Employment opportunities in Australia 2020

If any part of the world’s economy has experienced a period of prosperity in the past decade, Australia’s economy will continue to improve. The economy is one of the first to emerge in the global recession. It continues to attract skilled foreign workers to fill employment opportunities in Australia. Australian jobs The Australian economy has […]

Is Australia safe for foreign students and immigrants?

The United States-based blog for Indo-Americans, “Sepia Mutiny”  has frequently carried alarming accounts of unprovoked attacks on Indian students. Recently there has been some bad press for Australia in the Indian news media about similar-seeming events. Is the situation comparable? Should prospective Indian students (and their parents), investors, and independent skilled migrants feel any alarm? […]

New Student Visa System in Australia for 2016

Australia has adopted a new student visa processing system that might make life a little easier for future students and higher education providers. The proposed new process, called, the simplified student visa framework (SSVF), will launch in July 2016 replacing the streamlined visa processing (SVP), which has been used since 2012. The changes are great […]

State nomination for Australian PR without IELTS and ‘work experience’ is now possible

South Australia has announced exemptions from English language requirements and work experience to a particular category of state nomination applicants. Under the new scheme, high performing international graduates from public universities in South Australia, will be able to claim these exemptions, besides ‘financial requirement waiver’. Such applicants will also have access to a more extensive […]

Migration Pathway for NZ Citizens May Disadvantage Skilled Applicants

Migration Pathway for NZ Citizens May Disadvantage Skilled Applicants A new migration pathway for New Zealand Citizens has been announced, and is due to come into effect from 1 July 2017. The new pathway makes it possible for NZ citizens who have lived in Australia for 5 years and who have been earning taxable income […]

Survey states Australian Employment requirements are rising

Survey stating that Australian Employment requirements are rising despite of Global economic uncertainty A survey of Australian business leaders has shown that local sentiments towards hiring and job growth remain high despite financial uncertainty abroad. Researchers at recruitment specialists Hudson have interviewed over 4,000 employers across the country in their effort to gain an understanding […]

Why choose Australia over the USA? The UK? Canada? New Zealand?

Economic opportunities in Australia are vast. Australia’s economy is increasingly integrated into those of the ASEAN countries (originally Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand and more recently in addition Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. It also has a free trade agreement with the USA. As with India and Canada, Australia’s financial sector […]

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