New Changes to Australian Education System

A new Revolution in the Australian Education system with post-study work permits after
University education.

Cris Evans the minister of education has informed me that: I’m very pleased to say that the major
changes in the announcement today provide for streamlined visa processing for those people
seeking to do a bachelor’s degree or higher.

we are announcing today of key importance in my area is that we are introducing a post-study
work visa, which allows for between two and four years post-study work for those international
student graduates; two years for a bachelor, moving up to a maximum of four years for PHD
students. Again this is about allowing them to gain work experience, post their study, which will
allow them to be more competitive in the job market, either in Australia or overseas.

students are looking for quality education and also some work experience as part of what they
want to get out of their international studies

Chris Bowen minister of immigration explains that: Let me run through some of the key
recommendations and our response. Firstly, as Minister Evans said, we will implement a new
streamlined visa system for universities. We propose to treat all student visa applications for
participating universities under the new streamlined system which will be roughly equivalent to
the lowest assessment level in the current system – AL 1. This will apply for Bachelor degrees,
Masters degrees and postgraduate research degrees. This will apply regardless of the country
of origin of the visa applicant.

We will have this system in place by the first half of next year and will be consulting closely
with the university sector about the detailed implementation, the criterion for universities to
participate, etcetera

Secondly, as Minister Evans also indicated, we will be introducing a new post-study work visa
for university graduates. This will enable people to work in Australia for two years for people
who have completed a Bachelor’s degree, three years for Masters’s, four years for Ph.D. students.
They will not need to work in their field of study and they will not need to have an occupation in
skilled demand.

The existing 485, 18-month visa for other education graduates will continue to apply for other
parts of the higher education sector. Of course, the government will reserve the capacity to
modify the period of work rights with regard to the economic and employment circumstances in
play at any point in the future.

we will reduce the financial requirements for higher risk Assessment Levels, they are the
Assessment Levels 3 and 4. The amount of money required to have saved for people on
Assessment Level 4 will be reduced by around $36 000 and for Assessment Level 3 by around
$18 000 and we will reduce the amount of time which people must hold this money as well.

I believe this will have an impact across the board for the VET sector, in particular, it will provide
some shorter-term assistance while we undertake that fundamental review.

New Changes to Australian Education System

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