5 years Temporary parent visa for Australia

Feeling happy for introducing new Temporary parent visa. This visa will make it easier for migrants to

have their parents visit them to Australia to enjoy Their PR benefits.. While several visa options are already available

now for parents to spend time with their family in Australia, The Australia community feedback indicates that a

fresh approach should be considered.

Additionally, the introduction of this visa is a significant shift from current visa options for parents. It raises a

number of issues around our communities and the nature of Services to support these visitors. The government is

seeking community input to help shape the development of the visa.


You can find the Additional information on below link


Written all community submissions in response to this discussion paper are open to the general public.

If you would like to make a written submission on the development of a temporary stay parent visa, or on issues raised in this discussion paper, send an email to:


All community submissions should be received by midnight, Monday 31 October 2016 (AEDT).

Submissions received after this deadline might not be considered.

For more details reach us on: Contact Us

5 years Temporary parent visa for Australia

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