Sponsored Parent Temporary (subclass 870) visa

The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (subclass 870) visa is an additional visa option which allows Parents to remain in Australia for up to five years without the need to depart. The visa also allows multiple entries if a visa holder wishes to depart and re-enter Australia during the visa validity. This visa offers an option of temporary family reunification without the waiting periods experienced in other existing parent visa arrangements. The requirements for a sponsor to meet a minimum income threshold ensures that adult children who sponsor their parents are able to afford the costs of the parent visa holder living in Australia without creating a burden on Australian taxpayers and disadvantaging other members of the community.

If a sponsorship application is refused for failing to meet the income test, this requirement may be seen as discriminatory based on a person’s financial status. However, this measure is aimed at protecting the welfare of elderly parents who may be vulnerable if their sponsor does not have sufficient income to support their stay in Australia, particularly on a long-term basis. This measure also reduces the risks of visa holders imposing a burden on Australian taxpayers or public health system. The income test is based on an objective community standard of the full-time adult average weekly ordinary time earnings.

More information on whether you and your sponsor can satisfy this visa requirement and the exemptions and alternatives to satisfy this visa can be discussed with the migration agent. Email us your requirement to info@futureinaustralia.com

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