Student Services

Student services

FIA (Future in Australia) provides number of student related services to the prospective students and also existing students in Australia. Some of the services which are

  • Admission to universities and colleges
  • Advising the documentary requirements for the admission
  • Advising on the visa process and the requirements
  • Lodging of student visas and representing to the department on behalf of the students.
  • Providing information about the life style in Australia
  • Providing assistance in initial settlement of the students in Australia
  • Advising on the rights they have as an international student
  • Helping the student by providing the right information when a student is in trouble in Australia and New Zealand
  • Assisting and advising on the future prospects after their studies in Australia and New Zealand
  • Advising and lodging of the next level of visas after the student completes his or her education
  • Many more can be provided when contacted

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    1. Hello Rajendra,
      Based on the course you are taking the IELTS score will differ. Let me know which course you wanted to take up in Australia ( specialization )


  1. hello sir
    I am a masters in professional accounting student in australia and thinking of changing course to nursing after 6months. i have no idea if thats better or not because a lot of my friends and relatives keep telling me that it is totally difficult for int students to have required points in accounting to make good career in future or get pr. I need proper guidence and some ideas in this.
    Thank you!

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