Migrants were cheated by Scammers impersonating the immigration department out of $150,000

.In regards to the SCAM The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission received 300 reports from March and warned people to hang up phone calls.

“The scammers target temporary visa holders  &  migrants, claiming that there are problems with their immigration visa status or paperwork and they need to pay a fees to solve the problem and avoid deportation,” by  commission deputy chair Delia Rickard

How to come out of this and protect yourself???

If you receive a phone call out of the blue from someone saying that they are from ‘Department of Immigration’ or any government agency saying that you will be expelled from that country unless you pay a fine, hang up

If you have any doubts about someone who says that they are from a government department then contact the department directly. Don’t use any phone numbers, email addresses or websites  given by the caller – find them through an independent or another source such as a phone book or online search

Never send any money via wire transfer or any other means to anyone whom you don’t know and also your personal information, bank account or credit card details over the phone unless you feel you are sure that you are speaking with a trusted person and you understand why he is calling you.

If you think you have provided your details to a scammer, then contact the bank or financial institution immediately

Make sure you know why you have been asked to pay more, be aware of DIBP fees  and also check DIBP’s fees and charges at:  http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Fees

Know your entitlements &  visa status. The DIBP may not have any need to contact you about your details so if you receive a call from someone claiming to represent the DIBP, do not provide your personal information and just end the call

You can report fraud matters regards to the immigration to the DIBP( Department of Immigration and Border Protection ) through their Immigration Dob-In Service. 

Migrants were cheated by Scammers impersonating the immigration department out of $150,000

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