Genuine Temporary Entrant guide lines for Students

Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement for Students

As per the new Streamlined process, the department has introduced Genuine Temporary entrant requirement which has to be satisfied by the students. Some of the major things which the department looks into the background of the student are described as

  1. The students situation in the home country
  2. Students academic record
  3. Student links with Australia
  4. The students intention to remain in Australia
  5. For School sector –inappropriate study plans
  6. Students use of fraudulent documents / statements
  7. The student intention to take a short course on Australia and whether the proposed study is consistent with the applicants circumstances.
  8. The student intention to comply with any condition subject to which the visa is granted
  9. The student relationship  and other personnel factors in the home country…. And many more

For more information , it is advised to contact the office for a clear understanding of this requirement. Under the streamlined process, the department is committed to have a telephonic interview of the student. If they are not convinced with any information , they may call the student for the face to face interview.

Some of the question which the department covers during the interview process are

  1. What course you are attending in Australia?
  2. Which college / university you are attending?
  3. Which campus you are going to attend in Australia?
  4. What is your educational background?
  5. Why do you want to take this course?
  6. How long is the course duration?
  7. In what way this course is going to help you in your career?
  8. Who is sponsoring you?
  9. Why they are sponsoring you ?
  10. What you want to do after completing your course?……many more .

These are some of the basic questions they ask the students and much more information and related questions which the department is concerned can be provided when you contact FIA.

59 thoughts on “Genuine Temporary Entrant guide lines for Students

  1. i want to sponsor my thai girlfriend for a student visa
    she has already been issued a COE from the college in sydney
    do you think its possible to get the visa with me sponsoring her

    1. Hello Warren,
      I cannot advice you with this limited information. If you can send me her resume , COE and her background information . I will be able to help you out in solving this situation.


  2. I am 23 years old and my wife is 21 years old. My wife has completed +2 in 2014 scoring 55.98% her main subject is major health. In ielts overall 5.5 nd less band 5.0 and she is working as project manager in NGO since 2014. We want to apply dependent for australia is it possible please suggest me best answer.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Sunil,
      I need to know what is your visa status in Australia? which dependent visa you wanted to apply ? your question is not full.


  3. hello sir,
    my visa was rejected due to GTE on 11 august 2016, son can i apply again for November intake as i have already having COE of November intake of Charles sturt university Melbourne campus. Please guide me .

    1. Hello Vivek,
      Yes you can reply for Nov intake . but be care full now and see even other areas of your application which are nor properly addressed . best of luck. if you want support you can use our services.


  4. Hello Mr.Dilip,
    I am from Nepal 20 years old.I have got 84% in my Matriculation but in my High School I just have 54%.I have a IELTS score for 6.0 . My loan has already been sanctioned and I am waiting for GTE approval.What is my chances of getting a visa sir?I would rather like you E-mail you personally for few things more if you could provide me with a email i could contact on.

  5. Hello , I have a conditional offer letter for Graduate diploma of commerce and MBA from Charles sturt university. Would you please guide me how do i can clear my GTE interview.

    1. Hello Nosheen,
      you can go through the guide lines required to be projected to satisfy the GTE requirement on my website and the videos which I have given. If you are still not clear , send me your complete circumstances and I will be able to help you .


  6. I have my CoE to study PhD at James Cook University and currently applying for my visa. Who do I address the Genuine Temporary entrant letter to? Kindly assist.

    1. Hello Williams,

      You do not need an education agent to apply for your visa, but if you are not putting all the documents for the visa then you will be in trouble and your dreams will get shackled . so use a migration agent for your visa.


    1. Hello Debbie,
      their is no hard and fast rule that if you are given the admission you will get the visa. you need to put proper documents for your visa to get it approved. it also depends on your GTE , SOP and financial documents.


  7. Hye sir,
    I have already received an offer letter for july intake in Charles sturt University.. my term is starting form 9th of july…n 14 days happened i have submitted all my documents for GTE approval …but yet my approval is not arrived?? Is any hope to get GTE approval for july intake only?

  8. Hello,
    This is mohammed zaheer uddin 26 i apply for mpa master of professional accounting in australia brisbane which i got an offer letter from southern cross university gold coast
    brisbane campus yesterday was my GTE interview and I pass in interview. qualification is bachelor of commerce
    What is my visa chance ..?
    Thanks & regard
    Mohammed zaheer uddin

    1. Hello Krityadhikary,

      Did you got any GTE interview done? at what stage is your application? did you get your COE or your stage is at visa stage? share more details to help you on your situation. Kindly go through the list of GTE requirements one need to satisfy on my website to equip your self for your GTE interview and the documents you need to submit to support your application.

  9. Hlo sir,
    I applied in deakin university, but university is not satisfied with my gte interview.. I don’t way I give all the answers very properly.. n university closed my file, but now my agent told me he talk with university and he opened my file in deakin again for March intake n know they again taking my gte interview… is it possible if university closed the file, again it open and give the second chance to student… I m so confused i think my agent is lying to me, because my frndz told that if uni closed your file now there is no chance to again apply in it..

    1. Hello Jobanpreet,
      When the university has closed your case based on the GTE then it will be tough to re-open the same. But for any other reasons their are some instances where the file can be re-considered. so send me your offer letter and your english score . I will try to help you out.


  10. Sir i got offer letter from UNE for master in agriculture and classes are starting on 4 march. I submit my finical docoments and other documents on 5 jan. Dad having govt employees 7lakh per anum. Mom have 6.5lakh agri income per anum. Gradma have 1.3lakh pension. These three are sponsoring me. Got 20lakh loan from bank. How much uni take to inform me for fee payment and Gte approval.

    1. Hello Rajat,
      I see that your agent is slow in pushing the application. I think you can contact the uni directly to get the things moved. or you can hire our organisation to help you to get the application moving.


  11. I had received offer letter but my GTE approval is still pending even intake is near. Would u plz help me to get information about ACU university.

  12. I got an offer letter from university but after i accepted the offer letter i got a mail that my student application got rejected. My application failed to satisfy GTE conditions. So i want to know is it possible to apply again in that same university.

    1. Hello Zuber,
      What is your background? what did you study till now ? what you wanted to study now? send me complete details of your past , present and your financial details to advice you better.


  13. My name is Jashanpreet Singh. I completed my 10th in 2010 with 60% and then I started diploma ECE in 2010 to 2015 with 49% and I halve 20 backlogs and then from 2015 to 2018 I complete with 74% and there will be no backlog and I also clear my PTE exam I scored
    L- 6.5, R-6.5, S -7.0, W – 6.5. And overall 6.5 band. I want to go to Australia for master. Can i eligible

    1. Hello Jashanpreet,
      The Australian masters is possible based on what you wanted to study. so send me your qualification docs and resume for assessment and advising you proper direction.

  14. Hlo sir i applied for student visa in Australia (spouse case).in perth city one university didn’t give gte acceptance due to not clear travel history of my husband. Now we applied in another city with single case but another university also not giving gte approval. I m waiting from 3 weeks.whts the maximum time period of gte approval?

    1. Hello Ranjeet,
      When your GTE is not getting approved , you need to check where you are going wrong. share your GTE refusal and I will check and tell you where you need to address. Try using a professional person to handle your applications.

      with regards

  15. Hi Sir, I got 7.5 bands in General IELTS. One of my consultants who told me that you can get student visa with this band. I am confused. Could you please tell me about this status?
    Best wishes.

  16. Helo sir I am kusum I applied for MBA in scu Melbourne. I completed bba in 2015 with 56 %, 12 in 2012 with 73% and 10 in 2010 with 67%. After graduation I am working as account executive till now. I have 6 band with not less then 5.5 . With MBA I also choose Elicos which duration is 10 week. My father income is 8.5 lakh and brother is 3.5 lakh they both are spousing me we also show 21 Lakh. I got ecoe from university even I cleared GTE interview. Is there any chances of visa refusal I am so worried because of too much refusals nowadays please tell me as soon as possible

    1. Hello Kusam,
      I see some less chances on your application as you worked as accountant and applied for MBA which is not creating proper career pathway. Let me know what happend with your application once you received your outcome.

      with regards


  17. Hi sir,
    I applied for Australia to this July Intake for course MIT back ground studies was B.COM (COMPUTERS) then I got offer letter next we submitted with GTE documents, finally after 15 days we received GTE rejection mail from University. The issue is that Consultancy is not openly telling what was the issue.

    1. Hello Azizuddin,
      It looks like the education agent has prepared your SOP and they did not update you on what they have mentioned on the same. GTE is a primary process which need to be handled properly. send me your SOP and your resume to help you for your next process.

      with regards


  18. Sir, I applied for mba global in newcastle university australia but due to the low gpa 2.41 in bachelor and ielts 6.5 they gave me conditional offer letter of mba pathway program i.e. 9 months graduate certification of business administration and one year master in business administration. And now recently university called me and asked some questions but i couldn’t answer one of the question regarding the courses. So, I am nervous that what if my offer letter get cancel.

    1. Hello Shreya,
      The interview is related to your GTE assessment. If you do not have good information on what you have mentioned in your SOP and your course. Then it will affect your GTE approval. There is nothing that you can do now. Try to apply for a few more universities and keep things in back up. call me if you need any help in processing your education application. My number is 9246552601

  19. Hlo
    I applied for masters of technology (software engineering in (ATMC, Fedration uni) .I got 70% in my B.C.A .My pte score is 55 not less than 50. I got my GTE approvel from university and waiting for my COE.
    How much chances for my visa.

    1. Hello Harry,
      Your visa application will be depending on your documents and your financial evidences. If you satisfy the GTE of the immigration then you will get the visa.


  20. Hello Mr Dillip,

    This is sandeep. My Australian stundent visa was refused with GTE grounds. Im plaining to apply for refunding of my tuition fee and is there any possibilities to get another admission from different university. And i heard from someone if visa rejected once any colloge not ready to providing admission’ is it true. And GTE is under 3years ban.. Bcz in my gte letter they dont mention about 3years ban. I hope you get back to me. Im will wait for your response. If its possible to get admission im ready for nov intake.

    Thank you in advance.

  21. I have 100% scholarship on my tuition fees, single Overseas Health insurance and AUD 30000 scholarship from Western Sydney University, do I need anything else for proof of funds

  22. I got an unconditional offer letter from University of South Australia, does this mean I passed gte approval from University ? What is the next step ?

  23. Sir i applied in uow for october intake and i got offer letter after that i continue my process and i have 1 yera gap but by mistake i send computer in deploma documents without stemp and signature and verification has come and uow rejected but after that i send computer documents with stemp and signature. Uow verify this or not . Please guide me that uow cancel my GTE or not.

  24. Hello sir, I am Harmanpreet kaur. I got my offer letter from Deakin university but my GTE interview was unsuccessful. can university take interview again or not pls tell. What are the chances for this.

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