New Point System

New GSM Points Test  from 1st july 2011

It is proposed that a new points test for skilled migration visa applications will be introduced on 1 July 2011.   It complements the series of reforms the Australian Government announced in February 2010.

The new points test is focused on selecting highly skilled people to deliver a more responsive and targeted migration program.   It was developed following a review of the current points test, which considered submissions from a variety of experts and the wider Australian community.

The new points test will continue to award points for study in Australia, including regional study, community languages, partner skills and completing an approved Professional Year. Points will no longer be awarded on the basis of an applicant’s occupation, but all applicants must still nominate an occupation on the applicable Skilled Occupation List.

It is important to note that the new points test will only apply to one component of the skilled migration program. This change won’t affect every type of skilled migration visa and only applies to the following visas.

•           Subclass 885 Skilled Independent       •    Subclass 886 Skilled Sponsored

•           Subclass 175 Skilled Independent       •    Subclass 487 Skilled Regional Sponsored

•           Subclass 176 Skilled Sponsored         •    Subclass 475 Skilled – Regional Sponsored

It is proposed that the new points test will apply to applications made from 1 July 2011, unless the applicant is eligible for transitional arrangements.

Transitional arrangements apply to people who, on 8 February 2010 held or had applied for a Temporary Skilled Graduate visa (subclass 485). Until the end of 2012, this group is able to apply for a permanent skilled visa under the points test in effect as at 8 February 2010.

Student visa holders who lodge an application for points tested skilled migration from 1 July 2011 will be assessed under the new points test. There are still transitional arrangements which may apply to those students affected by the reforms announced on 8 February 2010.

People who held an eligible Student visa on 8 February 2010 still have until the end of 2012 to apply for a Temporary Skilled Graduate visa (subclass 485) under the arrangements in place for that visa as at 8 February 2010.

The pass mark is the number of points required to be eligible for skilled migration. The pass mark is a tool that allows for management of the skilled migration program and is always subject to change. It is expected that the pass mark will be set at 65 points.

New Points Test

Factor Description Points
Age 18-24 25 points
25-32 30
33-39 25
40-44 15
45-49 0
English language Competent English – IELTS 6 0 Points
Proficient English – IELTS 7 10 Points
Superior English – IELTS 8 20 Points
Superior English – IELTS 8 20 Points
Superior English – IELTS 8 20 Points
Australian work experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation One year Australian (of past two years) 5 Points
Three years Australian (of past five years) 10 Points
Five years Australian (of past seven years) 15 Points
Overseas work experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation Three years overseas (of past five years) 5 Points
Five years overseas (of past seven years) 10 Points
Eight years overseas (of past 10 years) 15 Points
(Australian or recognised
• Offshore recognised apprenticeship
• AQFIII/IV completed in Australia
• Diploma completed in Australia
10 Points
Bachelor degree (including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters) 15 Points
PhD 20 Points
Recognition of Australian Study Minimum two years fulltime (Australian study requirement) 5 Points
Designated language   5 Points
Partner skills   5 Points
Professional Year   5 Points
Sponsorship by state or territory government   5 Points
Sponsorship by family or state or territory government to regional Australia   10 Points
Study in a regional area   5 Points

79 thoughts on “New Point System

  1. Hi there

    currently i am holding Bridging visa A under subclass 485 so when ever i want to apply for 885 subclass in future so my application would come under 65 points or 120 point system?

  2. hello,
    i ‘ve done in electronics &communication & i ‘ve 3 yr experience in telecom field. m 27 yrs old. my relatives r also living in australia. n i also want to come aus. with PR. i wnt to know in which catagory i can apply to get PRvisa.???

    1. Hello Gagvir singh,
      We need to analyze your profile to find out what options you have for AUS PR. Fill the pre-assessment form section and send your complete details along with your resume.

      with regards


      1. Hi,
        I was wondering, how many setting OET result would be eligible to apply PR residency for Registered Nurse who currently working as RN position in Aged care? Many people said 4 setting to apply PR and 2 setting for APHARA and other people mentioned only 2 setting. It would be greatly appreciated if you Could you please clarify me?

        Thank you

          1. If one got b in each part in oet in 2 sittings , will that person be able to get 10 points for pr or not ?

          2. Hello Grishma,
            Yes you are eligible to get the 10 points by considering two OET tests . but they have to be taken with in last 6 months. so share all your details to me and I will advise you properly. send your details to

            with regards


  3. hi my name is arashdeep singh im holding a briding visa A and got my TR done i studies cookery and got relevent experience of 3+ years got 5.5 band overall in ilets plz suggest me how i can put my application for permanent residency thanks Arashdeep singh

    1. Hello Arashdeep singh,
      In order to lodge an EOI you need IELTS 6 in all bands. All ENS and RSMS applications also require 6 in all bands IELTS. Even if you want your 485 application to get cleared you need IELTS 6 in all bands.

      with regards

      Dilip Nooney

  4. hi there. i am a bachelor’s degree graduate but don’t have masters nor honors in college. my skills have assessed already by the Australian Migration Assessment Authority and i received a positive response. now i would like to ask if i can still get 15 points for my education qualification though i don’t have honors or masters degree? thank you

  5. hi sir/madam

    i applied for visa 885 under transtional arrangement, i applied on 15 jan 2012 and my dob is 12-6-1982.
    i just want to conferm that my age is right according to transtional arrangements.i will be thankful to u


  6. hi i have question regarding point because i have finished my study bachelor of nursing here in Australia so this point will include in other points or still i should have registration of nursing to apply further visa and otherwise i have already 65 point so am i elgibal to apply permanent residency .

  7. hello,
    i ‘ve done Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & i ‘ve 9 yr experience in Industry . I m 31 yrs old. my relatives r also living in australia. n i also want to come aus. with PR. i wnt to know in which catagory i can apply to get PRvisa.???

  8. Hi
    i got 457 visa recently working in regional area as registered nurse south Australia but now i want apply early PR, there is no benefit for me my family am talked my employer he said wait 2 years then am lodge application PR , please suggest me can i apply direct PR without employer, i did my nursing study here, my age 29, ielts score 6 overall . if you need more inform please send me email. thanks

  9. Hi,

    I have a diploma in English outside Australia but I do not have a bachelor degree. And I have one master degree in Educational studies, one graduate diploma in Translation and One master degree in Accounting(16 subjects). I had already got my skill assessment from ICAA but they did not ask me to provide bachelor degree. Under the new points test, the applicant who has a bachelor degree in Australia or overseas can get 15 marks. Does this mean I can only get 10 marks for my qualification? Thanks!

    1. Hello Stephanie,
      When your Master degree in Accounting is accepted by ICAA for the assessment , you will be getting 15 points for your Masters degree.

      with regards


  10. Dear dilipn

    I finished my cookery course and continue studying diploma of hospitality in Australia.
    My course will finish and I expect my graduation will be beginning of Apr this year.
    And my visa will expire mid of Jul this year. which means that i have 2months free.

    However, I am working as a chef and My restaurant owner want to be a my RSMS sponsor.
    I just worry about get IELTS6 In all band.
    My question one is that I have been working same restaurant nearly 2years. and no problem english during working with them in the kitchen.

    What is happening if i have a IELTS5 or 5.5? But my owner or head chef can demonstrate i have no problem communication in English in the kitchen.
    Does it works IELTS5 or 5.5 with Demonstration document?

    Second question is what about if i apply RSMS application first before i get IELTS6 in each band?

    Third question is that Is it possible to apply RSMS application without immigration lawer?


  11. Hey !

    I just want to know that under the new points system can we get any points if any of our relatives lives in Australia having Australian nationality ? I mean uncle or cousin ?

    Thanks !

  12. Hi,
    I did my bachelors from India and now I am starting with a 2 year Master of Science program in Sydney. I have a choice of studying 12 subjects or 16 subjects. Both are of 2 years duration, so both of them can fetch me a post study work visa. But I heard somewhere that if I want to apply for PR, 12 subjects won’t do & I should go for 16 subjects instead. Is it correct?

  13. hi,
    I have done btech in electronics and communication in india and after working for one year I went new Zealand for studies in graduate diploma in computing and technology level-7. then I again gave ielts and I scored 7 each. I have my first cousin in Australia and he is citizen over there and ready to sponser me. so can you please tell me if I am eligible for pr.

  14. Hi,

    I have competed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2000 and while working completed AMIE, which is equavelant to Bechalour in Mechanical Engineering between 2004 to 2006. I want to know, How my work experince counts, Is it counts from 2000 or from 2006?

  15. Hi

    I’m a social worker with 3 year experience and IELTS Academic overall 7.5.

    Would I get state sponsored migration? What are the paths to achieve it? what about the duration and application- processing charge?

  16. Hello, DIlip N

    I am 23 years and 8 months old and completing 24 by this August 2012 .

    And my TR visa and professional year study (both ) going to finish by November 2012 .

    So that time I will be 24 years and 3 months old . Then am I getting 30 points based on 25-32 age group or I will get 25 points based on 18-24 age group for applying PR .

    thank you in advance ,
    Hardevsinh Raol

  17. this s menaka. my acs got positive. but my ielts score s r-5.5 ,l- a6.5,w-6,s-6. overaal 6, is there any chances to.apply for EOI. can u gv me d advice

  18. i’ve sponsor my niece last 2011 or 2012. everything was assess by australia and it’s ok according to our agent. the problem now is she got 3 retake on english test in the philippines with a score of 7 but one is 6. what she said is it should always be 7 out of 3. Is this right or can we still lodge the application on. pls needs some advised , thanks

    1. Hello Humphrey,
      with out knowing how many points she is scoring it is difficult to advise on. But one need to score 7 in all the 4 components not 3 components. Please once again check with your agent in australia on this.

  19. I have competed my MBA in Hotel & Tourism inLondon ,UK with Full time course from 2003- 2004 and PG Dip in Business management from NAMTECH BUSINESS SCHOOL in New delhi , India from 2002-2003 part time. I hold 3 yr Diploma in Hotel Management full time from PUSA institute New delhi.
    I have experiance in Hospitality, Banking and Financial services and Information Technology.
    From 2006 july until Nov 2010 been working in Financial services industry.
    Since Nov 2010 until till date, i have been working as a I.T Business analyst for Banking Domain.
    I want to know, How my work experience counts, am i a potential immigrant for Australian country with IELTS score of R-6, R-6, Listening 6 and speaking 7.5- Overall 6.5.

  20. Hi there,

    I have studies Bachelor’s in Information System in Melbourne , Australia. Currently I am in India and working as a Project Manager in an IT firm. (for More than a year). I am married now, My wife has done B.Sc in Computer Science. She has more than 3 years of Experience. How do I qualify? and what is the solution to apply for Direct PR from India only. Looking forward to your Prompt response on this.

  21. Hi,

    Got an ACS assessment yesterday and they did not consider my bachelors degree.Master degree

    assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree with a major in computing.

    Will I get 15 points for only AQF Master Degree?


  22. can i get five points by giving NAATI test, as i am studying master of construction practice (Professional) here.
    and on the behalf of my sister, she is in india, can she get five points as her husband’s sister is citizen in Australia, but she is the main appliciant. she did bachelor of nursing and have two years experience but she is facing difficulty in getting 7 each. could you tell me, how can she get 60 points.

  23. Hi, I’m planning to apply for Australian PR.

    Total IT exp: 11yrs
    Studies: AMIE – 2002 and MBA distance education completed in 2011.

    I’m from Mechanical background and can you please tell me whether total 11yrs will be considered or it is 11-4 = 7 yrs of total exp? Also as I’m an AMIE gradurate, do I need to submit any additional documents? Does the distance MBA from India is considered?

    Please assist?


  24. hi,
    for getting 5 points by partner(for 60 points),Partner need to get each band 6 in IELTS.But I am confusing about Academic IELTS or General Training module? Please.

  25. diploma computer science and engineering. degree amie. o’ level diploma. m. tech. band 6.5. 2 yrs experience as a assistant lecturer eligible for PR in Australia or not

    1. Hello Asif,
      I need to go through your resume to check your eligibility for Australian PR. How did you complete Bachelors in 2 years?


    1. Hello vishal,
      as of now if you are looking for 189 visa application you need to have a score of 65 to get your application picked up. But if you are applying for 190 then it depends on the state requirement.


    1. Hello Sunil,
      Just getting qualification does not lead to get a PR in australia. After completion of your studies you need to gain at-least 1 year of related experience to get eligibility for australian PR. send your requirement to us and we will help you to choose right course for your future.


  26. Hi
    I have done ECE in 2008..Then I have exp as telecommunications technical specialist.after that I HV done e security…After that I HV continued the same job…Now I m confused that my exp is acc to telecommunications and also as network and security…But I don’t want to be considered as IT consultant…As it has higher point requirements..Help me out..Or I will show two year gap

    1. hello Gurpreet,
      The selection of skill will depend on your complete work history and qualification. so you cannot choose skill of your choice based on your interest. the immigration will check with your company about your responsibilities and if they do not match you will be in trouble. share your resume to me and I will advise you proper direction.


  27. I am completed my Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering 10+3 education pattern from India with 54% score …. whether I qualify for AQF diploma level to obtain 10 points for PR

    1. Hello Vishwa,
      Which skill your are going to get assessed? based on the skill and the suitability you can get this 10 points for qualification.


  28. Hlo Sir
    I have subclass 476 visa to work for 18 months in Australia.
    I have done bachelor of technology in mechanical field.
    I want to know in order to gain 5 points by working in Australia for a year should I have to do the job relating to mechanical or any other type of labour work can be considered.

  29. Hi,
    I’m doing masters of biotech and bionformatics in Australia and I done my bachelor in biotech from India. But, I’m not sure whether I can apply for point base pr or not? If I can then how many points I need to apply for it. I have my relatives here and my age is 24.

  30. HI, I have a question. I am doing masters in biotechnology in Australian national university but when I looked up my course is not in SOL list. So will I be getting any points for studying masters in Australia?? please let me know

  31. Hello sir
    I am registered with AHPRA i got registration on April 1 I applied for ANMAC still waiting . I completed my post basic bag nursing. U got total 12 yrs of experience. After general nursing I got 9 yrs and after pcbs 2.6 yrs .How much will be mg point . Did i am eligible for 60 points. My gnm experience will calculate or not . May I know the reply plzzz

    1. Hello Anita,
      If ANMAC is recognising your past experience then you can get calculate points for that experience which is recognised. send me your resume and ANMAC assessment outcome to advise you further.

      with regards


  32. I did a in mechanical in india and came directly to Australia on TR . Now if i’ll do masters in Australia in mechanical how many points i will get.?.?
    I have 25 points of age
    And 15 points of
    I want to know how many points i can get by pursue masters in Australia

    1. Hello Hanspal,
      You have mentioned that you came to australia on TR? can you disclose which subclass of visa you have come to Australia? I need to know your complete details to advice you on your question. But if you study for 2 years Masters you will get 5 points and if you study in regional area of Australia you will get additional 5 points for your PR. i can advice you better if you give me your complete situation.

      with regards


  33. I have indian bachelor of nursing degree. And having overall 7 bands and in reading writing 7, in speaking listening 6.5, studying masters in nursing in Australia can provide me rn or pr in Australia or not? Please reply

  34. Hello,
    I am Dananjeya and i am From Sri Lanka. I am staying in Australia now.
    Can you please tell me, if my life parter has to complete the Bachelors or Masters in here or if she is studying in masters or bachelors what happens? Can i get the 5 points of it . because i don’t have 95 marks now. so thats the problem.
    if you call me please call this number 0452219882.
    if you writing the mail please mail me

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello Dananjeya,
      if your partner has a bachelors qualification and scores 6 in all bands in IELTS then she can contribute 5 points under spouse points. Hope it helped you.


  35. For Recognition of Australian degree , we should have the degree from a University only or Any Australian University/college/Institution.?
    please Reply soon.

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