have been in a paid employment for more than one year (full-time position). Please note that the skilled assessment was done sometime last after completion of my degree (15th November, 2011).

    My concern here is that I have got a written work experience letter from my employer. Would they take into account the letter, payslips and other documents that I am willing to provide or would they consider the skill assessment with fine point about work experience not applicable and therefore, reject my application?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



  7. Hi,

    I am a graduate and also CA inter with over 6 years of experience in the field of Auditing. I have been working with Deloitte since 5 years. Could you please advise if I have any chances of getting work visa?


  8. Hi Dilip

    My husband is a Software Engineer, with almost 10 years experience. Currently he is pursuing full-time MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, which will be completed by April, 2014. I am a HR professional and will be joining HR-MBA course (distant course) in IIM Calcutta from next month. I already have a Master Degree in Science from University of Calcutta. Please advise us, how we can get a suitable position in Australia and what are the immigration criteria.

  9. Hi Dilip,

    I have done MBA from Osmania University and BCA from Kakatiya University and I have 6 years of experience as Software Engineer. Currently I am woking with IBM, Hyderabad.I would like to know information about Australian PR. My DOB is 08-02-1981.
    How many points do we require to get the PR and please let me know more details about this.

    Mobile 9966227802

  10. Hi.. I have 4yrs of experience in Publishing/Editorial and looking forward for job opportunities in Australia. Can you please help with this or suggest

    Thanks Shruthi

  11. Hi There,

    i am a graduate with overall 6 years experience in Finance and Accounting. Currently I am working at Deloitte India as a Finance Analyst. Wanted to Migrate to Australia (PR Visa Sub 189).

    Could you please let me know if i am eligible and the chances of me getting this VISA.

    Thank you !

  12. Hi, I am swarna, working in Cognizant technologies private limited, my husband is a holder of student visa. I applied for visiting visa which got rejected bcoz of my annual salary. The high commission thinks that am not intended to stay in Australia, whereas I hav a bank balance of Rs.450000/-, I think which is enough for my survival as a visitor. In this matter will u Plzz suggest me what will be my next step. If u require any more info do mail me sir. Thanking you.

    1. Hello Swarna,
      I see their is some flaw in your documents which you have submitted. When you have a good salary and good savings they will give you a visit visa. need to check where you have gone wrong.


  13. hi, i am an MBA with Major in Finance and Minor in HR. I am working in a proprietorship firm in India since last 3 years in the field of accounting. I want to know that am I eligible to migrate to Australia.

  14. Hai dilip

    I am working as a safety professional in uae more than 6 years. I had done my engineering and MBA. Having nebosh and iosh certifications. can you please advise me to migrate to australia and get job as occupational safety professional in australia?

  15. Hi,
    I want to ask few questions. We had been in Australia for almost three years 2011 to 2014 on student visa(husband main applicant) in Australia, couldn’t pay tution fees, outstanding debts, bankrupt, couldn’t pay hospital bill of my son who born there, got entry refusal and three years ban…
    Now it’s 2020, we want to apply for immigration as me main applicant, will it bother my bad credit history?? (iam willing to pay all outstanding dues if got visa)

    Any help will be appreciated

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