Jobs that are paid hike in 2017

According to the Report IT professionals, system engineers, corporate governance and data analysts     will be among the one getting the highest salary increases this year

Increase of 45 percent was seen by News Limited  and reports that a Robert Walters survey of  workers (1800) and hiring managers ( 950)  has found salaries of  IT professionals in Sydney with an increase

The survey found  “IT professionals with niche and emerging skill sets such as Big Data, Develops, Cloud collaboration  & cyber security were in high demand and Can command higher rates of pay in 2016,”

There might be an increase for Funds and operational analysis professionals  for  about  33 percent in the salaries  and likely to command $80,000, up from $60,000. 

This report expects an increase Of hiring in IT, government infrastructure  & corporate governance projects. Due to the government investment in the big infrastructure projects there might be command for high wages in construction and engineering professionals


The report said.

  “Companies will also seek to hire a commercially aware accountant who has strong technical skills and who can advise on financial issues at a senior or a high  level,” And it also suggest that higher salaries may not be enough to attract the best talent .

“While financial reward remains a key incentive for job seekers it is not the only major driver.


“Both technological advancements  generational change has influenced job seekers  place a higher value on flexibility as well as reward , long-term career development  and culture.

“We strongly advise hiring managers …not to just focus on financial incentives or salary but also to become competitive in these areas” 

Robert Walters says recruitment in the  IT sector and  banking has seen higher levels of activity in 2016 with greatest opportunities for professionals with specialist skills, particularly in digital technologies.

However, salaries broadly remained flat for most professionals.


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Jobs that are paid hike in 2017

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