Upcoming Points System

New rules from June 2012 for General skilled migration in Australia

A new selection model based on an Expression of Interest (EOI) and invitation to apply is implement for new skilled migrants. The proposal is in an early stage of development. Although the key features are settled, further changes are possible and the following must not be taken as a final description of how the new selection model will operate.

The Skilled Migrant Selection Model

The Australian Government has decided for a major reform in the way Australia selects skilled migrants, which is Skilled Migrant Selection Model. The Model will build upon and draw together number of reforms to the skilled migration program over the past three years. In doing so it will deliver the skills Australia needs by matching the best and brightest migrants to the available places in the migration program.

The Model will be an electronic system based upon a two-stage process. Prospective applicants first submit claims for skilled migration through an online EOI and subsequently may be invited to make a visa application. This is a significant change from the current situation, as applicants for independent or state/territory sponsored migration will be required to receive an invitation in order to lodge a visa application.

Once invited, the Model will ensure a match between the number of applicants and the number of available program places. This will result in streamlined processing times.

Benefits of the Model

The fundamental principle underpinning the Model is that the skilled migration program is determined by the economic needs of Australia. As such, it is necessary for the Australian government to manage who is able to apply for skilled migration, when they are able to apply and in what numbers, on the basis of this need. It is proposed that the Model will allocate all places in the independent skilled migration program to the prospective migrants, those who score highest on the points test, in each eligible occupational group.

A key benefit of the Model is the ability to address regional skill shortages. The Model allows prospective migrants to nominate their willingness to live and work in regional Australia. This will be of particular benefit to employers experiencing regional skills shortages and state and territory governments attempting to settle migrants in regional Australia.

The Model will connect state and territory governments and Australian employers with potential skilled workers through a central database of prospective skilled migrants. This will help state and territory governments maximise the benefit derived from their state and territory Migration Plans. From the perspective of employers, the Model would assist in the resolution of skills shortages through quick and easy identification of prospective workers with the requisite skills and attributes, reducing advertising and recruitment costs to businesses.

Implementation of the Model

The Model is proposed to commence on 1 July 2012. As of this date, new applicants for independent, family or state/territory sponsored migration would need to submit an EOI and be issued with an invitation before lodging a visa application, unless eligible for transitional arrangements. The first round of invitations is expected to occur in January 2013.

Transitional arrangements currently apply to certain people who, on 8 February 2010, held or had applied for a Skilled – Graduate (subclass 485) visa. This group is able to apply for a permanent skilled visa under the previous system, until the end of 2012. There are no additional transitional arrangements in relation to the Model.

Visa subclasses affected by the Model

The visa subclasses which will be affected by the Model are:

  • Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175
  • Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176
  • Skilled – Independent (Residence) subclass 885
  • Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487.

All prospective applicants for these visas will need to submit an EOI and receive an invitation before they can apply.

Prospective applicants interested in employer sponsorship would not be required to submit an EOI if they already have a sponsor. However, submitting an EOI allows employers to view their details and contact prospective applicants to discuss sponsorship opportunities. It would also allow prospective migrants who are sponsored on a temporary basis to be invited for either independent skilled migration or state/territory sponsored migration if eligible.

For those who have already lodged a visa application prior to the implementation of the Model and are pending processing, the department would process this application in accordance with any priority processing direction in effect at that time. A prospective migrant who has already lodged a visa application may want to submit an EOI in order to be connected to an employer or state/territory government.


What is an EOI?

An EOI is an online expression of interest for skilled migration to Australia. It is how prospective applicants will register their interest in applying for a skilled visa.

Prospective applicants would provide basic biographical and other information such as occupation, details of work experience and level of English language ability on the online EOI form. Those expressing interest in independent, family sponsored and/or state/territory sponsored skilled migration would need to submit their claims against the points test.

Prospective applicants submitting an EOI are able to indicate whether they want to be considered for independent/family, state/territory and/or employer sponsored migration (on either a temporary or permanent basis). A prospective applicant may register interest in one or more visa program depending on their eligibility and personal preferences

How will the Model work?

Stage one

Prospective applicants express their interest in applying for a skilled visa through an online EOI form. They will be required to indicate categories of skilled migration they are interested in. These details would be stored in a database, which would be accessible by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (the department). State and territory governments May 2011 2

and approved employers will only be able to access the details of those who have nominated interest in those respective migration categories.

Stage two

Selected EOIs would be invited to lodge an application. Prospective applicants may be selected by the department for Independent or Family sponsored migration; or state or territory government agencies for state sponsored migration or a state sponsored regional provisional visa. Alternatively, employers may contact prospective migrants to arrange sponsorship for permanent employer sponsored migration or a subclass 457 visa.

The EOI database will provide a central repository of prospective migrants. This would enable employers to easily identify, compare and establish contact with potential skilled workers.

State and territory governments would select prospective migrants from the database if they have available places in their State/Territory Migration Plan approved by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

Employers will be able to sponsor a prospective migrant, including one identified through the Model, at any time using the current application process

Would I need to submit an EOI?

It is proposed that all prospective skilled migrants seeking an independent, family sponsored or state/territory sponsored visa will need to submit an EOI and be issued with an invitation in order to lodge a visa application. Prospective skilled migrants seeking employer sponsored visas may want to submit an EOI if they have not yet found an employer to sponsor them. This is not a mandatory requirement if they already have an employer sponsor. The following table provides a summary:

Independent/family sponsored


Permanent employer sponsored

State/territory sponsored

Regional sponsored (Provisional)

Yes Must submit an EOI No EOI optional No EOI optional Yes Must submit an EOI Yes Must submit an EOI


Would I have to complete the job ready program before I submit an EOI?

If your occupation and circumstances require you to complete the Job Ready Program, you should satisfy this requirement prior to lodging an EOI. It is proposed that you would be required to lodge your visa application within two months of the date of invitation.

If you did not lodge a visa application within this time period your invitation would be considered null and void. Your EOI would remain in the database for the remainder of the two years from the date you submitted your EOI and you may be eligible for selection in a subsequent invitation round during this period

Would I have to complete a skills assessment and/or an English language test before I submit an EOI?

Yes. Your EOI will need to be based upon facts as they stand at the time you express interest in migrating. If you are invited to submit a visa application, it is envisaged that you would have two months to finalise all necessary documentation and to lodge your application. The invitation would expire at the end of two months.

How long would my EOI stay on the database?

An EOI would generally remain in the database for two years after submission. An EOI would be removed prior to the expiry of this period if a permanent or provisional visa has been granted.

The below table summarises the period of time an EOI would remain on the database:

Granted a 457 visa Granted a permanent employer sponsored visa Invited for a state or territory sponsored visa Invited for an Independent or family sponsored visa Not invited
EOI would not be removed from the database until either:the two year expiry period elapses*or

you are subsequently invited for and granted a permanent residence visa.


EOI would be removed from the database upon visa grant. EOI would be removed from the database upon visa grant, even if granted a provisional (regional) visa. EOI would be removed from the database upon visa grant. EOI would be removed from the database two years after submission.Prior to the expiry of the two year period, applicants could elect to renew their EOI.

What if my circumstances change after lodging my EOI?

If your circumstances change after lodging your EOI and before you are invited to lodge a visa application, you would be required to update your information in the database. Updates to your skills would ensure that any documentation you submit in respect of a visa application is consistent with the information on the database. This may increase your score on the points test, therefore improving your chance of being issued with an invitation to lodge a visa application.

If the details you provide in your visa application do not match those contained in your EOI, you may not be granted a visa even if you meet the threshold criteria.

Ranking and selecting in the Model

How would EOIs be ranked?

EOIs for points tested visas would be ranked in accordance with the points achieved on the skilled migration points test, a mechanism that assesses a skilled migrant’s level of human capital by their age, level of qualifications, English language ability and work experience. In this regard, the prescribed pass mark for a points tested visa category will only represent the minimum standard required. This will ensure that the best applicants in each occupation are identified and selected first.

What is the proposed occupation ceiling?

The Model will contain a mechanism to ensure the Independent category of the skilled migration program delivers the occupations that are most in need. This mechanism is known as the occupation ceiling. In simple terms, the occupation ceiling is intended to be a limit on how many people could be selected for independent migration from a particular occupation group. Its purpose is to prevent the Independent category being dominated by a narrow range of occupations. Once the limit is reached each year, there would be no further invitations for migration from a particular occupation group. Program places would then be allocated to other occupation groups, even if they are lower scoring

Who decides which EOIs would be invited?

Independent Skilled Migration

For independent and family sponsored skilled migration, all selection decisions would be made electronically, based on the Selection and Invitation diagram below. Selection is an automated process and is based on objective criteria. Departmental staff will not be involved in the selection process.

State/territory government and employer sponsored visas

It is proposed that state/territory governments would be able to nominate prospective applicants at any time to apply for a state/territory visa as part of a State/Territory Migration Plan. Nominated prospective applicants would then receive an invitation to apply at the same time as the selection round for independent migrants. Employers could also access the database and contact a prospective applicant to arrange sponsorship.

As state/territory government delegates must choose from the EOIs contained in the database, there would be no advantage in contacting state/territory governments directly.

What would happen if I am in Australia when I lodge my visa application?

If you are in Australia, it is important to note that submitting an EOI or being issued with an invitation to apply will not be grounds for being issued a bridging visa (BV). A BV would only be considered once a valid visa application is actually lodged. Therefore, if the visa you hold is about to expire before you apply for a skilled visa, you would need to apply for another visa if you want to remain in Australia. If you do not meet the requirements for grant of another visa, you would need to depart Australia before your visa expires.

What would happen if I don’t get invited?

Your EOI would remain in the database for potential selection for two years from the date that it was submitted. During this time, you may be selected in a subsequent invitation round. You must update your details if your circumstances change. Additionally, if you have expressed interest in an employer sponsored visa, you may be contacted by an employer directly to discuss sponsorship.

If you have indicated interest in state/territory sponsorship you may be contacted by a state or territory government delegate to discuss sponsorship. If more than one state or territory wants to sponsor you, the invitation to apply for migration would be issued against the first state or territory to nominate you.

305 thoughts on “Upcoming Points System

  1. I am an Associate professor in Management with 10 years of academic teaching experience. I have a PhD degree too. My spouse is Accounts and finance professional with 12 years of corporate experience and we have a child of 10 years. Please let us know our prospects for immigration.


    1. Hello Dr,
      You seems to have options for Australian migration. But we need more information. fill the pre-assessment form and send you and your spouse resumes


      1. Hello dear,
        Am I apply for EOI & can you tell me my points?
        Age 31
        Experience 10 years
        Trade qualification out side australia (ITI-fitter)
        ielts–06 band in each component

          1. Hello, I am on my own looking to immigrate to Australia in August or September of this year. I will be graduating with my masters in clinical social work in July from the US, and would like to find a job in a rural community, however I am running in to some difficulties as to where I should start the process. I have found that in the immigration visa application process it is much easier to get one if you have a job lined up, but at the same time it is much easier to get a job if you already have a visa. Would it be better to just get a temp visa and get the immigration one after I am there? Also it seems that for the skilled immigration section they need proof of your certificate, however I am hoping to leave shortly after graduation and want to have everything set before I have my MSW compleat, is there an alternative to completion, like a clause that visa is only valid if degree is completed? Do you have any suggestions?…In order to get a job in social work do I need and AASW? Is there someone who could help guide me throughout this process.

          2. Hello Hillary,
            Good to know that you are completing Social work in July. If you are planning to migrate to Australia, it is advisable to first visit to Australia on a temporary visa and then think of migration. Your US degree is accepted in Australia. If you are looking for going on a temporary basis to Australia. send your details to info@futureinaustralia.com. Their is a licensing requirement for social workers to work in Australia. To know more log on to http://www.aasw.asn.au

            with regards


        1. hello sir i am 29 year old nd i am graduate and also done iti diploma after graduation nd i hve 4 year experience too nd i got 5.5 band in general module ielts test can i go to australia on permanent base

          1. You need to have 60 points along with 6 in each band score and a positive skill assessment to be eligible to apply for permanent residence.
            There are other visa options also. Fill our pre-assessment form and send it with your resume.

  2. Hello,

    I am currently on bridging visa A (processing for TR (485)). I would like to know whether EOI would affect me, if I applied for PR after 2012 December.


  3. i am vikrant katkar stay in india. I have completed my master of commerce and have 6 year work experience in accounts. I also got 6 band in each components of IELTS in academic module. Kindly suggest can i get Australias PR.

  4. Dear Sir,
    This is Pushparaj have 7+ years of Exp in Telecom Testing (Software). recently got IELTS score overall 7 (L:7.5, R:7, W:6, S:6.5). as per the points calculator , I could get 55 points (Assume IELTS score 0), as per my current score, i will not get 10 points for my IELTS. I may need to retake IELTS exam.
    Under current circumstance can i get PR VISA with Points 55 and IELTS Overall 7? Does EOI Helps me to get PR VISA ? What are the chances ? If none are working , then i have to take IELTS again.
    Please guide me.

  5. Hello Mr Dilip,

    I am Msc(IT) and I have 6 yrs of exp into Software testing.My Wife is Btech electronics and having 5+ yrs of exp as a lecturer in an enginnering college.Are we eligible for Australian PR .
    Please suggest

  6. Good day, I am a graduate of sociology and a diploma holder of social development and administration. I have been working as a social worker since 2008, and i have a partner who is an engineer. I have gone through the instructions and i am a bit confused. In the aspect of EOI, i have tried looking for the link but its no where to be found. Secondly, i am the principal applicant, my Partner doesn’t have a university qualification but just well trained engineer for school other than a university. What does he need to be a joint applicant. And at what point may i include him. This is because he just took the IELTS test. And the results yet to be published. I am going for Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa.

    1. Hello Angela,
      You need to add your spouse from the beginning as it is going to be for the whole family. did you go through the requirement for the skills assessment for sociology? Send your complete details to info@futureinaustralia.com. You need to get your skills assessed before you go further.

  7. Hi,
    I have Regional visa (475) of SA due to less score in IELTS (missed in writting as 6.5). If I manage to score 7 in each section, can I apply for 176 visa?

    Thanks in advance.
    Maniesh Potdaar

    1. Hello Manish ,
      You can lodge 887 if you satisfy the 475 visa criteria. Where in you do not need to again satisfy the point system. If you have sufficient points for 176 application , you can lodge for the same.


  8. Dear Gents,

    I need clarification for Australian Immigration. please tell me, Am I scoring 65 points or not

    age:- 27
    IELTS :- 8 score (in each component)
    1.5 years Professional Exprience
    Telecom Engineer
    professional Recognized degree from England ( Electronis & Communications Engineering)

  9. I’m now 32 years old and I’m going to submit EOI for a State/territory sponsored VISA by December 2012 (after getting my certificate assessed by Engineers Australia). By this time, my points will sum up 65. What will happen if the invitation delayed after my 33rd birthday, so I will be losing 5 points. Will my EOI still valid or it will be emitted?

    1. Hello Albert,
      If you are in Australia and lodging your EOI , try to get your details assessed as you may also satisfy under the transitional arrangements.

  10. Hi,
    I’m student here in Australia studying Masters in Tourism Management (1.5 years) and will finish my course end of this month. Do I have any option for applying TR or PR in near future as I have studied tourism which doesn’t come SOL list.

    I’m also ready to do further studies.


    1. Hello Vishnu,
      We need to check if you come under the transitional arrangements. If you come under those arrangements, you can apply for TR. send us when you have started your studies in Australia. Based on that we can advice .

      with regards

      Dilip nooney

  11. I am a New Zealand Citizen who works in IT and has the points necessary to apply for PR. I have got my ACS certification completed at the beginning of this month. I am currently working in Brisbane.

    Would it be better for me to apply before 1st July 2012 ?

  12. I am an electronics engineer by profession, having about 12 years of experience.
    I got my assesment done and turned out to be positive. But due to non availability of dates i could not complete my ielts. Hence i am unable to lodge my application by Jun 2012.
    I understand that from 1st of Jul 2012, new rules stipulates that one has to make an EOI.
    How is this do be done, pls educate.

  13. I had done my skill assessment, result is positive. But unfortunately I didn’t score 7 band in all section of IELTS (listening-7, Reading 6, Writing 6.5 and writing 7). Do I get qualify for the Australia PR under new rule scheme of July 2012 or is it necessary for me to score 7 in all section.

  14. If one is in Australia as a student and applies for 885 visa before 1st January 2013, will one get a period of 28 days after that for submitting skill assessment from the relevant assessing authority ?

  15. Hi,

    How much point do we need if we plan to apply for a State Sponser (skilled) visa(190). I heard that the points requirement has been reduced to 60?

    1. Hello Anis,
      Yes you are correct , the current points required to lodge an EOI is 60 points. if you score 60 points or less you can apply for the state sponsorship.


  16. i have completed my MBBS degree from Bangladesh.I have work experience of 3 years on hospital duty.now give me the suggestion about -how can i get PR in Australia? And how much marks will required for me in IELS?

    1. Hello Dr,
      You need to write AMC to work and apply for Migration to Australia. The eligibility for this exam is IELTS 7 in all bands or B+ in OET. If you want more information in this regards . I advise you to approach our office through the bellow mentioned email.


  17. Hi, I would just like to inquire about the EOI scheme. If ever I submit an EOI by 1st of July, can I still update it after submission? currently I have sent my IELTS results for re-marking, and still waiting for the final word. I am having second thoughts about early submission, because right now w/o IELTS results, my score is at 60. I am looking for state sponsorship option, but with my IELTS score in re-mark will I still be eligible?? Kindly advise the best way.

    1. Hello Arnel Romero,
      If you score 60 points you are eligible to lodge the EOI. You can always update your records in the EOI as and when your situation changes.

  18. hi i want to know that is it possible to get PR without experience in your related field or it is mandatory.
    i have done engineering recently and have not more than 6 months experience and my brother have PR in Australia for what visa you suggest me to apply which can help me in getting PR soon or is it possible to get PR directly along with ielts 6 each.

  19. Hi,
    i am Ship Marine Engineer,i started sea career since sep-2006 but we cant stay in sea for whole year so my me actual sea exp is 4 year. my queation is that can i get 65 points for AUS in my field (code 231212)
    if i have ielts 6 band each/overall and B.Sc marine (14 year education) from Pakistan.

    thanks in advance

  20. hi

    i have compiled my masters in information system from AU. now i am in India, work at IT department from 05/2009 till now. spouse has bcom degree. are we eligible for PR from outside in new rule. IELTS 6 band in each

  21. Dear Sir

    I have been working as PRO in Public Relation cell in a unit of Indian Railways & my wife has been working as Sr. Assistant in Punjabi University Patila I have two kids of age 20 & 18 . I have 6.5 score in IELTs Can I apply for PR in Australia as per new rules. I have also my friend in Canberra and Has PR Status He can also give me sponsorship

  22. i have done B. E in Food technology and have 4 years of experience in food manufacturing industries in INDIA. I scored6.5 in IELTS.My age is 27 years. Whether i am eligible to apply for skilled worker of Australia.

  23. I want to apply for PR as i have positive skill assessment and i touch 60 points with state nomination( with 6 each in IELTS).can i apply EOI and do i have chances of clearance of EOI?and what if i get 7 bands in IELTS if i try again after applying EOI?

  24. Sir
    I had applied for australia pr visa in Jan2009 that time I got possitive response for of assesment in march 2009
    But I couldn’t fulfil the requirement of IELTS when I had applied that time requirement
    of IELTS was 5 each in GENERAL but that changed in july2009 6 each .so
    Please tell me what is my current requirement of IELTS

    1. Hello OMparkash,
      I would like to know what happened to your PR application which was lodged in the year 2009? Current IELTS requirement for the PR application is 6 in all bands.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  25. Hi
    I want to know that new rules is affecting on 485 GSM visa. Im on 485 visa .when i can apply for PR .do i need to get 7 band each.what else…

    1. Hello Raj,
      If you fall under the transitional arrangements , you can file your PR till December 2012. It is advisable to check your eligibility and other options for lodging your Pr application before this deadline.
      In regards to the IELTS score of 7 in all bands. It would be required if you need to score sufficient points.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  26. I am a software professional with around 10 years of experience, my husband is real estate professional. My IELTS score is 7 (6.5 in writing, rest all 7+), my husbad’s score is 8(all 7+), can we apply for australia permanent resident visa or I need to give IELTS again?

    1. Hello Sam,
      You can apply for your PR if you are satisfying the PR requirement for the subclass you are applying. Under the new rule you do not have the recent study or experience requirement to lodge you EOI.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  27. Hi, I’m currently on 457 visa working at a client in Australia thru’ a reputed IT company based in India. I have total 6 years of experience as SAP consultant (IT consultant/Software Engineer). Out of 6 years, recent 6 months experience was in Australia.

    Apart from this, I studied Masters of Information Tech. in La Trobe University Australia from year 2004-2006. It was 2 years full time course (recognized by ACS-Australian Computer Society) after which I had returned to India.

    I appeared for IELTS recently and scored pretty good in every section except in writing. (Listening – 8.5, Reading – 8, Speaking – 8, Writing – 6, Overall – 7.5). Couple of guys told me that I would need at least 7 on each section as per the rules. How true is that? Do I need IELTS again just for falling back in writing section? Can I progress with current IELTS score?

    I would like to apply for skilled independent visa. How strong is my case? Will I succeed in my application or there’s a challenge?

    1. Hello Prashant,
      I need to calculate how many points you are scoring. I also need to know under which skill you are assessed. The current IELTS result is sufficient to lodge your application if you have sufficient points. send the copy of your skills assessment and your resume to info@futureinaustralia.com for an advice.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  28. Hi
    Recently, I have finished my Masters in Business Information Systems. I have attained 7 bands each in all modules. According to the point system I have 60 Points and can get into EOI. So I was wondering, do i need to do Professional Year for the sole purpose of permanent migration.

    1. Hello Deepak,
      If you are eligible to lodge an EOI you can upload the same. But in regards to picking up of the application , only those applications are picked up which score more points than the other applications under the same skill.

      I hope you understand my answer.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  29. I have Master Degrre and Account professional with 8+ years of experience. I had done my TRA through
    VETASESS 2 years back and it was positive. My wife also having Master Degree and 3 years of
    experience in HR profession. Recently my IELTS score was 5.5 overall. MY brother is an Australian
    citizen and will sponsor me. My overall points score reaches 60 points. Can I eligible for migration?
    Request you to suggest any other options?

    1. Hello Candrakanth,
      No , you are not eligible to apply for EOI. Accounts profession assessed by VETASSESS means you are assessed as internal auditor. If I am correct , your skill is not their on SOL 1 to get sponsored by your brother.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

    1. Hello Urmila,
      457 visa can be applied if you have a sponsor. with 4 in reading you need to apply for an exemption if your skill permits.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  30. Hi,

    I’m a Marketing communications specialist with 6 years of work experience & a PG degree in Marketing and Advertising. I also work as a freelance journalist for a leading English daily. Do I qualify under any Visa class and can I apply? If not will a diploma course (1/2year) in Early childhood education help my application process?


    1. Hello Satvir kaur,
      We need to know what is your skill and how many points you are scoring at the moment. Their are some states sponsoring some skills with out any additional IELTs requirement. Send your details to info@futureinaustralia.com . or fill your details at the pre-assessment form section.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  31. hi
    I am a graduate accountant. i have completed my bachelor degree and also done with my professional year , i currently have 7 bands and moreover i am working as a accounts receivable. currently i have 60 points . can i apply for Eoi ? Please reply Asap.. much appriciated

    1. Hello Batra,
      Yes you can apply for your EOI if you have 60 points. If you are working with an organization in Australia, you have good options to get your EOI picked up. For more information . send your details to info@futureinaustralia.com.
      1. On which visa you are currently in Australia?
      2. From how long you are working with the current employer?
      3. Which state you are located etc.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  32. hi i am a practicing chartered accountant with a post qualification experience of 1 year and want to migrate to australia on PR.Pls let me know the prospects for the same.Moreover my fiance is also pursuing CA Final and has more than 3 years of work experience of working on new zealand accounts.

    1. Hello Bhandari,
      It good that both you and your Fiance are into Accounts field. Yes Indian Chartered accountant degree is recognized in Australia. You need to obtain a CPA license to work in Australia. It looks like you and your fiance will have options to migrate to Australia. send you and your spouse resumes to info@futureinaustralia.com for more information.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  33. I am 51yrs, graduate in Engg and my spouse is graduate in nursing aged 46yrs. Both are having 15 yrs + experience. Are we eligible for AU immigration either on state/regional based on current point systems. Pls suggest.

    1. Hello Pinto,
      Based on your spouse profile you will have eligibility to lodge for migration to Australia. But we need to check whether you will get sufficient points for the GSM application.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

    1. Hello Ramesh,
      The minimum band required to lodge an EOI is 6 in all bands. But more IELTS score would be requried based on the number of points you score and other relevant criteria. For more detail analysis you need to forward your resume to info@futureinaustralia.com .

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  34. Hi My name is Hema and i would like to know what would be the waiting period for applying PR as i am on 457 visa and have nearly finished 15 months pls advise\

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Hema,
      If you are on 457 visa and your employer is interested to provide you with the permanent residency . This is a good opportunity to use the EOI. If you are looking for his sponsorship, you need to wait till 2 years to lodge your ENS application . If you need more information on the new process , send your resume and other details where you are working to our email id info@futureinaustralia.com .

      Best of luck

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  35. Hi, I have completed the skills assessment, English Exam and I am now in the stage where I have applied for my state sponsorship and EOI. How long does it take to get an invitation? Are there scheduled invitation rounds? If so, what are they? I have applied for the Skilled state sponsorship.
    Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


    1. Hello kristin,
      Good to know that you have a positive skills assessment and IELTS result. If you have 60 points and your skill is available on SOL1 you can lodge your EOI. Invitations are sent once in every month and the good news is the recent invitation for a applicant was received in 18 days. So the new process is working good for some applicants. It is all how about you lodge your EOI.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  36. I am a former PR holder. My PR was valid from 2003 and expired in June 2008.
    I left Australia for good in 2004.

    I want to know if I can now apply for PR renewal. Is there something like resident return or anything that I could fit into.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hello Sachin,
      Yes you can apply for a resident return visa under some circumstances. If you are now interested to start living in Australia , we need to assess your situation for the eligibility for the Resident return visa. kindly send your details to info@futureinaustralia.com for a detail analysis.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

    1. hello Dean,
      It is not mandatory to apply for the State and territory sponsorship before lodging your EOI. I think you have not understood the main working of the EOI. It is advisable to approach an expert in this regards to make your process more successful.

      With regards

      Dilip Nooney

  37. hi, i am a civil engineer working as structural engineer for 6.5 years. i did BSc in Civil Engineering and then i have done MBA. my wife did MSc in Folklore.is it alright to get PR with this requirement? is IELTS essential? If it is needed then what should be the score to get PR?
    Thank you.
    Mohammad Faisal Noor

  38. Hello Dilip, I am Manas. My wife has got all 6 in IELTS and she has 5 years of experience and she got her skills assessed and approved by the ACT. With the skill select she just managed 60 points. I was told that if I as her partner get my skills assessed, we can get 5 more points.

    I worked as a tech support executive for 2 years before completing my degree and presently I am working as an internal auditor and have put up 2.9 years of experience after my B.Com and completed mba (both through correspondence). Will vetassess accept my skills and what criteria does vetassess look to approve my skills. Thanks for your reply.

    1. Hello Manas,
      I need to see your resume and the educational transcripts to assess and let you know whether you will be eligible for the assessment. Before going for the assessment with VETESSESS , it is better to get assessed with us.

  39. Hi, I am planning to apply for Australia Immigration as Accountant, do i need to give IELTS general module or Academic module, if i score 6 band in all 4 sections can i get my assessment done.

    Kindly advice.


    1. Hello Manisha,
      If you score sufficient points for the PR application , you can lodge your EOI. you can also look for other options based on your current status. Send me complete information for the analysis.

  40. hi,

    I got 6.5 in academic ielts with each brand score 6. Can i apply for Australian general skilled migration. I am confused whether academic will be under consider or i need to give general test. ?

    I look forward to your help.


  41. hi, this is anil sir i just want to know that i am 33 year old also having 7+ yr experience in pharmaceautical sell working as medical rep in india also having degree B.sc (chemistry) and in ILETS having score of 6.0 in over all not in each my wife is also having degree of B.sc ( Bio)B.sc(BOTANY)M.sc (LIFE SCIENCE)and also work for two yr for ISRO as a juniour research fellow and now she is house wife somebody was told me that your point is 60 which is eligible for PR but i don”t have 6.0 band in each so is that any other way that i am able to process my file for PR.

    1. Hello Anil,
      You need to have a skills assessment to lodge your application. For lodging an EOI you need to have 6 in all bands. As your skill is not their in SOL1 it is advisable to send your complete details for a detail analysis on visa options.

  42. hi, i have already submitted my EOI and stand 65 points with Ielts score of 7 *4
    I am applying for state sponsorship for Canberra where my position Fianncial Advisor is under limited option what are my chances of being picked up for state sponsorship and if at all my application is not picked do i loose chance of getting visa

    1. Hello Shelma,
      If you are applying for a state sponsorship. your application will be also eligible to be picked up in that subclass 190. So chances of getting your application selected for invitation will increase with the state nomination. As your skill is not their on the SOL 1 your application will not be picked up on subclass 189. I hope i have answered your question.

  43. Hello Dilip,

    I read above inquiries and your answers and felt you can help me a lot.

    I will be 35 by 2013, I am in Australia since 2009 and I have finished my diploma in graphic pre-press and diploma in digital media, currently doing Masters of information system which will be finished by mid of 2013.
    What is the possible way to go for PR ? what do I have to do do get ready for further steps ?
    Your suggestion could help ma a lot as I am really confuse.

  44. Hi ,sir i am now on mrt i want to apply for 457 visa but some lawyer says that i have pic 4020 and i can’t apply 457 visa plz sugguest me thanks

  45. Hi,

    my state sponsorship was already approved and I also got the invitation on my EOI. I am now going for final lodgement.

    Just would like to know what are the changces that I will get the Ausi PR? is it like 50 % or I can be hopeful for like 80% – 90% ? My skill is also on the list of occupation as Medium avaliability


  46. hello,

    i have 5 years working experience in computer science , but my IELTS score is only 6 overall, 7 writting, 5 speaking , 6 reading, 5.5 listening. I got my master of IT in UK london in 2005 and i got my diploma of IT from an institute in australia in the year 2000.

    which visa should i apply for? i dont want to retake the IELST exam.

    thank you so much…

  47. I applied my TR(485) ON 25 july 2010.and it’s approved by 22 oct 2012.which rules gonna apply for me.i am eligible for Australian PR or not.kindly suggest me please.

  48. Hello,

    I m Bachelor Of Commerce Gradaute with 62 % and Ielts scor over all is 6.0 Band and have Middle East gulf Countries 5 years of professional work exp.

    Will I be eligible for Australi PR.

  49. hello sir,
    i am working as a chef from last 4+ year ,graduate,30 year male.with diploma of three year in food production.i had given ielts exam and result awaited.can i apply for P.R. in australia

    1. Hello Pramod,
      we need to assess your complete details. I advise you to fill your details on our website and send it across for the assessment

      with regards

  50. Hello Dilip sir,, wanted to know regarding the ielts requirement in Australia for nurses .. i have done my graduation in nursing and have one year of experience in hospital in critical care unit.

    do tell me,, do we have to give the ielts exam in academic or general version for working there?? and what are the criteria for applying PR in Australia

    1. Hello Bijo,
      I have sent you a mail . you need to complete a bridging course in order to get registration in Australia. You need Academic version of IELTS.

      with regards


  51. sir,
    my name is siddharth . I will complete my bachelor of engineering form central queensland university australia next year. can i eligible for permanent visa and also 6 band in each in ielts

    1. Siddharth,
      We need more information about your situation. It is difficult to get 60 points with our experience. You need to under go professional year to gain points and get more IELTS score to get 60 points.

      with regards


  52. Hi,

    I have applied PR a year ago based on my Professional year and the subclass was 885, since it is taking a while can I apply for a new PR application.

    Currently, I am working as an IT consultant from the past 2 years.

    Please let me know

  53. sir,
    i have recently completed my B.E.CIVIL. and have no experience.my IELTS score is 6 bands overall. my sister give me sponsership which is living in western australia.can i apply for regional sponsership 489 visa and what processing time

  54. Hi,

    I completed my Bachelor degree in Communication (Public Relations) in Australia in 2007 and got positive skill assessment in 2008.

    Then in 2011-2012 I have just finished my Masters of social work degree.

    I am a bit unsure about the points allocated for qualification in Australia. I’ll be undertaking a skill assessment with Australian Association of Social Workers.

    Do I also need to submit the skill assessment for the Bachelor degree which i received in 2008 or should I again do another skill assessment.

    Would you please help me out here as I am very confused about bachelor degree/masters degree and how they come together?


    1. hello Mel,
      you need to only submit your Masters degree for the assessment, as this is the course which is relevant to the skill which you are choosing.

      with regards


    1. Hello Swkhwant kaur,
      We need to check how many points you are getting for your PR application. for that reason you need to send me your complete details. fill the pre-assessment form on our website and send it across.
      or send your details to info@futureinaustralia.com
      with regards


  55. Hii sir

    This is Tejinder here i am working as an accountant. I have got overall 6.5 bands in listening 7.5 and others 6 each. So am i eligible to apply for PR in Australia.

    Please let me know sir.

  56. hi sir,
    i have completed my mbbs, with ielts score of 7 each, my age 26 years. my points add up to 55 what should i do to get it to 60. do i need full registration with australian medical council to get state sponsorship.

  57. Hi, I am currently applying for skill migration under state sponsor of Canberra for skill Graphic Designer. Have recently received my ielts test result with l:8, r:7.5, w:6.5, s:8 and overall of 7.5. Do I need to retake my ielts as I didn’t score a 7 for writing? I am 32 yrs old with 7 years of work experience and a degree in relevant field. Please advice. Thank you.

  58. Hi Dilip, I am a Chartered Accountant and I got positive skill assessment from ICAA. I have scored 7 in all modules of IELTS as well. With 4 years 9 months experience and with the age of 30, I scored 60 points and lodged for skill select on Dec 3. In skill select I have applied for both 189 (60 points) and 190 (65 points) but not yet applied to any state for sponsorship. Let me know do I require applying for state sponsorship to get the positive nod from skill select. Or shall I apply to state sponsorship after the skill select is done…

    1. Hi Kishore,

      I am planning to apply for Australia Migration under Internal Auditor category, am a Chartered Accountant from India want and have got experience in Internal Audit for more than 6 year

      want to check with you whether will get a positive assessment if i apply for skill assessment with ICA / CPA Australia, since they do skill assessment for external auditors


      1. Hello Sreevatsa,
        When you are working as a internal auditor , how can you be accepted as a External Auditor. Be care full in handling your application. If you are doing some thing wrong you will loose your money and opportunity. If you are interested to take our advise and services , fill your details on the bellow link and attach your resume.

        Pre-assessment form link: http://www.futureinaustralia.com/pre-assessment-form/

  59. I am awarded with skilled regional visa VF 475 and I have to enter South Australia by May 2013. I being the primary applicant, my family has also been awarded same as the secondary applicant. My problem is I wont be able to take my small kid along with me now. Therefore can i take my kid after 6 months i.e.after June 2013. Do all my family members need to come along with me before May 2013 or can I take my kids after June 2013,,and also please note that we have to enter Australia by may 2013
    Pls respond to my query.

    1. Hello Indu,
      You need to go through the grant letter . It clearly explains when you have to enter and who all have to enter before the dead line. If you are not able to know the same , send us the grant letter . We will advise you .

      with regards


  60. Heloo Dilipn,
    I am 31, from India. I am Diploma in Interior Design with work experience of more than 5 years (In India) For the same field.
    Currently I am studying in Swinburne University of Technology for my Bachelor in Interior design, It is 2 years program. However, I Inquired about course of Bachelor in Architecture in another university which is 3 years of program. But, their criteria is i will not get Certificate of Architecture unless i finish 2 years of Master In Architecture.
    My Question Is, am i eligible to apply for pr. by EOI after finishing my Bachelor in Architecture Or should I continue finish my Bachelor in Interior design in same university and then apply of EOI. for PR. please guide me through so I can plan accordingly.


  61. Hi

    I want to ask if i am eligible for loadging Visa application under Independant – Skilled Migrant (Visa class 189) , if my band score in individual module is not equal to 6 , but overall IELTS Band Score is greater than 6?


  62. Hello, I am a phd student (film) in australia, I will graduate later this year, my question for now is: which IELTS do I have to take, the academic or the other. I will not be studying anymore I do wish to permanently reside in this wonderful country. Thank you!

  63. Hi,

    I am Software Engineey with 5.7yrs experience. Out of 5.7 years, I was in India for 4.11 months ( to be exact just 10 days less than my 5 yrs exp). I have scored 6 each in IELTS . My Age is 27 yrs and I have 1 yr local experience in australia.Also, I am B.E in Computer Science.

    I have applied for ACS. Will they give me 10 points for my indian experience? Will they consider me as a 5+ yrs category in Offshore (India)?


  64. Hi,

    I am in IT industry for past 4.5 years and have worked as test engineer, test analyst during my tenure. Out of my total experience 18 months have been spent in Australia on a 457 WP. I have done my graduation in mechanical and automation engineering and nearly 10-12 of my subjects made me work with computer in one way or the other.
    I am planning to file a PR but got to know that as per ACS guidelines I need to complete 6 years before I can be assessed for IT skills as my engineering was done in a non-it stream.

    I am able to complete the 60 points on the scale and I will be filing a PR for my spouse as well.

    is there a hope for me to apply for a PR a bit earlier ?

    Any sort of help will be appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards

  65. I am 22 years old and have completed bachelors of agricultural engineering.I have IELTS SCORE OF OVERALL 7.0(Academic). I have my relatives to sponcer me in perth. What are my outcomes for PR.


  66. Hi,

    Currently i am looking to migrate to australia.

    I took IELTS and got overall BAND Score of 6 and getting eligible with the points test getting overall as 55 points even with IELTS 0 points.

    But the rules say we have to get each band 6 but i have got Listening – 6.5, Reading — 6, Speaking — 6 and Writing — 5.5

    Do i need to go for one more attempt of IELTS for just 0.5 marks ? or can i apply for some other visa ?

    I am not sure how to go ahead ?

    Please suggest me.


  67. Hi. Can you please tell me how much points do I own according to the following bio-data and what are my prospects of getting immigration.

    Age: 26 Yr
    Qualification: M.B.B.S & PLAB Part 1 cleared
    Experience: 1 year Internship training

  68. Hi,
    I am 33 year and wish to apply for PR Status details are as under, kindly review my detail and advice

    I have two years Graduation degree B.COM
    Total 10+ exp in which last 2.5 years as IT Consultant and rest of Accountant.
    I wish to take your advice that can i go for skill assessment of Accountant( General) and if it is How many point i can score in my education and my experience also please note that recent job requirement been remove from w.e.f 01.07.2012.

    Another question is that if i go for IEELT then which option would i have to adopt , General of Academics? i since i heard with CPA that they required 7 band in each in academics IEELTS

    Please advice.

  69. Hi,
    I’ve completed masters in biotechnology in India 2012, my sister got PR a week back , I don’t have work experience yet, wht r the possible ways for me to get PR, recently received ielts overall score of 6.5. Plz guide me.

  70. Hi, I am a registered nurse here in the UK for 8 years. I just received my ielts result
    and got overall band score of 7 however, I scored 6 in reading and the rest are 7.
    Do I need to retake ielts exam or can I carry-on applying for skilled migration visa?

  71. Hi,

    I am currently a Masters student in Monash University Clayton on student visa. However, I have completed a two years Bachelors in Engineering with Honours course in Monash University Clayton as well. I have gotten all the proper documentation and 65 points. Am I eligible to apply for permanent residency and EOI or must I complete my Masters program first?

  72. Do i need a valid IELTS score before applying for EOI? can i lodge an EOI and then appear for an IELTS exam. I had written IELTS four years back and it has expired.

  73. Hi! I have a plan to apply PR, I have done IELTS Reading:8, Spoken:8, Writing 6.5, Listning 6.5. Could you please let me know wheather I will get points for IELTS or I have to redo the test?

      1. Hello Dilipn,
        My IELTS score is l:6.5, r:6.5, w:6.0, s:6.5, I inted to apply for rigional sponsered visa, subclass 489, my total points are 50(Qualification-10, age- 30 and experience- 10) if i get regional sponcership the i will get another 10 points and my score will be 60, am i right or not ? another one query is, is perth in regional area ? moreover pl tell me government fee for sponcership and visa. pl give me your valuable advice.

        1. Hello Shankar,
          With going through your details, I cannot comment on the points you score. In regards to Perth it comes under regional for some visas.

          with regards


  74. MEng in engineering from top UK Uni + 5 years relevant civil/structural eng experience. I’m going for an MBA in the UK (World top 30 programme) but want to work in OZ afterwards to do management consultancy. What’s the best route towards PR? Apply for High skilled now or wait and get the TR then PR? What is the time scale for getting a PR decision, skill assessment takes about 3 weeks apparently but there is no mention of the timescale from EOI to Application decision….

    Thanks in advance

  75. Dear
    I have been working as a sales and marketing personnel for Industrial product ( Sr. Executive & key Account manager) for last 8 years, and I have got B. Com degree ( 2 years) from National university of Bangladesh, am I eligible for any of the subclasses which has lodged by Australian Govt.?
    Ariful Hoque

  76. Hi,
    I am 41 years old and I got master degree in Cell and Molecular biology and I have 5 years work experienced in biotechnology and bioinformatics my spouse has Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and now He is PHD student of Biodental material. My score in academic IELTS module is 6.5 and all band is up than 6 My husband overal score is 8.Please tell me our chance to apply for Australia immigration

  77. hi sir., i am a conveyor belt technician. my basic trade is I T I Fitter 2 years diploma, i have 8 years of experience in this field i saw plenty of job vacancies for conveyor belt technician or splicer in Australia .. i got ielts score listening 5 , reading 4 , writing 5 speaking 5.5. , are my score enough for get work visa of AUS? pleas give me some information about aus skilled job work visa

    your”s faithfully

  78. hi

    i am with 10+ yrs exp in IT . currently working in India .as per the ACS i am having 60 pints and got 5.5 band score in each component. pls advise is that i am eligbile for sub class 189 visa


  79. Hello,
    i am raghuveer ,30 years age, having 9 years experiance in Automobile sector, last time my IELTS score is (L-6.5,R-5.0,W-6.0,S-6.0).
    I want to get Australiam PR, please guide me that this score is ok, or do i need to give IELTS again.


  80. hi, I am currently studying in University of Wollongong, in Masters of ComputerScience 1year degree course, I have an overall score band of 7.5 in ielts academic module, I just want to know whether I can apply for PRor not

  81. I have just got TR 485, i want to clarify something regarding PR partner points. my wife has done MBBS. she is eligible to practice in Australia after passing Exams conducted by Australian Medical Board and the college she graduated from is on list of recognised colleges they allow for exam.. she has 6 month paid experience in Pakistan plus she has 6 each in IELTS too. Can i claim 5 partner points on this basis???

  82. Hi,

    I will be employed in Australia for 1 year by this July, so I’ll be eligible for 5 points for a skilled year in Australia.
    I want to go for ACS assessment now (Feb), so that in July I’m already ACS assessed and can submit my EOI,
    but not sure if I should wait for July to go for ACS instead. Does ACS have to prove this 1 year in Australia or I can just provide references to DIAC at the time of application?

    I meet ACS requirements even without this one year in Au, so for me it doesnt matter when to apply for ACS, but I would like to do it asap (also because in July there may be changes in skill select rules).

    Please advice.

  83. cn u plz calculate ma points for applying pr to australia…m 30 yrs done graduation. masters in chemistry. B.ed degree…having teaching experience in school for 3ys… cn u tell me plz hw much points i score n hw much i need more o full fill d reqirement n hw much bands f ILETS i need to score to get required points for australian PR…

  84. Hi
    i have 8 years experience as a baker from 2004 to till date and also i have 6 bands in each component of Ielts but i have completed my diploma in bakery in 2012 and my current age is 31.pleaes tell me am i elgible for Australian PR or please will i get points for my work experience before my qualification.

  85. Hi Dilip,

    I have 6.5 experience in the field of finance and would like to apply for Skilled Independent subclass 189. I am also including my spouse name in the application so that which I can add 5 more points in the skills test.

    How much score does my wife need to get in IELTS exam or is it sufficient if she gets an overall?

    1. Hello Sampath,
      If you are counting on your spouse skill , her skill should be also on the demand list. she needs to score IELTS of 6 in all bands .


  86. I’m a govt. Employee.i’m 27 years old.overall 6 band in ielts.i’m an MCA.i want to get visa for australia on PR basis.may i know,i am eligible or not

  87. Hi Dilip,

    I am 32+ years (bCom + MCA) and have 7.5 years of experience in IT. My husband is 35+ years (M.Tech in Transportation Engineering) with 8.5 years of IT Experience. I heard that for non B.Tech IT graduates there are changes regarding the experience and points counted towards GSM from July 2013. But we couldn’t find any information about this on immi site. Could you please provide us any information on the same and where to know about this.

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hello Rama,
      In regards to the skills assessment , you should not check immi website. their is a different place you need to check . But you need to know for those people whose degree is not related to computer science their is a different process for the assessment. This process is currently their . I do not see any changes in this regards at the moment. If you want our help in your application send your details to this link

      Pre-assessment form link: http://www.futureinaustralia.com/pre-assessment-form/

  88. Dear Dilip, I have a question do I really need to score 7 in IELTS, I am asking because I have calculated my score and its 60 without IELTS……

    Please tell me….

  89. Hello Dilip!
    I’m 26 years of age and have done B.com from Delhi University .. I want to know if i get my qualification assessed and complete the remaining units in accounting from Australia to qualify Australian accounting , how many IELTS bands do I need to score in all?
    Please reply

  90. Hi Dilip!
    Is it possible to qualify for the University Lecturer – 242111 category if I have nearly 13 years of experience in teaching at a public university of Bangladesh? If even all qualifications, including the PhD degree is obtained from a public university of Bangladesh? I’ll be grateful if you kindly respond.
    Shafi Ahmed

    1. Hello Shafi,
      You need to understand that if you get your skill assessed as university lecutrer , you need to have a state sponsor for your PR application. at the moment their is no state sponsoring this skill.

      send your resume to info@futureinaustralia.com for assessment.


  91. Dear Dilip,
    I have completed my masters of engineering from australia, and I got my TR approved and after that due to health conditions I came back to India and my TR has been finished last month and last week I got the Ielts score all 7’s Individually and I successfully reached to 60 points which i calculated . even after finishing my TR can I launch EOI from India. Is I am eligible to apply for PR to Australia.

  92. I am MA and Bed and I have 4 yrs of exp as a teacher. My husband is BA and having 7+ yrs of exp as a Steno Typist in an enginnering college. Are we eligible for Australian PR .
    Please suggest

  93. Im 27 years old. I have experience of 4.6 years as a Business Analyst. I have a score of 7 bands each in IELTS. I have done B.Tech in computer Science. Do you think I can get Australian PR?

  94. Hi dilip,

    Just want to ask, i only got 5points in ielts exam.. Do i can SUBMIT EOI?
    Im 32 yrs old
    Mechanical engineer
    7.5yrs of work experience

    Do i can pass the points



  95. I have got 7.5, 6.5, 6.5, 6.5 overall 7 in IELTS. And I have 65 points as below to apply for EOI & subsequently apply for subclass 189.

    Just wondering whether if I get more in IELTS then will it give some extra edge to me over the process with respect to preference, probability, etc… Will it increase my chances or all above 60 has equal preference? My points as below. Please let me know

    Age points – 25
    Qualification points – 15
    Work experience(overseas + Australia total) – 20
    skills assessment for my wife – 5
    IELTS – 0 (but eligible)


  96. Dear Dilip,

    I filled the pre-assessment form last week but didnt get response, I just need to ask that do I really need to score 7 in each band? because I have over 9 years of working experience and I am 31 years old plus 4 years graduate degree.

    Please do reply.


  97. Hi,
    I have a question regarding IELS needed for Student visa.
    Required minimum in all sections is 6.0, however in writing I scored only 5.5, whilst in other three sections 7.0. Is there any possibility I could enter the course (some kind of compensation through other grades)? What is your opinion?

    Thank you!

  98. Hi Dulip, i got my 60 points without IELTS, i took IELTS also, my overall score is 6, but my reading score has gone to 5.
    Am i still eligible to apply for Skilled migration? Please advise.


  99. dear mr dilip,
    please tell me my points,
    1)BE Civil engineer
    2)Total 9 years experience
    3)my overseas(saudiarabia) experience 3 years
    4)my age 32 running
    6)i didnot write IELTS exam
    i can get visa in australia

  100. i am having mphil with 5 years work experiance as lecturer and i am having score band of 8, and checked in skilled occupation list requirement is there, shall i submit eoi.

  101. Hi Dilip,
    I have around 13 years of experience as a C++ engineer. A few years of that I had spent on my personal project, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to provide a Skilled Employment Reference for that period (1-2 years).
    Unfortunately I don’t have a bachelor’s degree. With a good IELTS result I should be having enough points for submitting the EOI.

    The question is: Can you give me some estimate on what are my real chances for getting an Independent (Subclass 189) visa?



  102. Hello sir,
    I am from India and i want to ask you that how much band is required to go Australia and is there any changes made by the Australian Government in Migration ?

  103. Hi dilip,

    I just want ask , I got Listing-5.5.Reading-5.0.Writing-5.5.Speaking-5.0.overall-5.5 in ielts exam.. can i get work permit visa or Employment /Residence visa?
    I completed Diploma in Automobile(Mechanic)
    13 years Experience.
    34years age
    I’ll be grateful iff u Respond

    Thanking you


    1. Hello George,
      Most of the visa require 6 in all bands IELTS. But if it is the case of 457 to PR then you have options. so let me know on which visa you are currently in australia. where is your sponsor located and whether he is interested to sponsor your on PR visa.

      with regards


  104. Hi. My IELTS result is 6.5 overall and no less than 6 in four sections. I was qualified by vetassess for production manufacturing manager with 6 years of experience. I am a graduate of bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering.,. 29 years old. Am I qualified?

    1. Vetassess is a skill assessment authority. Do you mean to say that you have got a positive skill assessment in production manufacturing from vetassess.Please fill our pre-assessment form and send it with your resume to my email id. Also specify your question more precisely

  105. I am a training and development professional with more than 4 yeaars of experience. I have recieved a Positive skill assessmrn from Vetassess. and My iekts score is 7 in each module. i have submitted my documents for state nomination to ACT. I want to know the probability of getting a state sponsorship.

  106. Hi, my ielts result is 7.0 overall, 6 in each module. I have five and half years of paid part time experience in bakery as a baker in Australia, Can I get positive skillassessment for skillselect? Please advise me with some more details.

  107. Hi,

    How much time it is taking currently to get an invitation after submitting an EOI for Software Engineer occupation for Australia PR if we have exactly 60 points.

  108. Pratibha – I would be greatful if you can help me with just 2 queries that I have :

    1. I worked in a third party BPO Mahindra Satyam ( Previously Satyam Computers ), and the process that I work for is dealing with insurance for overseas customers, we deal with new insurance polies and insurance claims ( over the phone ) and the job profile matches 90 % with the job description given in the ANZO ( not sure if I got it right ) website under the code ”insurance advisors”, and I would be able to get in a company letterhead about my job description in detail ** insurance related. My queston is, will this be accounted for relavant experience under the job code of insurancee agent/advisor ??

    2. I have done my degree ( BCom ) through distance learning from NSP orrisa, this is an autonomous body and does not have UGC/AICTE accrediation, would I be able to claim for the 15 points for graduation ?

    Kindly Reply

  109. Dear Sir,

    Greeting of the day!
    I have a query, I got ielts band overall of 6.5 in General module & also I have applied for 457 visa for Australia which is on right track to receive soon. I want to apply for Australia PR & heard that 60 points are required to lodge the process. I have 8 years of experience in HR, qualification B.Com, M.com & MBA in HR, will I be eligible to get a PR….

    Awaiting for your reply

  110. Hi,
    I have done with my pg diploma in telecommunications in UK. Now I’m working as accounts receivable in India. My Ielts score is 7 in all modules. Do I have a chance to apply for PR?

  111. Hi,
    i done with my ACS assessment and eligibile to work under 261313 (Software Engineer.
    my experience in software industry 7 years 7 months now.I am B-Com graduate and how much band need to score for IELTS?.please suggest me..

  112. Anurag Sharma Pokharel

    Date of Birth- 11th dec 1983

    Email – anurags40@gmail.com

    Marital status- Married (1 child of 1.7 years age)

    Education- BE Civil

    BE completed year – 2007

    Working Experience – 5 years

    IELTS- listening 7, reading 6.5, writing 6.5, speaking 5.5 overall 6.5

    Bijaya Gautam pokharel

    Date of Birth- 29 Dec, 1984

    Email – gtmbijaya@hotmail.com

    Marital status- Married (1 child of 1.7 years age)

    Education- B.E. (Civil Engineering) 4 years course

    B.E. (Civil Engineering) completed year – 2007

    Working Experience – 3 years+ (Civil Engineer)-

    IELTS- listening 6.5, reading 6, writing 6.5, speaking 6.5 overall 6.5

    The detailed attached in this mail is of me Anurag Sharma Pokharel & my wife Bijaya Gautam pokharel. We have 1 child of 1.7 years. According to our biodata are we eligible for PR?? Kindly waiting for your response as soon as possible.

    Also please provide us the selection criteria for PR? Along with our point.

  113. Hello Nitin ,

    This is Mayank, age 27 years (CV attached) have few queries before I apply for 189/190 visa. Pls help.

    Brief about my professional career till date:
    1. 1. Completed Bachelors in Commerce in 2007,

    2. 2. got associate membership of Institute of Chartered accountants of India in 2010,

    3. 3. did 3 years full paid internship at Chartered Accountant firm in taxation field, from sep 06 – aug 09,

    4. 4. was working as analyst – investment banking from jan 10-aug10 (8 months),

    5. 5. studies masters in international securities, investment and banking from oct 2010-july11

    6. 6 . started my venture – online portal (website) in aug 2011 (non-finance occupation) and working till date (i.e. dec 2013)- was on payroll of an electronic giant in india as business head

    I have decided for career change step and have planned back to start work again in Finance domain as Analyst – Associate on research side.

    I have checked that my qualification of chartered accountant fall under SOL list Accountant (General) – 221111 (specialisation : finance analyst) / 221113 Taxation Accountant.

    1. 1. Will my Masters degree/bachelors degree, Chartered Accountant degree all qualify separately in the point system? Or you can claim only for one?

    2. 2. Will my 3 years paid internship experience be considered as eligible work ex to qualify for points?

    3. 3. My internship experience was under taxation field (nominated on SOL as: 221113 Taxation Accountant). If I want to apply 189 under Accountant (General) – 221111 (specialisation : finance analyst)? Will it be considered? Or its better to apply under 221113 Taxation Accountant?

    4. 4. Do I need to clear any other exams of CPA/ICAA before I am assessed positively in skill test for the nominated occupation?

    5. 5. Considering my qualification, do I stand chance to get ‘Nomination by state or territory government and than apply visa under subclass 190.

    6. 6. My wife is dentist (BDS) from India, age 26 yrs. Experience of 1.5 yrs. How can I claim 5 points of her? (resume attached)

    7. 7. Should I apply for 457 visa first or directly 189? Which class stands better chance considering my profile?

    Looking forward for your revert.




    1. Hello Mayank
      Answers to your questions
      1.The points are awarded to the highest qualification.
      2.If it was full time paid work experience then yes.
      3.I need to go through your roles and responsibilities with duration of work in both skills mentioned above.Forward your detailed Resume.
      4.I can advise you after going through your resume.
      5.You need to check if any state is sponsoring the skill chosen by you.You should have 55 points to apply an EOI before you apply for the state sponsorship.
      6.To gain 5 points of your spouse she needs a skill assessment and a band score of 6 each.
      7. If possible,Direct permanent visas are always advisable.

  114. i m a 24 years old,my qualification is diploma in Hotel mangement( food production) & BA in correspondence.. work experience is 2 years & Ielts score is 7 I want a PR & work experience in austarila is it possible Please suggest me …… Please send me the all details on my Email ID ravneetkaur095@gmail.com

  115. i have done my b.tech in mechanical. I want to go australia for mba or m.tech. Which is more beneficial?
    And if mba than either hr or accounts or marketing, which has more scop??

    1. Hello Manju,
      You need to write CDR’s to get your engineering degree assessed by Engineers Australia. You can take our services for getting assistance for the same.
      call us at 9290453941

  116. Hello sir,
    This is mantek singh, from India done bba, having 7 years of experience in medicine marketing.
    I am 25 years old. Wants to get settled in Australia.
    Pls guide me the pathway to apply for PR.

  117. I got a score of 6 in the ielt exam I am 29 years old I have been in Australia before and 13 years experience as a carpenter do I have enough pints to apply for visa

    1. Hello Michael,
      Good to see a carpenter profile. as you know this skill is on high demand in Australia. It looks like you will have options but , send me your complete details , like age, qualification , accredited experience etc information to my email id dilip@futureinaustralia.com . I will be able to advise you based on your information.


  118. Dear Dilip,
    I have just completed my ielts test with band 6 each module but my age is 34 years old. I have completed Advance diploma and bachelor degree(2013) in Australia and I am doing masters now. so can you please advise me what way i can go through to get PR, I am overwhelming with different options. Can you please suggest me what is best for me ?


  119. Hi Dilip,
    Thanks for sorting out the queries. I am currently on 457 visa and it’s been 20 days, since I have lodged my EOI. But due to unforeseen circumstances, I need to leave my current employer and take job from a different employer. So my question is – is it possible to change jobs when my EOI is under submission? The new employer has all the rights to sponsor 457 visa.thanks

  120. Hi Dilip,

    I am an Human Resource professional with an top IT firm. I have total 6 years of work experience in IT including 3 years in HR. I have completed my full time MBA in 2012.Need to understand how to select skills from SOL list as there is no HR related skill set mentioned. I want to apply for Skill Independent visa along with my spouse. Please guide

    1. Hello Priya,
      Their are no skills related to HR in SOL1 but you have skills on CSOL. send us your resume and qualification documents to check your options. also send your spouse resume along with your documents


  121. Hi, This is Mohit, I been in Australia since 2009 on spouse visa but after getting divorce in 2011 I got my own student visa, which was valid till 10 July 2013, b4 expiring it I left Australia and came back to India. Before, leaving Australia I got married with the Singaporean girl who was on student visa and she procced partner visa from over there. I didn’t want to go back and I sent email to immigration to withdrawal my file after making sure with me immigration procced for same. Later on , I decided to go Australia for nursing as I been working over there as an assistance nurse. I got a call from immigration to get a medical done and one another call they asked about my marital status, I told them divorce from first marriage and seperate form second but they said y did u write in application that you are divorced and it was my agent mistake who filled the form for me. I did try to make them understand but the refuse my visa and put the ban on me for 3 years as I can’t apply temporary visa. So, please suggest me can I aaply for residency or work permit or not ? Thanks

    1. Hello Mohit,
      When you have a bad history , you should choose a registered migration agent to handle your case. You have spoiled your career because you made a wrong choice. I need to read through your refusal to understand the ban imposed on you.


  122. Hi,
    I am an Indian professional with 9.5+ years experience in TATA group and have BE+MBA degrees. My wife & I, have qualified IELTS exam with an average score of 7.5 (7 & above in each band).Both of us,wish to migrate to Australia to work and settle there.

    I have experience in Management Consultancy, Business Analysis and Supply Chain fields.

    I would like to know whether I can apply against the occupation ”Management Consultant” which currently features under Special conditions in SA state occupation list. Is there any risk of removal of the occupation from list in the next update?

    Kindly advise.

    Thanks & regards,
    Sourav Chakraborty

  123. Hello i am havig prob in scoring 65 each in pte exams i scored more than 65 in three modules but i scored64 in reading which is just 1 mark less than required 7 bands for subclass 189. With 65 each i am fulfilling 60 points. Is there any exemption which i can get. As it is just 1 mark less. However i scored 8.5 bands in reading in IELTS exam but still did not get 7 each in all modules.

  124. I have done B-tech and have 8 years of experience in Electronics and Communication department. I applied for Engineers Australia in the month of February 2015 but still I’m waiting for the response for skill assessment. Could you please help me out to know that how much maximum time Engineer Australia department took for confirming the skill assessment.

    1. Hello Ashu,
      It is quite a long time they have taken for your assessment. it is better you contact the assessment agency and find out the status of your application.


      1. Dear Dilip Nooney,

        This is Jenith. My profession is ICT Project Engineer. I like to apply Subclass 189 visa for independent skilled migration.i scored band 7 for all.But my partner is scored 6.5-Speaking.6-Reading,7-Listning,6-writing.Do my partner also need to score band 7 for all or just need any band in ielts.Kindly let me know.

        Thank you in advance

        Best Regards

        1. Hello Jenith,
          your spouse does not need 7 in all bands as a secondary applicant. But if you are taking partner points and if the skills assessment agency require 7 in all bands then she needs to score the same


  125. Hi sir i have got 485 graduate work visa (tr)and my querry is my wife has got mrt case and she lost it and applied for RRT case now . Is it ok to apply her visa as my dependent visa in aus now as i went to lawyer they say i have at least pr to do that .. Plz sir waiting for a very good response.

    1. Hello John,
      I think she has a visa refusal. in this case she cannot apply for any visa onshore in Australia. so it is not advisable to add her on to your application. further advice on how to add her to your application can be advised , once i have all your information. send your details to dilip@futureinaustralia.com


  126. Hi Dilip,

    I wish to study in Australia but would like to know what will be a good option keeping in mind the SOL list.

    Currently you must have observed that they have increased the ceiling intakes for Accountants from 2500 to 2700. DO you think after this increase they will remove Accountancy from the list.

    I am from India and have 2 years work exp as sales and marketing assistant manager and 3 years as sales and marketing manager with Godrej Properties Ahmadabad.

    I have done my post graduation in Management.

    Kindly advice what will be the best thing to take up keeping in mind the future of immigration in Australia. We know that not many company sponsors work visa.

    Thank you,

    Kunal Sarma

  127. Dear Dilip,

    I am a Mechanical Engineer. I have few qustions to clarify from you.
    1)Do we need to submit CDR acceptance when we process the EOI.
    2) What are the courses that we can claim 5 points and that we do outside from Australia much as MBA or any other relevent…?
    3) my wife do not have any profesional qualification. In that scenario what are the courses that she can do to claim 5 points and how long it will take?
    Your responce on this regard is highly appriciated..


  128. Hello sir,
    I have completed my B.sc in agriculture in may 2016. I got 7 each in pte. My age is 23 years. I am willing to move australia with PR. Can i apply for it….. thanks in advance…

  129. Hi There,

    Mohammed Here, i have got a query .actually i have got post bachelor’s experience (B.com) as a Network engineer for a period of 14 months, after that i have been to UK , i did my Msc(International Business and Management) in 2011, from 2011 i have got 27 months experience in UK, in 2013 September i came back to India and in India i have got experience in same field as Network engineer.

    Could you please let me know that my post bachelor’s experience as well as post master’s experience will be considered or not.

  130. Hi my name is Chintan Mehta. I am a Chartered Accountant from India and have 1.5 year of experience in Internal audit post Qualification.

    1) I did 3 years of Internship as a part of my course, will that be considered?
    2) Can i give PTE exam instead of Ielts for Internal Audit job in Australia assessed by Vetassess

    1. Hello Chintan,
      Yes you can apply for internal auditor skill if your responsibilities match to that skill. you can take PTE test which is acceptable for immigration Australia. but take academic version of PTE.


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