Skill select for Australian General skilled migration process

Skill Select and New Points Test from July 2012 for professionals and trades men.

Skill select will all start with an Expression of Interest. An Expression of Interest (EOI) does not constitute a migration application. This method of skilled migration is based on a scarce number of places and employers sponsoring overseas skilled applicants.

The skills select will work in this model. You will need to put your information into a database selecting which type of migration you would like to apply for. You  will need to have a positive skill assessment and pay an application fee.

Basic steps in the EOI process:

    EOI————–>Register——————->Rank————————>Invitation—————-> Application——————>Assessment

Applicants who lodge an expression of interest (EOI) will essentially compete with each other for the places available. The pass mark is 65 points which is a threshold mark, not a pass mark. The higher the points, the better the chance of achieving an invitation. The system will be based on ‘Apply anywhere’ and ‘Visa granted anywhere’. This means that DIAC is doing away with the onshore and offshore at time of application requirement. Once lodged, the person stays on the register which also serves as a database for employers and governments to find someone.

The visa subclass is changing. The old subclass 175 , 176, 475 , 885 , 886, 487 are going to get abolished from July 2012 and December 2012. New subclass of visas are coming to into place. Subclass 187,189,190 and 489 are coming in the place of the above mentioned visas. They are removing the option of onshore and offshore visa criteria for the General skilled and the Employer nomination skilled visas. For Employer nominated visas the subclass of  visa is subclass 186.

People on 485 visas or skilled visas can apply for EOI. There will still be points for family in the provisional visas.

Under the new provisions, subclass 475 visa holders are also made eligible to lodge Employee nominated and general skilled migration applications. They have to satisfy the 2 years work requirement to satisfy this application.

  • Employer Nomination Scheme ( Subclass 186)
  • Regional sponsored migration Scheme(subclass 187)
  • Skilled-nominated (Subcalss 190)
  • Skilled nominated or sponsored provisional (Subclass 489)
  • Skilled independent (subclass 189)

The pass mark will be 60 points. The points will be allocated for the skills select based on the bellow criteria.

  • Age points
    18-24 =             25 points
    25-32 =             30 points
    33-39 =             25 points
    40-44 =             15 points
    • 45-49 =             NIL
  • Occupation:

There will be an occupations list but no occupation is given ‘points. The occupation list is subject to change. So people need to check the Skilled occupation list before filing for the EOI.

  • English:
    Competent IELTS 6 =                     0 points
    Proficient IELTS 7 =                   10 points
    Superior IELTS 8 =                     20 points
    • NB Competent English will be required for all

General Skilled Migration visas

    including regional


  • Skills assessment:

Assessment from the relevant assessment authorities has to be obtained before lodging the skill select options.

  • Skilled Employment:
    1 year in past 10 in Australia =       5 points
    3 of past 10 years Overseas =          5 points
    3 of past 10 years in Australia =     10 points
    5 of the past 10 years Overseas =    10 points
    5 of the past 10 years in Australia = 15 points
    8 of the past 10 years Overseas =     15 points
    8 of the past 10 years in Australia = 20 points
  • Qualifications:
    Doctorate =                            20 points
    Bachelors (including honours and masters) = 15 points
    Diploma =                                   10 points
    Trades =                                    10 points
  • Australian study:
    Australian Study(2 years study) =           5 points
    Regional Study =                            5 points
  • Community language
    Community Language (NAATI Level 2) =        5 points
  • Sponsorships
    Designated Area relative Sponsorship =      10 points
    State /Territory Nomination =               5 points
  • Partner skills

Partner Skills (need to satisfy all the criteria as The main applicant satisfies)= 5 points

  • Professional year

This is available for only few skills who come under Accounts , Engineering, and computer professionals.

    Professional Year =                           5 points
    NB  Designated Area Sponsorship by family is the only one to give review rights.

28 thoughts on “Skill select for Australian General skilled migration process

  1. i want o apply pr under 190 subclass . i want to know is ther is any option vettassess advice me for which occupation i should apply ?is my education and experience is ok for anzsco 222211,222212,222213

  2. i m working from last seven years in NBFC in india in receivable management . i have my maternal cause n brother PR in Australia . can i apply for pr in Australia on this basis

    1. Hello Gurkirat,
      I need to know whether your skill is their on SOL1 . I need more information to analyze the points you score for the GSM application. I also need to know where your relative is living in Australia along with the post code. send all these information to

      with regards


  3. Hi

    I am a former student of an australian university, i have finished my masters in It , my assesment is a ict business analyst, i have got 7 bands in ielts, iam 26 yrs old, i have not still applied for assesment. i did a 2 yr course but for the last 1 yr i have been in india i am wanting to go back sometime next year. please advice

  4. I would like to continue with the filling of EOI as i was unable to finish due to technical problems. I’ve managed to get 60% on my online assessment. My brother is working with the Australian Department of Health in Perth. Please advise on what steps to follow as I would like to migrate to Australia permanently on Skilled Visa (Secondary Teacher from South Africa).

  5. I have been invited to submit a visa application for subclass 189 but I am not sure whether I should submit the medical and character documents at the same time or wait for the department to request for them. I am applying from outside Australia

  6. Hello friend,
    I am planning for subclass 189 visa.. I have applied for skills assessment on april 4th for business analyst and expecting their response by end of this month. My points are as follows

    1.Age28 ( points 30)
    2. Education MBA (Points 15)
    3. Work experience 8 years 1 month (points 15)

    I have received ielts score today and have scored an overall 7.5 bands. However in writing I have received 6.5 bands. I heard that for business analyst I will have to score a minimum of 7 in each section. Not sure how far it is correct. Need you inputs on this.


    1. Hello Manj,
      In regards to IELTS you can lodge with 6 in all bands if you score 60 points on your EOI. I cannot advise you on your calculation. send me the skills assessment out come once you receive the same.

      with regards


  7. Good day,

    I have applied my 189 visa on invitation, in EOI i have unknowingly mentioned volunteer work as related field as my actual paid work is just few weeks short of 1year, so case officer says i am 5 points short. i got invitation with 60 points. but my company gave 1+ year experience letter after my visa application, can I withdraw my visa application and re apply with the experience letter? if so, does the withdrawal application have any effect of next application? please help.

    Thank you


  8. Hello Sir,

    I am working as software engineer and having 7 years of experience.
    I accessed my document from ACS for 5 years as i do not have documents for other 2 years.
    My ielts score is L7 R7 S7.5 W 6. Is there any chance for me to get invitation with this score.
    Are they going to open state sponsorship in near future.
    Please Advice what should i do.

    1. You are eligible to apply for EOI with your band score if you meet 60 points.We will not be able to advise you on the future state sponsorship skill lists.If you further want to know your available options then forward your Resume with our pre-assessment form filled with all the required information to me on my email id.

  9. Hi, I am an ACCA (Association of chartered certified Accountant) .. and i don’t have an academic university degree, but i can get a honors bachelor degree from Oxford Brookies Degree from UK university..if it necessary to get to apply for skilled migration to aus.. So can i apply for skilled migration with honours degree..? or can it be possible to apply with out the honours degress as well..?

    1. Pralad
      We need to see that what is your qualification with out Honours Degree and whether you meet 60 points to be eligible to apply for permanent migration.
      Fill our pre-assessment form and send it to us with your CV.

  10. Hi Dilip,

    I have filled in the Pre-assessment form. Could you let me know whether i am eligible for the AUS PR… either independent or state sponsored.

    I had approved 457 this year, sponsored by my employer and the same was cancelled as the project got delayed.

    Please advice whether that would cause any issue while applying for PR.

    1. Hello Raghul ,
      Their will be no problem to apply for Pr , but you need to properly explain the department why your previous visa got cancelled and how much you are involved in regards to the cancellation process


  11. Hi Dilip,

    I am currently doing my PhD from IIT. I want to apply for 189 visa. But I don’t have any work experience. I have searched in the net, but couldn’t find any satisfactory answer regarding the requirement of work experience. I have already passed by BE in Mechanical Engineering with Honors. Can I apply for 189 visa? What are the changes of passing a CDR by Engineers Australia? Please advice.

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