Scholarships in Australian Universities

Under the current rules , Most of the research courses in Australia are funded by the universities. Their are number of ways student get funding from the Universities.

  1. Scholarships
    1. Full scholarships
    2. Fee waiver
    3. Fee waiver + stipend
  2. Internship


Australian Government and even educational institutions and a number of other organizations offer scholarships. They cover various educational sectors, including vocational education, student exchange programs, undergraduate and postgraduate study and research. Australian Government scholarships are not available for international students undertaking English language training specifically in Australia. However, there are several English language training scholarships offered by Australian institutions.

For information on Scholarships in Australian Universities


Australian universities will offer internship programs that you can do while you complete your studies. Some providers will include internship options in their programs or will help you arrange an internship placement.

There are also several online resources for finding an internship in Australia:

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  1. would you mind to tell me about the requirements and criteria for applying for scholarships in Australia??
    i would like to add that i am currently a student of AIUB ( american international university Bangladesh ) . .

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