Australia is safe for foreign students and immigrants

The United States-based blog for Indo-Americans, “Sepia Mutiny” ( has frequently carried alarming accounts of unprovoked attacks on Indian students. Recently there has been some bad press for Australia in the Indian news media about similar-seeming events. Is the situation comparable? Should prospective Indian students (and their parents), investors, and independent skilled migrants feel any alarm? Absolutely not.

Australia is a much different culture and society: western, yes; American, no. There are no guns: There is no history in Australia of any ethnic community being rigorously oppressed and suppressed, apart from the unfortunate aboriginal Australians, whose lot is assuredly tragic but who do not resort to violence.

The rate of, crime in Australia, including violent crime, is extremely low: it is comparable with the rates in Canada, the UK, and New Zealand, where guns are also strictly controlled. It compares extremely favorably with the USA, where there are both a relatively uncontrolled gun culture and discrete populations of disaffected people.

Australian cities are extremely safe and the Australian police extremely vigilant; even in regional towns. International students who are serious about their studies won’t venture into pubs in the wrong part of town on the wrong night of the week or drink more than is wise.

There are strict anti-discrimination laws and those who engage in speech or action which is hostile to others on the grounds of race, religion, gender, or political views are harshly penalized. Employment is equal opportunity.

Visitors to Australia from India invariably exclaim over the cleanliness, orderly, and safety of Australian streets, suburbs, towns, and cities and the friendliness of the local people.

Australia is safe for foreign students and immigrants
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